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So you’ve seen the transformation of Christian Bale in The Machinist to Batman Begins… and you’re intrigued by the number of Christian muscle gained in such a short time, is not it?

Well, you’re not the only one, because its transformation was nothing short of incredible.

The transformation of Christian Bale took 5 months…

(If you have not seen a machinist or Batman Begins, let them watch, because they are great movies).

Bale literally went from being severely anorexic, to look like a bodybuilder in just 5 months.

The only other 2 times I watched the  winstrol before and after pictures transformation in fear, when it was turned into a Charizard Charmander… and when Goku turns into Super Saiyan form God.

Christian Bale has received more than 30 kg, with most of it being in the form of muscle.

Consequently, people jump to the conclusion that he must have taken steroids.

So, Christian BAT-juice for his role as Bruce Wayne?

The real question to be asked:

Is it possible to get an approximate 20kg muscles in a natural way in the space of 5 months?

No fricking way of (if you are not a genetic freak / novice).

HOWEVER, let’s rephrase the question…

Can REGAIN  20kg muscles in a natural way in the space of 5 months?

Yes, this is possible thanks to muscle memory.


He was already Massa…

Christian Bale was not always lean / malnourished, as shown in The Machinist.

In American Psycho, he was in very good shape, it looks very lean and muscular.

… What movie.

“I have to return some videotapes.”


If we compare the body of American Psycho to Batman Begins, he looks to have a bit more fat  and a bit more muscle mass as a bat.

We can see that in American Psycho, he already had a large amount of muscle he showed 5 years later in Batman Begins.

This tells us that the muscle memory may have been the reason for a Christian to acquire an exceptional amount of muscles so quickly after the driver.

But muscle memory really so strong?

There are two different types of muscle memory:

  1. When you do not stop going to the gym and your muscles shrink, because you no longer have to lift weights
  2. When you lose muscle with the help of your diet that is fast / too big calorie deficit.

winstrol before and after picturesIn order to restore muscle from  Scenario 1, you have to go back to the gym and lift weights again. Then, within a few weeks your muscles will recover to its previous size.

In terms of scenario 2, you need to overeat to rebuild the muscles that you have lost.

When you overeat, most of the weight gain is pure muscle and not mostly fat and little muscle.

I know this because I lost a ton of muscle once, from this excessive amount of HIIT on an empty stomach in the morning.

However, after I lost muscle I started strongly overeating in an attempt to get it back. I consumed about 6,000 calories per day.

… Let’s just say, during this part of my life, I ate a lot of McDonalds (CT Fletcher style).

What happened as a result of overeating it can only be described as magical.

Almost all of the weight I gained was lean muscle. I became very swollen and saved a lot of water because of the huge influx of calories, but I only got a small amount of fat.

It was my muscle memory kicks in.

Note: If I regained my back muscles, but continued eating after that point; most of the increase in weight would then fat.

My transformation Week 11

I did not lose as much muscle as Bale, so that my conversion is obviously not so impressive. But if I had lost even more muscle, I think I would have experienced a similar transformation.

… Although I would have to do more food!

Some people on my page started doing fitness steroid comments, but people who are closest to me know, I am 100% natural, and would never take steroids.

These people do not realize that 90% of the muscles I was not NEW muscles – I’ve had before.

However, if someone has been in their normal size, and then made these advances to build new muscles, it is obvious steroids really criminal.

And as soon as the muscle memory is successfully restored Christian its former size, the difference between his body in American Psycho when compared with Batman Begins only more power (load), and therefore moderately greater muscle size and higher body fat%.

The image below supports my theory, a Christian only gaining a few kilos in weight, compared to when it appeared in Reign of Fire – 3 years previous Terry Crews steroids.

Can you believe that Christian Bale really got too much weight for the Batman Begins movie and were told to cut before it appeared on the screen:

After the throw [Batman], he said to be as” big as you could be, “Christopher Nolan. Bale underwent 6 months of diet and exercise regime eventually about 220 pounds (about 40 pounds above their normal weight). it was decided that Bale has become kamagra kopen too big (his friends on the team of the film dubbed it “Fatman”), and he quickly shed about 20 pounds to have a leaner, more muscular frame. Bale described the experience as an unbearable physical test. “the IMDB

Bale said he gorged on junk foods, including pizza and ice cream so much, he had to visit her doctor several times… because he makes himself sick.


“But, Christian Bale could still have used steroids to build muscle mass, it had American Psycho…”

Now I’m going to discuss whether it is probable that Christian used steroids to get in great shape for American Psycho.

