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Bodybuilders who have sufficient experience in bodybuilding, as a rule, choose a training split program. Years, held in the gym affect the outcome. Athletes can’t for one or two sessions to fully work out all muscle groups. To achieve the desired effect, athletes have to devote a specific group a specific day of weeks.

Training of armsFor one training, typically involves not more than two or three groups. The greater the number of muscles worked out during one lesson, the higher the level of emitted anabolic hormones. And if the athlete wishes to have the developed muscles in the arms and shoulders, it is best to use a joint training session on the deltoid muscles and hands, which concluded the most effective exercises.

The basic principles of training

The classical scheme of training was and remains the most effective. It is based on the study is first large and then small muscle groups. The program is composed mainly of basic exercises that perform with optimum number of repetitions. To gain weight, doing exercises 3 to 4 times, for 8-12 repetitions each.

The total duration of one training should not exceed one hour. If you exceed this time limit, the rate of catabolic hormones will rapidly and steadily increase. Between the individual exercises take a break for 60-90 seconds, and approaches — from 30 to 40 seconds.

Delta and hands: training program

First worked out the shoulder girdle, that is, front, middle, rear of the Delta, and the second biceps and triceps.

the training Program consists of ten exercises:

    • Military press (3-4 x 8-12) – development of the front deltoids;
    • dumbbell Bench press sitting (3-4 x 8-12) – finish off the front of the Delta;
    • Thrust rod to the chin wide grip (3-4 x 8-12) – basic exercise for the rear delts;
    • Mahi dumbbells in the slope (3-4 x 8-12) – finish rear deltoids;
    • Mahi with dumbbells at the sides while standing (3-4 x 8-12) – great exercise for the middle deltoid muscle bundles;
    • Pullups on the bar narrow grip (3-4 x 8-10) – great basic exercise to develop and warm up the biceps;
    • Lifting barbells biceps standing (3-4 x 8-12) – the basic study of the biceps;
    • Hammers for biceps (3-4 x 8-12) – finish off the muscle group;
    • Bench press narrow grip (3-4 x 8-12) – one of the best basic exercises for triceps;
    • French bench press (3-4 x 8-12) – working to failure in complete exhaustion and the best pump.


Almost all of these exercises are basic. So that the muscles have not adapted and continued to increase in volume, it is necessary sometimes to add variety to the lesson. During training, it is recommended to perform

    • Bench press bar for deltas sitting;
    • Pull Lee Haney rear Delt;
    • the Rise of a weight on a biceps by a reverse grab;
    • the Lifting of the dumbbells on a biceps, sitting on a bench;Training of shoulders
    • dips focusing on triceps;
    • French press with a dumbbell.

Effective training for shoulders and arms

study of the deltoid, as a rule, involve and trapezoidal. Consequently, they also require careful attention. To work out of a trapezoid, you must perform srage with the same weighting, as the weights. You need to constantly monitor their own progress. When it slows or comes as a raft, so it’s time to begin high-volume methods, which involve training on the system drop-sets, forced reps, supersets. This step will allow not to stop the growth of muscles and continue to progress.