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Which of the girls does not dream of having elastic and beautiful buttocks that attract the attention of men to a magnet and envy women. Someone gave nature a beautiful ass as a creator, and the majority should do tuning their fifth point to give it the desired look.

By tuning we mean effective exercises for the buttocks, which allow to solve several important tasks, namely: to remove excess fat from the buttocks, to give the buttocks elasticity, to increase them in volume by pumping the muscles.

Regardless of the goal, be it toned and elastic buttocks, or get more bulky buttocks, you should resort to strength training. Running, dieting, gymnastics, yoga, massage and miracle exercise machines from advertising – can be useful for the body and body, while not help pump the buttocks. Only by performing various exercises you can change the shape and volume of your ass, for this it is best to visit the gym and conduct full training with the coach.

exercises for the buttocks

If you do not have the opportunity to practice in the gym, it is possible to perform exercises at home, while you should understand that you can pump up the buttocks at home, but it is much more difficult and longer than in the gym.

How to pump up the buttocks at home

Buttocks consist of three main muscles, a large gluteus muscle, medium and small, which, like most other major muscles of the body, respond well to the load responding with their growth. The main responsibility for the volume and shape of the buttocks is carried by the gluteus maximus muscle, so if you want the swollen buttocks you need to train a large gluteus muscle.

The muscles grow from the load and the glutes are no exception, and from the load that only strength exercises can provide. At home, when there is no frame for squatting in the arsenal, there is no bar and dumbbells, it is difficult to give the muscles the necessary stimulus for growth.

One of the most attractive places on the female body is the buttocks, and every girl wants to make them elastic and fit. For this it is necessary to train regularly and adhere to a certain nutrition program. Now you will learn how to pump the buttocks at home.

With all this, it is possible to give some impetus to the development of your buttocks, make them more elastic and beautiful, but let’s say right away, if you want the Brazilian ass and you need to seriously add in the volumes, then you can not do without serious training in the hall. And do not believe the myths about fast pumping the buttocks on the Internet, all the famous owners of enviable pops built them by hard work in the gym.

pump up the muscles of the buttocks

To make the buttocks as attractive as possible, you need to be patient and adhere to the schedule of training and eating. If you have problems with being overweight, you should first get rid of it. If you conduct strength training with a large fat mass, then the load on the heart will increase. Thus, first we will talk about the principles of nutrition, and then you will learn how to pump up the buttocks at home.

How to organize meals while training the buttocks?

You can pump muscles fast enough, but without properly organized nutrition, you will not be able to maintain the results. Everyone who wants to pump up the buttocks at home, it is necessary to abandon fatty varieties of meat, sausages, various sauces and dressings.

Try to minimize the consumption of sugar, coffee and chocolate to prevent the appearance of cellulite. In your diet should be present greens, citrus, marine fish, almonds, seafood, vegetables and fruits.

Features of training buttocks at home

If you want to know how to pump up the buttocks at home, it is important to choose the right exercises. Beginning is necessary with low loads, gradually increasing them. Work first time only with the weight of your own body and gradually increase the number of sets. After that you will have to switch to the use of sports equipment – barbells or dumbbells.

pump up the buttocks at homeThe most effective movement for the buttocks is squats, and it is with them that you should begin your studies. But we’ll talk more about exercises. It is necessary to begin the training not earlier than 120 minutes after eating. The duration of each lesson should be less than 30 minutes and exercise daily. When you reach your goals, do not stop training. However, to maintain a muscular tone, you can practice every second day for a quarter of an hour.

In each movement, you should perform 15 to 20 repetitions and weekly increase their number by 5 or even 10. When you can easily do 100 repetitions, you need to start using weights. However, you should increase the weight of sports equipment gradually, so as not to overtrain.

Complex exercises number 1 for pumping muscles of the buttocks

Now everyone who wants to know how to pump up the buttocks at home, we offer a set of effective movements that will help you achieve the task. In addition to wanting to make your body more attractive, you will need a chair, and later even dumbbells.

