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Steve Cook, 31 – year-old English bar – model / bodybuilder who competes in the men’s category in the Mr. Olympia body (along with other big names such as Jeff Seid, Jeremy Buendia and Sadik Hadzovic).

Steve is sponsored by a supplement company Optimum Nutrition and is a sponsor of the athlete. Steve also has its own brand of clothing – Swoldier nation ; a term he uses to describe his army of fans.

It is fair to say that Steve Cook has a strong fan base with more than 800k fans to your Facebook account and ulisses jr steroids people forming long lines to see it in various bodybuilding expo.

The reason why Steve has such a big following down for 3 reasons:

  • He SWOLE
  • He argues that natural
  • He has an infectious friendly nature, it is obvious to see in their videos on YouTube.

There’s no debating that Steve Cook beast.

Here are his stats:

Height: 6 feet 1

Weight: 212lbs

Body fat: 7%

Weapons: 19 inches

ulisses jr steroidsIt is the same height as Simeon Panda and only 20lbs lighter for the same percentage of body fat.

… Not bad going at all.

There’s no trace of Steve’s a lot to talk about, of course, and his views on steroids, but it indirectly through its claim Natty bodyspace account where he says,

“I want to go down as the best natural physique when -.. Or I’m inspired to look like Steve Reeves, Frank Zane and Bob Paris I want to inspire others to do the same.”

Not the most literate message ever written, but we can only that set Steve Natty claims of his bio.

If there’s one thing I learned from the analysis of various bodybuilders; is that you can not trust what they say, if they say that 100% natural.

Several people apparently lied about their steroid use appears fitness minneapolis to be selfish and selfless reasons.

Some do it to create their own brand (Lazarus). And some believe that it is important to be a role model for children, and thus do not want to promote anabolic steroids (Von Moger, Dwayne Johnson).

So Steve is milled to obtain the physique it today or it true Natty?

Profit Timeline

Steve does not seem to have received any size since he left high school. Here is a picture of a young Steve:

His hands were still exhausted, if not slightly more, than it is today.

In this picture, Steve said that he weighed a whopping 235lbs (more than 20 pounds heavier than it is today).

Steve had just learned how to diet down and get more ripped over the years, not to add more weight.

So for me it is obvious that, since this is the first image was taken, Steve did not take any steroids.

Nevertheless, it is possible that Steve took kuzora fitness insane back workout, say, testosterone during his school years, to look like it originally?

It is likely that he did not use anything in high school to get jacked up, because if he was, he would probably have used more stuff later, especially after how to choose to become a bodybuilder.

In this case, he would have put more size with additional cycles.

But it does not.

No Steroid Symptoms

If you view the pictures of Steve, his body has a natural look to it. He’s got great skin, has no swelling, no acne and his shoulders sculpt tulsa, and traps are not overwhelming in comparison with the rest of his body.

Steve also has a little baby face.

When they jump on the transfer of the person, as a rule, changes in the structure, it is becoming more masculine.

Here is a picture of how hormones (anabolic steroids) may change how your face looks like:

The left image is an image with high testosterone men. And the right to the same person with the lower levels of the male hormone.

Steroids, which increase your level of testing may cause you to have a wide chin, creating a more square look to your face.

Eyebrows were also noticeably thicker with higher T.

As you can see the transformation of Jaco De Bruyn, he went from being a young person in 2010, to look like a very masculine man in the space of one year. This effect on the levels of testing halotestin side effects ‘turning you from a boy into a man, “why anabolic steroids may seem old you are, because you will look more mature.

However, if you compare the face of Steve back from the time when he was not a professional until today, his facial structure in the same way.

Steve has been tested Drug?

As mentioned earlier, Steve participated in Olympia Men’s Physique category. He participated in the NPC competitions.

The NPC “proud to be a natural bodybuilding federation,” despite the absence of any drug testing protocol on its official website.

…Seems legit.

After searching in several forums, I found some people who competed with the NPC, and they said that they had experienced in the past athletes immediately after competition by urine analysis (1). These tests are very easy to pass if you happen to take steroids, and know what you’re doing.

All you need to do is learn the detection time for each steroid you use, that means understanding how much time it will take to cleanse your system. Thus, you will no longer work, so the substance can not be found on the day of the competition.

Mr. Olympia Men’s category and Build has no drug testing policy at the IFBB website.

So Steve can have at some point carried out any drug tests gakk in his life, but they certainly were not strict.

And it really does not provide evidence that he is clever or steroids. There are not many reliable Federation that there do indeed test for steroids.

Verdict: Natty

Steve has not received any size, since he left high school.

And it is often the case with genetically gifted nattys: they grow burden when their young / first start going to the gym, and then they progress quickly comes to a halt.

… Not like that matters when you already look like a Greek god.

Steve also aesthetic with great skin, not too crushed / dry and has no bloating whatsoever.

He just has incredible genetics for muscle building and made a name for himself by performing a genetic potential – the diet is difficult to maintain 7% body fat all year round.