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Often there are disputes on the topic that is better Street Workout or bodybuilding? Who is better prepared physically: bodybuilder or “tourniquet”? Each of these directions has both minuses and pluses peculiar to each of them individually. And that’s exactly what our article is about today.

First, you need to understand the key concepts that apply to both areas. 

Training is a purposeful action for developing the desired skills and qualities. Here the concept of “skill” means any psychological achievement – balance, balance, optimization of movements, and the concept of “quality” implies the physical achievements of an athlete – endurance, strength, and so on.

When performing physical exercises, no matter what, the athlete trains not only physical qualities, but also skills.

The main difference between bodybuilding and street wrestling is the development of various components of the training. The first focuses on quality, and the second focuses on the availability of skills in training, as in the street vorkaut use exercises more sophisticated techniques. Therefore, from this point of view, it is not entirely appropriate to compare such different types of training.

Types of sports training

Force training is divided into anaerobic (increase in strength), and aerobic (increased endurance). Both bodybuilding and street wrestling are representatives of strength training. And in strength training, strength and endurance are physical qualities.

For optimal results, each of the physical qualities requires a good sport specialization. By training all qualities at the same time, you risk getting an average result, not the maximum, as desired.

Of course, you can develop strength and endurance. Most of the directions in the sport come true, but in this case it will be impossible to achieve maximum results in each of the street workoutqualities. This is due to the need to develop various muscle tissues and a personal way to provide energy.

When your muscle fiber is strong enough, it consumes more energy in a shorter period of time, and less hardy (not suitable for lengthy workouts). And, accordingly, on the contrary.

It should be noted that there are muscle fibers of mixed properties (the main ones are fast and slow MB). Note that the lower the maximum strength of muscle fiber, the more it has endurance. This is very important, since it has a direct effect on the choice of training style, in particular, on the number of repetitions of the exercise.

There are often disputes about the size of the loads during the exercise, and much less often – about the correctness of its technical performance. The dimensions of the loads are measured by two parameters: the weight and the number of repetitions.

Bodybuilders are fixated on weight motivation, and tourniquets – on the number of repetitions. This is due to the training of various muscular qualities in these two sports areas. Turnikman trains strength and strength endurance, and a bodybuilder – the ability to perform voluminous strength exercises and strength. In any case, the number of repetitions of the exercise plays an important role.

Power sports

  • Weightlifting – is characterized by fast performance of exercises (jerks). The main feature of TA is a small number of repetitions (most often this is 2-3 repetitions of the exercise, a maximum of 6). Also, in TA, large breaks between repetitions are used. Lack of endurance.
  • Bodybuilding  – the force is used moderately. The speed of the exercises is averaged, depending on the capabilities of the athlete. The number of repetitions varies from 6 to 12, in combination with small breaks between approaches. In turn, a large number of exercises and approaches are performed. Great stamina is being trained.
  • Powerlifting – characterized by a large number of repetitions, slow pace of exercise. A small number of repetitions – 3-8. Great interruptions between work approaches. Complete lack of endurance training.
  • Crossfit – is characterized by a high level of power endurance with the use of a low level of strength. The pace of the exercises is fast, even very fast. It is practiced circular exercise with lots of repetitions and minimal or total absence of breaks. A large number of working approaches are used. Endurance training is the maximum of all the sports listed.
  • Street workaut – characterized by high endurance and low effort. The main feature is a large number of repetitions. The pace of exercise is moderately fast, with a large number of repetitions – from 10 or more. Small breaks between working approaches with their large number. Endurance trains at the maximum level gym exercises.

When choosing a sport, always follow your own beliefs and skills. Different athletes have different preferences and opportunities, including power. When training any skills, you will be available exactly what you are training. This is the principle of specification.

Straight workout or bodybuilding?

There are several additional factors that can change the athlete’s opinion about the pros and cons of street wrestling and bodybuilding.

Application of drugs

The current bodybuilding can not do without using pharmaceuticals. Many prefer the street vorkautu, since it is stated that no one uses any “chemistry” in it. All because of the fact that these two sports destinations have different goals.

“Show off”

In the street, the turnkey’s ability to turn is his main advantage, and the bodybuilder’s dignity is his body. Therefore, they have different opportunities for self-expression.

The spectacle during the demonstration of their abilities, of course, is higher on the street of the wrestler. He is able to show a lot of eye-popping elements on the bar, bars or other sports equipment.

For a bodybuilder, the demonstration of his abilities is superfluous, since his body is the main indicator of successful training. Whatever it was, everyone wants to have a beautiful, tight and athletic body. And for these purposes, it is the bodybuilding that is optimal, as this is its main goal. In the case when the main functions of the body are for the athlete, then the street vorotte will suit you more. This is due to its main objectives.

Professional Sports

In the street, there are no opportunities for professional growth, it is still considered an amateur sport. In bodybuilding, the opportunities for professional growth are widespread.

For bodybuilders are regularly held professional competitions, tournaments. The best of the best always have the opportunity to conclude profitable contracts. However, bodybuilding is hard to call sport, it is rather a competition for the best achievements in bodybuilding. It can be compared with a beauty contest, and not with a professional sport. It is because of this that bodybuilding is still not among the Olympic sports.

Cost of lessons

The smallest thing that requires body building is regular visits to the gym. To achieve the maximum effectiveness of training, pitching will need to spend a lot of money for specialized nutrition and pharmacology. This sport can be called costly. To study the same street wrestler no cost is required. The most important thing for him is the desire to practice. Hence the conclusion: the street vorkut is attractive for beginners or young men who do not have the opportunity to invest in sports.

To achieve the desired results, no matter in which sport, all you need is a desire to achieve certain results. Motivation is the most important engine of athletes. Of course, from one desire there will be no results, but it should encourage you to invest your time, energy and resources in sports, and only so you can achieve what you want. To test your own motivation for strength, the best option is a street vorot, as it does not require monetary investment.


In any kind of strength training, you will first need to be engaged in a lightweight mode to prepare the body for more serious stress in the future. For this exercise without additional sports equipment, just such as the turnstiles do. If you are focused on serious results, then you can go further, for example, purchase a subscription for a visit to the gym. Many start their way in sports that way.

Street vorkaut and bodybuilding are pretty similar sports. And the first and second involve large-volume workouts using strength exercises. There are exercises used in both directions.

A significant difference is the large number of repetitions of the exercise at the street vorautuers, in contrast to bodybuilders. This is due to the specifics of the sporting direction. Bodybuilding, however, is distinguished by a more professional orientation, which is absent in the street of the vorkaut.

Do not confuse fitness and bodybuilding. These are different directions in strength training. Fitness can be compared to a daily exercise that brings benefits to your health, and no more. Bodybuilding is a sport in which to achieve results you need to work seriously physically, sometimes to the brink of your possibilities, and often use special drugs.

There are professional and amateur training. The first can be attributed to bodybuilding, and to the second – fitness. Street vorkaut is a kind of fitness, in which there are no necessary nuances for professional sports.