  • Exercise “Heavenly Bridge”. The muscles of the lumbar region, buttocks and hamstrings are involved in the work. Take the position lying on your back, and place your elongated legs with your heels on the chair. Hands stretched out along the body, and palms rest against the ground. Begin lifting one leg and slowly tear off the hips from the ground. Buttocks should be raised until the body is stretched in a straight line. Without lowering the working leg, perform 20 repetitions. After that, repeat the movement to the other side.
  • Exercise “Bending tree”. The muscles of the buttocks, calves and thighs work. You need to stand on tiptoe for a chair a few centimeters from him and put your hands on the back. Keeping your back flat, bend one leg in the knee joint and withdraw it at a right angle to the side. Repeat the other way.
  • Exercise “Ladder”. Muscles of the buttocks, thighs, quadriceps, as well as calves work. Initial position – stand in front of the chair, putting your feet at the level of the shoulder joints, hands are at the waist. One leg should be placed on the chair, and the other leg should be bent at the right angle in the knee joint. In this position, you must pause. After that, the working leg is placed on the ground, and the second is retracted, thus making an attack. Again, pause and repeat the movement. On each leg, do 15 to 20 repetitions.
  • Exercise “Squats in the abyss”. The muscles of the buttocks, thighs, and also the quadriceps work. Starting position – stand in front of the chair at a distance of 0.5 meters back to him, putting his feet at the level of the shoulder joints, hands are at the waist. Begin to take your right leg back, placing the top of the foot on the chair. Do squats, bending the knee joint of your left leg and bringing your knee right to the ground. After the specified number of repetitions has been performed, it is necessary to move to the other leg.
  • Exercise “Celestial Squats”. The muscles of the buttocks, the back of the thigh, the quadriceps, and also the calves work. The initial position is to stand erect, placing your feet at the level of the shoulder joints, your arms are lowered along the body. Do squatting in four accounts. After reaching the bottom end position of the trajectory, follow the movement in the opposite direction, finally standing up on the socks and lifting your hands up.

Complex of exercises number 2 for pumping the muscles of the buttocks

Many girls who want to know how to pump up the buttocks at home are sure of the need to perform complex movements. Now we offer to your attention one more set of simple exercises, for the performance of which only mat is required.

All movements must be carried out twice a day in the morning and in the evening. Start with 15 repetitions in each movement. After that, increase their number daily, and you will see the results of your studies after two weeks.

  • pump up the muscles of the buttocksExercise number 1. Starting position – stand on all fours, taking your left leg to the side, pre-bending it in the knee joint. Kick the working leg to the side and return to the starting position. After performing the specified number of repetitions, it is necessary to do this exercise on the other leg.
  • Exercise number 2. The initial position is to stand erect with your legs together, and lower your arms down. Take your left hand to the side, and lift the right hand up. After that, lean forward, taking your left leg back. Return to the starting position and repeat the movement.
  • Exercise number 3. Starting position – stand straight, legs together and slightly bent knee joints. Place your hands on your right hip and tear off the heel of your right foot from the ground. Take your right foot to the side, touching the toe of the ground and return to the starting position.
  • Exercise 4. The initial position is to stand erect with your legs together and slightly spread the socks to the sides, putting your hands on the waist. Slightly bending the knee joints, begin to rise on the toes, pausing in the extreme upper position for five seconds.
  • Exercise number 5. The initial position – lying on your back, stretch your legs, and place your arms along the body, palms down. Having understood straight legs upwards, spread them aside and sustain a short pause. After this, bend the knee joints, connect the feet.

To complete this set of exercises, you will need no more than a quarter of an hour. At the same time, all the proposed exercises are very effective and you will soon see it yourself. Here is all the information that will be useful for everyone who wants to know how to pump up the muscles of the buttocks at home.