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Steroids can be the difference between being a mere mortal or legend that everyone will remember.

… Just look at Arnie.

However, steroids also have the right to destroy your health and ruin your appearance. This usually happens when people are abusing steroids, which people called steroids went wrong.

In this article I am going to list 5 of tragic examples of steroids went wrong…

1. Steroids Gut

Steroid intestine (colon or growth hormone) is becoming more and more prevalent these days. 40 years ago it was unheard of, because the synthetic growth hormone has best oral steroids for cutting not yet been invented.

However, since many bodybuilders combine human growth hormone and insulin together in an attempt to pack on the extra size, they develop these protruding stomach that quite frankly looks awful.

This kind of thing, why Arnold and other legends from the past will continue to be the greatest bodybuilders of all time. Bigger is not always better… especially when it’s on your waist!

Solution: Do not combine with HGH insulin.

Nevertheless, human growth hormone can be used without causing the intestine, since some of the male Physique guys use of growth hormone and have tiny / vacuum waists. Bodybuilders like Chul Soon are also thought to have taken HGH without developing such a gut.

This is when insulin is involved, that when things start to look… well… a little bit pregnant.

2. Acne

Steroids can cause acne in some people who take steroids.

A common place for acne to occur on steroid use in the back, otherwise known as “bacne”.

The reason why steroids can cause acne, because they increase the production of sebum, that is, the skin will have greater oil content than normal. As you can imagine, this oil can clog your pores resulting in outbreaks. Some are soft and the other hard.
Trenbolone is one of the worst steroid to take if you are genetically prone to experiencing acne from steroids. However, those who do not get acne can not experience it, even if you take a powerful steroid, as friction.

3. ELL bloat ‘

For some bodybuilders, it’s not about how you look – it’s about how big you can get.

What you measure how much you weigh… not what people actually see when they look at you.

Unfortunately, this mentality often leads to bodybuilders looking like human balloons…

Forget aesthetics and actually look good, these guys are obsessed with building muscle and nothing else.

… Even if it means having a 40-inch waist 4% fat. Oh my God.

Excess bloat usually is the result of receiving large doses of steroids, which cause a lot of water retention, such as Anapolon and dianabol. It is important to note that even these two steroids do not cause much flatulence when taken in lower doses.

4. Gyno

There are a few unlucky people in bodybuilding… By this I mean the small minority who are susceptible to things like gynecomastia; aka bitch tits or man boobs.

It’s not very nice, especially when it’s a bad case. Let’s face it, nobody wants to look like a woman… especially bodybuilder who takes steroids to build muscle and look more manly.

best oral steroids for cutting

However, unfortunately, gynecomastia may occur in sensitive people, due to increasing steroid female hormone (estrogen). The good news – there are things that you can do to reduce the chances of you developing gynecomastia, even if you are one of them a little bit lucky.

One solution is to take  Arimidex – which is an inhibitor of aromatase, which significantly reduces the level of estrogen. Oddly enough, it was first established for postmenopausal women…

Simply put, do not blame them.

… You do what you have to do!

5. Roid rage

Some people have first-hand experience ROID anger, while others believe that it is just a myth.

Whether you develop ROID anger on the cycle or not is another question, but it is almost certain that your aggression levels will go when taking anabolic steroids.

… Come on, we’re talking about compounds that sky rocket your testosterone to crazy levels.

If the above test is not equal to more aggression, men on average will be weaker than in women.

A classic example ROID anger may have been, as Chris Benoit, pro wrestler killed his wife and 7 – year old son. Was it an act of anger caused by steroids? No one will know, but if you have anger issues, and do you think taking steroids – No.

… For the sake of others.

Your family does not deserve to die, because you decide one day that you want more muscle.

(If you do not agree with this, may God have mercy on your soul!).

So you have… 5 examples of steroids went wrong. If you decide to take steroids, make sure that you use them to improve your physique – not to spoil it.