Firstly, it is important to note that Patrick Bateman has a huge amount of muscle mass.

He was very thin / embossed and has a good size, but nothing too much to say that it looks juicy.

Thus, his body is definitely achievable for Natty.

Christian also not have any adverse visual effects that’re, users associated with the steroid, such as:

  • thin / receding hair
  • acne
  • swelling
  • red skin (sign of a higher body temperature).
  • Excessive vascularity
  • Gyno


Christian Bale is best known for his ability to transform his body form for numerous roles. In the movie Machinist, he dropped a significant weight on the scale. Because of that many were worried that he might not be able to play the role of Batman.

Many were surprised that Mr. Bale pulled it off. He managed to have a form that many would be happy to have after many years of training. For someone to achieve this physique, one must have great knowledge and motivation. Motivation is necessary but knowing how to do it is just as important.

Why is it, probably Christian was Natty for American Psycho…

If anyone – that did not get a very specific person, the body, as Patrick Bateman in American Psycho is practically impossible to achieve naturally.

Thus, the relation of man can give us a great idea of ​​whether you are likely to be on it ROIDS or not.

For example, good-looking boy who walks in the gym now and then to talk, and only ever doing biceps curls…

If he has amazing hands, it is very likely that he was on something.

shining example

It’s kind of a guy, you can just watch and almost certainly say, juicing.

However, someone – someone who is very committed to / knowledgeable, less likely to take that – that… especially if they are not huge. A prime example of this being Rob Riches.

Natty Guide

a) If anyone – that is, a good physique and they have a special person, then most likely they are smart.

… I say good physique and not the level of Mr. Olympia.

b) If anyone – that is, a good physique and they just lift weights on a Friday night to get the pump to impress the girls, they are the chances of steroids.

… If they did not get the amazing genetics aka Jeff Seid.

Bale, undoubtedly, in category A, as one of the most dedicated actors of his generation.

He was supposed to get and lose a ton of weight in preparation for several films. In order to successfully turn your body as it is, you need to have:

  1. Knowledge
  2. discipline

Christian will have elite personal trainers / nutritionists at its disposal to provide all the knowledge he needs.

And you do not personally know a guy to understand that he has a fierce work ethic, which is critical when filling / cutting.

Her video showing several of his mind-blowing transformations:

When it comes to improving their craft, Christian as seriously as they come. This was especially noticeable when playing the role of John Connor in the film Terminator Salvation… when additional continued to go on the set during filming.

If you want to hear Christian Bale literally turn into the Hulk, listen below the record:


Bale would have to admit that it was unpleasant moment, but he also showed that he cared immensely about his work, trying to be the absolute best it could be.

Since turning his body much of his work, it is easy for me to believe that he is 100% natural and is only capable of these feats of – for his commitment and the team he has around around him, that is, personal trainers and nutritionists.

Or was it Roid rage?


Verdict: Natty

It is fair to assume that Christian Bale naturally with muscle memory explaining its rapid transformation.

From American Psycho Batman begins, he did not get a huge amount of muscle, and thus his income is very possible without the help of anabolic steroids.

… However, in the comics, Bruce Wayne took a super-steroid called “anger”, which he later became addicted.

Naughty Bruce.

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  1. I’ve taken a steroid before but I am not aware of what does it do to my body. Can you tell me some?

  2. Corticosteriods or usually known as Steroids are synthetic drugs that are close to cortisol. Cortisol is a natural hormone that your body produces. Corticosteriods or simply Steriods works by reducing inflammation and keeping down the activity of the immune system. Steroids are known to treat a variety of inflammatory diseases.

  3. A body who have been intaking steroids for over two weeks may start to decrease its ability to respond to physical stress. In times of major stress, a high dosage of steroids may be required such as surgery or any other serious and very extensive infections.

  4. I am trying to lose about five percent of my body fat for about 4 days now but so far it is not effective. Can you tell me why?

  5. Under the right training and effective nutrition programme, a person can lose an average of five percent body fat in as little as seven days. However, if you are not taking it seriously and not consistently monitoring your food intake, it may be harder for a person to lose weight.

  6. I am gaining fat real fast now that I am staying home. Is it good to have 15 percent of body fat?

  7. There are no official standards exist but but most of the doctors and other fitness organizations put a man with 15 percent of body fat to the category of being quite fit. If you want to be more fit, you can drop to leaner body fat. But such effort is not necessary for that.

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