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Are steroids bad for you?


… It does not need to be a genius to work that one out.

There’s a reason why people ask, “Steroids are bad for you?”, Not “steroids are good for you?”… Because the people at heart knows the truth.

However, the caffeine / alcohol / smoking / artificial sweeteners also bad for you.

To varying degrees; but they are also harmful to the body… in spite of the millions of people who use them every day.

The negative effects of steroids are often exaggerated in the media, which often portray them as dangerous and the cause of many deaths.

… Nevertheless, the science suggests that this is not entirely true.

study Testosterone

61 healthy men in the study, where they were given 600 mg of testosterone for 20 weeks (1) participated.

It is worth noting that this is a good-sized dose and long cycle. Men have been many health checks after the experiment, and all returned to normal, including prostate / liver / genital mutilation / psychological examinations.

The only slight side effect of a slight increase in LDL cholesterol levels, which quickly returns to normal after the cycle is complete.

Now, I’m not saying that steroids are safe and do not cause any serious side effects, such as this study shows, because testosterone is fairly mild steroid. In fact, I’m sure that if they did another study with a hefty dose of Anadrol, the results will be slightly different.

However, what you can take from this study is that if you use the right steroids in a reasonable, not abusing the method; you can experience the amazing success without putting your health at risk.

If this is not the case, the doctors did not give out steroid prescriptions for their patients.

Note: Expert supervision is always recommended when cycling steroids to minimize any negative interactions.

Steroid side effects

The reason why steroids are bad for you, because the effect they can have on your health.

When people think about the side effects of steroids, “they think of the physiological symptoms such as:

  • High blood pressure
  • Elevated cholesterol levels
  • Gyno
  • acne
  • Bad skin
  • liver damage
  • Lower production of natural test

Note: These side effects may occur as a result of taking steroids, but they are often temporary effects and is not permanent.

In addition, people often overlook the fact that steroids can cause a person to experience negative psychological consequences. Such as low mood / well-being bad, messed up dreams, anxiety and depression.

When a person experiences such psychological changes that may affect them more than physiological. Some people even become suicidal after taking steroids. In the early stages of the cycle, you will feel like Superman, but when you come off and have the testosterone levels of a little Asian girl… things are not quite feel the same.

… And things do not quite work the same as if you get what I mean!

You can not do anything in this life a wonderful experience without any form of sacrifice. Taking steroids is the right choice for a man, when the benefits of taking steroids outweigh the negatives. If it’s the other way around, stop taking them because eventually you will not be happy.

If you need to take steroids – do it in moderation.

I believe that you should approach the use of steroids, you have caffeine.

Millions of people consume, but people who are ticking time bombs, those who abuse it.

Consuming steroids or caffeine in moderation will not sabotage your health, if you are not very sensitive… if you stop all consumption immediately to ensure your health is back to normal.

Are steroids a bad thing? Yes, they are, of course, is not healthy. If you take them? It is entirely up to you.

One thing is for sure though; people in the world continue to use drugs much worse than steroids.