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Steroid plateauthe onset of the moment of insensitivity to the used drugs (in the medical language – resistance).

Insensitivity can not be adjusted even with an increase in the steroid dosage. As a rule, a steroid plateau occurs due to improper nutrition, when the increased capacity of the body can not be realized because of insufficient intake of plastic (building) and energy nutrients.

PlateauOn the other hand, all testosterone receptors in muscles may be occupied, and further progress only due to this hormone becomes impossible. Only professional doctors are able to determine the true cause of the sports plateau. Many amateur athletes, having started taking anabolic drugs, face a situation of practical uncontrollability results.

It’s funny that steroids themselves usually start to be used when they get on the so-called sports plateau – stagnation, lack of progress (the increase in strength, muscle growth stops). The sports plateau can be overcome without steroids, at least to the lover: by optimizing the training program, sleep and rest.


Around the steroid plateau, strange and, sometimes, contradictory myths and opinions gather. Often athletes look for the culprit in their failures and try an easy way to explain why they failed to gain weight. We will deal in order, what is a steroid plateau, which leads to this state and how to cope with it.

Androgen receptor resistance

On slang athletes, this situation is called “clogging“. It is believed that after two months of continuous course, you should stop taking steroids, otherwise the effectiveness will decrease. What is really happening?
There is a decrease in the number of androgen receptors. But here’s the thing: the receptors disappear from the surface of the muscle cells, and the steroids bind to the receptors that are located inside the cell. That is, the number of those receptors that interact with the drugs remains unchanged.

Therefore, “hammering” can be attributed to myths.

Indeed, it is not recommended to use steroids for longer than two months. But for another reason. Effectiveness is reduced due to an increase in IGF, one of the specific growth factors. Its receptors are just on the surface of cells. It is proved that after 8 weeks the effectiveness of Trenbolone is reduced by 40%, slightly less for Stanazolol and Testosterone30%. Separately, it should be said that Tamoxifen, which is usually used as an antiestrogen, can significantly reduce the content of IGF, and therefore postpone the effect of the steroid plateau.

Increased globulin levels

In the body there is a special protein, a kind of globulin, SHGG, which deals with the transport of sex hormones from the place of their secretion into muscles, organs and other tissues. Testosterone, which is associated with this protein, is inactive and does not perform its main functions. The intake of anabolic steroids helps to increase the level of SHBG in the body. And the higher the dosages used, the more hormones bind to the globulin. This problem has a simple solution: it is recommended to take no more than 1000 mg of testosterone. Also to solve the problem with SHGG will help Stanazolol in oral form or Proviron. They are recommended to take 20-30 mg once every two months. Duration of admission is from 10 to 14 days.

The emergence of tumors and seals

At first glance, the appearance of seals in the jabs does not look like a serious reason. If solutions are injected too quickly or the injecting sites are rarely changed, seals occur at the injection sites. The tumor interferes with the penetration of the drug into the bloodstream, which means that less active substance enters the body. Fight this problem simply: just change the injection site, do not forget to do warming up compresses and iodine nets.
Proper nutrition
All athletes know that when taking steroids it is important to ensure that the body receives sufficient nutrients. Usually the protein portion is calculated based on body weight. Often, athletes forget that their weight increases during taking steroids. So, for a few weeks of the course Trenbolon can dial up to 7 kg. Accordingly, it is required to make a recount of nutrients in the diet. With each kilogram you need to add to the daily menu up to 2 g of protein.


It is worth remembering the rule: if the athlete was satisfied with his training program before taking steroids, then do not change it during the course. The course should adhere to the same, proven tactics of training. Steroids do not require a reduction or increase in the number of sessions. It’s very easy to overtrain, as steroids increase stamina and motivation and you can not notice a strong fatigue. Then the recovery of the body will slow down, and with it muscle growth. And athletes who face overtraining during the course are often sure that the cause of their stagnation is a steroid plateau.

Underdelivery and stress

It is important to start taking steroids only at a time when you can rest at least 8 hours a day. Restoration and growth of muscles occur only during sleep. If there is a shortage, then these processes slow down dramatically. Again, the plateau effect arises. Stagnation can be overcome by returning a full-fledged sleep and the correct regime of the day.

Stress contributes to the development of cortisol. Cortisol destroys muscle tissue. Therefore, it is important to avoid mental stress during taking steroids. If you can not exist in absolute tranquility, then it is recommended to add to the diet products that promote the production of serotonin. Serotonin, or, as it is also called, the hormone of happiness, is able to block the harmful effects of cortisol. Most of all serotonin in bitter chocolate, bananas and seafood.