I Erny, 23-year-old natural bodybuilder and I created “Are they on steroids? To educate people as to certain bodybuilding / fitness model / actor is likely to be on steroids or not.

This site has been created to speculate and to state the obvious, but to analyze an individual’s body composition in detail. Then, finally, to make an objective, science-based verdict depending on actual evidence.

That’s my goal, to protect those who are not likely to take steroids, where there is a lack of evidence Research suggests that they are juicing.

These pros are still marked as “steroid users, simply because of their exceptional musculature, which is unjust and ignorant.

All steroid users have similar physical attributes, which can be seen simply by looking at them.

Such as:

  • flushed skin
  • acne
  • Block face / jaw
  • Bloating / water retention
  • A well-developed muscles androgen-sensitive (such as traps).
  • Gyno

I take all of these features into account when making a verdict. Other things that I have to look out for:

  • competitive history of the individual.

So, if he was involved in a number of drugs are strictly bodybuilding competitions, including polygraph and random testing (and never could), then this is a great sign that the person is a natural.

  • Time range of incomes

If someone was lifting for 5 years, then all of a sudden blows, it is not normal and will point to steroid use.

The problems associated with modern bodybuilding:

  • People see someone – something greater than themselves, point their fingers and say that “steroids” (without any – any valid reason / explanation). Nattyornot.com is a site that has this exact mentality. “Anyone who has received a 16 – inch or more hands on steroids” – litter. I have more than 16 – inch arms on a 5-foot-7, under 10% fat, and I’m naturally. Plus only 23 years old and have poor genetics. I also know a lot of guys who are more than I have not touched a steroid in my life.
  • Bodybuilders who claim that they are “natural”, in order to get sponsorship deals and a large fan base – when in fact they are Juicing. This is very misleading, and it is bad for the industry. The purpose of this website is to show what the guys are really natural and expose that show obvious signs of steroid use.

What people do not realize is that the genetics of all the wildly different. It is understandable that it is difficult for some people to accept that someone who does not work as hard as they may be more exhausted.

But this game of bodybuilding and genetics will always dominate.

But this does not mean that someone – the weak genetics can not build an incredibly muscular physique, because they can, and it was done.

Bodybuilding is the biggest sport in the world, because it is all about your evolution to be the best you can be.

It’s not about that bitter and hating on someone if they are more than you. But if you want to call someone, this site will give you some real evidence to support their claims.