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The active substance of the steroid, manufactured under the commercial name Stanabol, is stanozol. This active substance, obtained in 1962, has been used for more than half a century in sports pharmacology. The drug, produced by British Dragon, is produced in both tablets and injections.

The main difference between the injection form and other buying steroids online is that it is not dissolved in the oil solution, but has the form of a suspension. Tablet Stanabol demonstrates biologically stable high availability. There is no significant difference between these forms of output. The difference only concerns the fact that the toxicity of the suspension to the liver is less.

The steroids for sale is taken by athletes who want to build muscle dry mass without any excess fat.

Effects of admission

The use of Stanabol leads to the following positive effects:

  • increase muscle mass without excess fat;
  • increase in strength indicators;
  • accelerated burning of fatty deposits, if a diet is observed, involving a decrease in daily calorie content;
  • increase male libido.

Receiving a steroid in the oral or injection form leads to a decrease in the fluid that is in the body. And if a person has any problems with joints, then the drug should be discarded.

How correctly to take Stanabol

The optimal duration of the steroids online is between 6 and 8 weeks. It is recommended to take it together with water-retarding drugs. This avoids the negative consequences with joints. The daily recommended dosage varies between 30 and 50 mg.

If a testosterone is taken on the course, it is necessary to monitor the level of estradiol. Post-course therapy presupposes the mandatory administration of anti-estrogens such as Tamoxifen and Clomifene. There were no serious side effects during the administration of Stanabol, it was not revealed.

Reviews about Stanabol

Steroids based on stanozolol is one of the most popular, time-tested drugs. It is accepted by many athletes who leave positive comments about it, in which they note that the low speed of the recruited mass is compensated by the qualitative increase in volume and the increase in power indicators, and in addition emphasize the absence of negative effects during the course.

Negative responses also occur, but they are usually left by those who have problems with joints. The drug contributes to the removal of large amounts of water from the body, which increases when the course does not take testosterone, which leads to the fact that the articular bag is significantly drained.