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Hey girl, why do not you lift heavier?

Because I do not want to look really bulky / male…

It is a common misconception when a woman comes into the gym and decided that she wants to look like those fitness girls on Instagram.

Female newcomer logic: Lifting heavy  is that bodybuilders do, so I’m going to raise the light… otherwise I will build  really big muscles and look like a man.

There’s a meme for this…

There are 2 reasons for weight lifting does not make a woman a HUGE:

1. Less Testosterone

Men and women can steroid transformation do the same workout, have the same diet and live the exact same lifestyle. However, a woman will only get a fraction of the muscle than man, because she is only a part of his testosterone.

Testosterone is the difference between men and women. This is the reason why men have penises, deeper voice, more body hair and more muscle mass.

Thus, the kind of “I like a man, if I lift weights,” just as absurd to a large extent, how to say, “I will grow a penis, if I go to a tiny standing.”

Fact: Men 20x more testosterone than women on average (1).

Women will build muscle by lifting heavy, but not anywhere near as much as men.

Lifting heavy is also one of the best ways to burn fat, as shown spike natural human hormone levels increase. Growth hormone is a powerful fat burning hormone. Sprint is also effective for increasing growth hormone… and watch Olympic sprinters are lean.

True: Lifting heavy will burn fat and build small amounts of muscle, which leads to a toned / athletic looking body. The woman will also experience less sagging and cellulite, common in women with less muscle mass.

This is the same principle as  neat guys  who are planning to build the same number as muscle dudes on steroids.

…Will not happen.

This is because anabolic steroids increase your test unnaturally high level, making that person more anabolic. Hell, some of the guys who take steroids to gain muscle even without exercise / weight lifting (2).

steroid transformation

That’s how powerful testoterone, when it comes to building muscle.

2. It is not easy to get a HUGE

There the men who were lifting heavy weights religiously for years, while sipping cocktails and taking all protein supplements known to man.

… And after all-a lot of these guys are struggling to get big.

Not to mention, these guys want to get jacked.

It takes someone with exceptional genetics to become the very muscular (without steroids). Or is it takes years and years of serious overeating (bulking) to put on a decent amount of size.

Steroids can make a woman cumbersome / looking manly

Steroid hormones change the profile of a woman so much, in fact it is possible for them to grow the penis, which is the clitoris (3).

This is a side effect of taking androgenic steroids ; since they increase male hormones largely. Fillers steroids usually androgenic.

Fillers steroids: Testosterone, Dianabol, trenbolone, Anadrol.

Nevertheless, cutting steroids are used by many women (who are not bodybuilders) to burn fat without the side effects associated with steroids ballast. This is because the steroids used for cutting, such as clenbuterol Anavar and no androgenic, thus, they will not affect testosterone levels.