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Women do not have a lot of choice when it comes to steroids. Men can pick and choose any filler or cutting steroid they want, while women should be selective, as many compounds cause virilizing side effects.

Virilization = when a woman begins to slowly turn into a human.

Using the wrong steroids can cause a woman’s voice to become deeper, her facial structure to change (become more masculine) and hair growth, to become the… lets say excessive.

When used in low doses, Winstrol is a steroid, it is generally safe for women to use, since it is not known to produce such symptoms steroids without lifting virilization… maintaining a beautiful feminine look-in tact.

Winstrol for bulking

Although Winstrol helps you build muscle, men typically use Winstrol in cutting because of its ability to burn fat.

Plus… there are some powerful steroids out there compared to Winny, when it comes to building muscle.

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However, since the level of women’s testosterone only part than men, their levels of T does not need to increase ten-fold, to experience a significant amount of muscle growth. Women may experience dramatic muscle growth by just taking Winny alone, receiving as much as 15lbs muscle in a month.

That’s enough muscle to turn a slender woman in looking  lean and mean. This extra muscle mass can be a lifesaver when dieting, where loss of muscle mass is often unavoidable. Building muscle while cutting will keep you looking stronger and stronger, in contrast to the sagging muscle groups.

In addition, women do not have to overdose to test muscle growth because less is more when women take Winstrol.

Small doses can lead to dramatic gains and increase the dose often does very little… in increasing your chances of side effects of virilization.

Winstrol cutting

Many men and women use Winstrol, to help them burn fat fast.

But how much fat you can expect to burn on Winstrol?

You can expect to lose about  5 pounds of fat in just a couple weeks on the Winny. This may not seem very much, but clean 5lbs of fat makes a huge difference in the mirror.

… And that’s just in the first week.

steroids without liftingLoss on Winstrol not only come in the form of fat and water. Losing water weight will help you look even more compact because there is less water retention increases muscle tone and reduces bloating.

Winstrol… the stack or the stack?

Women can get away with running Winstrol only cycle and still get crazy benefits in terms of fat loss and muscle gain.

However, men will almost certainly reduce their profits short position, if they do not stack with Winny say – testosterone or trenbolone.

Testosterone is a steroid and friction, which can lead to masculinization occurs in females, so that I would not lay any of them with Winny. But if you did want to stack Winstrol with some other compounds to accelerate fat loss benefits; My recommendation would be to take:

  • Anavar

And / or

  • Clenbuterol

Anavar not cause any – or side effects in women, plus it will maximize fat burning when used in conjunction with Winstrol®.

Anavar also happens to be a diuretic, so you will flush out more water on the pitch. In addition, if you want to be as strong as possible, Anavar is great to include in your stack, with it being one of the best around steroids to increase strength.

Clenbuterol is a cutting tool that has no androgenic activity at all, which makes it completely safe and easy to use by women. Clen works exactly the same for men / women supercharge your metabolism, increasing fat burning and increased energy levels (which remain stable throughout the day).