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Today weights are somewhat forgotten by athletes, although they are a very effective tool for the development of muscles. Within the framework of this article, we will consider the most effective exercises with kettlebells on the biceps at home.

Differences between weights and dumbbells

Now the main sports equipment for most athletes are the barbell and dumbbells. Giri has lost some popularity, and it is worth acknowledging that this is a rather peculiar projectile. Dumbbells, of course, much easier to use and with their help you have the opportunity to work out almost all the muscles, not only large, but also much more important – small ones.

When you work with weight, almost all the muscles of the body participate in the movement. This greatly training biceps with weight complicates the task of designing targeting muscles. In addition, using dumbbells, especially collapsible, it is extremely easy to progress the load. Giri now only available in four scales: 8, 16, 24 and 32 kilos.

However, weights are also very simple to use, and even with only one shell, you can conduct an effective training. And you can perform various movements perfectly pumping the muscles of the whole body. A little later we will tell you what exercises with weight for biceps at home should be performed first.

training biceps with weight

We are not currently trying to find out which of these two shells is better. Putting such a question is simply not correct, since they affect the muscles not equally. Undoubtedly, if you train exclusively with weights, then you will never become a pro-bilder. But you can definitely improve your physical shape.

As we said above, due to the specifics of this sporting device, performing exercises with weight on the biceps at home will be able to develop other muscles: the brachial, triceps, deltas, the broadest and largest chest.

How to properly train your biceps with weight?

In any business, success is possible with the right approach. In this respect, training is no exception. If you follow the recommendations that are being talked about, then by doing exercises with weight on the biceps at home you can quickly progress and eliminate the risks of getting injuries.

Without fail, before the main part of the class, warm up. Pay special attention at this time to the hands, shoulder joints and back. You can also work with a rope to warm up your muscles. It is very important to observe the technique of all exercises. This is due not only to the effectiveness of movements, but also because most exercises are jerky and you can easily damage your back.

Equally important is the requirement not to work for refusal. When you get tired, the technique is broken, and this is not permissible. And, of course, you should correctly choose the working weight. Start small, and increase it only when a large number of repetitions (about 40) you are given to perform easily. Do not forget that increasing the working weight, you should reduce the number of repetitions.

Effective exercises with weight on the biceps at home

  1. Jerk dumbbell with one hand up. The legs are somewhat wider than the level of the shoulder joints and your position should be as stable as possible. The projectile must be taken using the correct grip, and during the movement, help yourself with the muscles of your back. Keeps the back to remain flat throughout the entire set. After the projectile detaches from the ground, a spurt must be performed with a straight arm. Throughout the entire set, the weight must be in the air, and while it is exercises with kettlebells on the bicepsmoving down, slightly wind the projectile by the foot. The second hand does not rest on the foot and after doing several repetitions, you should change your working hand.
  2. Press two weights in the standing position. In each hand is on the projectile, and they are located on the back of the hand. After the weights have been raised to the level of the shoulder joints, begin to perform the press up, without bending the back.
  3. Pressing in the prone position. Take the position lying on your back, placing the elbow joints on the ground at a right angle and holding the shells in your hands. Perform zhimovye movement above the head.
  4. Lifts on the biceps with a slope of the body. Leaning forward the body, you increase the load on the muscles. It is also important that during the tilt of the body, the back remains flat. Lift the biceps, similar to the movement with dumbbells.
  5. Wall-to-wall lifts. This movement will allow you to isolate the load on the bicep. This exercise is carried out with weight on the biceps at home similar to the previous one, but it is necessary to lean back on the wall.
  6. Lifting the weights with both hands using the “hammer” grip. Take the weight with both hands, slightly tilting the body forward, without rounding the back. Do lifts and preferably do so for failure.
  7. Push ups. Perform classic push-ups, but lean on shells, not ground. This will allow you to increase the amplitude of motion.

Exercises with weight for women at home

Girls do not focus on training biceps, which is understandable. It is much more important for them to work out all the muscles of the body in order to eliminate fat and tighten the muscles, making the figure more attractive. It is necessary to recognize that many girls are afraid of strength training and even less training with weight. But do not be alarmed by this is not the most common sporting projectile.

Kettlebell can be a very effective projectile for the girls, and not just for the guys. You need to correctly choose the working weight and perform several effective movements in accordance with the technique. Now we will introduce you to a small complex of movements that will help to effectively tighten the muscles of the buttocks, shoulder girdle, arms and thigh. As you can see, all the most problem areas of the female body you will be able to work through.

  1. The first exercise will be squats, which are very effective for the gluteal muscles. Raise the sports equipment to the level of the shoulder joints. After that, follow the half-sided, and then straighten the legs, push the weight up. For the beginnings it will be enough to make three sets of three repetitions.
  2. Drops aside. This exercise should be familiar to those girls who are not afraid of exercises with weight for womenstrength training. The starting position is similar to the previous movement. Make a lunge with your foot, which is the opposite of the hand with the weight. If, for example, the projectile is in the left hand, then the lunge is done with the right foot. Simultaneously with the attack, lower the weight down and transfer it to the other hand. Returning to the starting position, repeat the movement in the opposite direction. In each direction, it is sufficient to perform ten repetitions.
  3. Press over your head. Hold the sports equipment at the level of the shoulder joint, but with both hands. Perform a half-sided, and while driving up, push the weight in the vertical plane. At the end point of the trajectory, keep a pause of a couple of seconds and then go back to the half-sailed. However, the weight at this point, lower to the second shoulder joint. In each direction, do seven to eight joggling movements.
  4. Lateral traction in prone position. The starting position is analogous to the classic push-ups, but the working arm rests on the weight, not on the ground. After this, it is necessary to turn on the working arm and raise the shell vertically upwards.

In principle, this complex can be performed by men, using weights of higher weight. This is a fairly versatile shell, which can be effectively used by representatives of both sexes.

To the body actively burns fats, you should remember and cardio load. It is the combination of strength training and aerobic exercises that will force the body to actively use fats for energy. In order for the results of your studies to be maximum, first hold a cardio session, and then start working with the weight.

It is very important to correctly choose the weight of shells. This recommendation refers more to guys, since girls do not have the sense to use heavy weights, because you pursue different goals in comparison with men. However, excessive weight can slow your progress and lead to a state of overtraining. This must be avoided in every possible way.