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Simeon Panda is an English bodybuilder from London, which is one of the most aesthetic physique in the world.

Simeon Growth to fame is largely due to its enormous weight of the upper body, combined with the incredibly thin waist.

… Oh, and the fact that he claims that all life naturally.

His muscles have earned him jean claude van damme steroids the PRO Musclemania cards, competing alongside the likes of Ulisses and Chul Soon. He also  landed a sponsorship with the addition of a giant – MyProtein.

As a result, claiming that Natty, he has received more than 4.7 million fans on his page on Facebook (more than Phil Heath and Kai Greene).

Similarly, Simeon received quite a bit of abuse on the Internet; with people calling him a liar and a disgrace to the industry.

These negative comments because some people believe that he is actually taking steroids. Such accusations are based solely on the size of the guy.

Here are the statistics of Simeon Panda (1, 2):

Height: 6 feet 1

Weight: 230lbs

The estimated body fat percentage: 7%

Simeon Measurements (approx):

Weapons: 21 inches

Chest: 50 inches

Waist: 31 inches
jean claude van damme steroidsThis is huge for measuring Natty is, and many people are looking at Simon can instantly assume that he is on steroids.

So let’s see, is there really any substance behind these steroid allegations, or if in fact, Simeon is telling the truth…

Evidence that Simeon Panda IS on steroids

Jason Blaha and have the same opinion that Simeon Panda is on steroids.

This is because they say that it weighs the same as Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime – who admitted to taking steroids.

These two extremely naive to think Simeon and Arnold actually the same size… just because they read somewhere that they have the same characteristics.

Guess that statistics are often overestimated; and sometimes they are simply incorrect.

In fact, Simeon Panda has nowhere near the level of muscles that Arnold was when he won the Mr. Olympia. Simeon would be good to add 40lbs of lean muscle to compete with the Austrian Oak.

Arnold was a 58 – inch chest, 8 inches longer than Simeon (3).

He also had 22-inch arms, 1 inch more than Simeon. 1 inch does not sound like much, but visually it makes a huge difference in your hands, especially when it is a solid, muscular tissue.

And it does not even matter if Simeon was as big or even bigger than Arnold….It does not automatically mean that he was taking steroids.

In Arnold’s bodybuilding day was a tiny view of the sport, it was only after pumping iron was passed, that the masses of people became interested in the sport. Arnold was able to change their thinking from “Ewww these guys freaks” to “wow, this is actually a very interesting sport.”

Thus, bodybuilding is becoming more popular, and that meant the guys with superior genetics are now participating in the sport. And the fans of bodybuilding continues to grow rapidly in size, the potential for large bodybuilders is growing.

It’s simple math.

Musclemania: Weak Drug Testing

Simeon Panda competes in bodybuilding federation – Musclemania.

As mentioned in Chul Soon this steroid analysis, drug testing Musclemania easy to beat.

This is because they have their competitors immediately after the event, and this means that the athletes can strategically plan exactly when detached steroids to undergo urinalysis test – because they know the date.

Thus, although it is possible to pass Musclemania drug tests if you are on the juice, he does not give any reason to believe, of Panda Simeon on steroids, as it could be passing these tests, as a natural.

Thus, there is no real evidence to Simeon ROIDS.

People just accuse Panda in the use of steroids on the basis of its size. There’s no credit for any of these claims at all.

Evidence that Simeon Natural

Profit Timeline

Nattys have a very clear window of time in terms of improving when you look at how much muscle they have acquired during their lives.

They begin to lift weights, they are growing at the initial stage, they plateau. Only testing of income on  pace snail thereafter.

Typical steroid users have different growth periods:

They make a beginner profit, they pay, they make huge profits as soon as they start to take steroids.

So, let’s look at Simeon revenues over the years:

You can see that he has not added a large mass, since he has experienced their successes beginner.

He had just learned how to diet and get more refinement.

This is a very natural look receives a schedule. If he continued to receive much more after 2006, it will point to steroid use.

But it is more or less remained the same size over the past 10 years.

Thus, it is clear that Simeon has a world-class genetics.

He did not have the bulk for many years to get exhausted, his body simply responded exceptionally well to weight training, with 90% of the gains made as a novice.

Simeon even said that it is when – in an interview with (1):

“(As a skinny teenager), I remember how close to this guy, and asks how he got that way, and he said that he just received some training equipment and training at home. When I think about it, it was the first and last time I asked who – how to build muscle, to me, what he said made perfect sense, and it was all I needed to know. “

In short, Simeon Panda once learned, it can build muscle by lifting weights.

… And that’s all you need to know when you have the genetics of Goku!

A tiny waist

I’ve never seen this little waist at anyone – it is very large.

Simeon waist structure would be almost impossible to achieve on anabolic steroids.

Even if you do not take human growth hormone and insulin (which is famous for the fact that the steroid causes the gut), taking any type of steroid will cause a thick, blocky midsection.

Even waist Arnold was 3 inches wider than Simeon Panda almost exactly the same height and body fat%.

Simeon Panda waist: 31 inches (2)

Arnold Schwarzenegger Waist: 34 inches (4)


He passed a polygraph

Also known as the lie detector test. He organized the test itself, after receiving a lot of hate and people calling him a fake Natty.

Specific test polygraph was conducted Don Cargill, who is a senior examiner NADAC, chairman of the British and European Polygraph Association and member of the American Polygraph Association.

In short, he’s a guy you want to run a polygraph for maximum accuracy.

Don worked on the show Trisha Goddard and performed during a polygraph cases of killings as a result of conviction, or someone released from prison.

Specific Simeon took the polygraph had accuracy of 98%, 3% higher than standard polygraph.

And the questions he was asked:

  • Have you ever used any form of steroids in your life
  • Have you ever used any form of human growth hormone in your whole life

It is not not answer to both of them, and the results showed that there were no signs of deception, i.e. it passed the test.

This proves that he almost certainly naturally and speak the truth.

However, as long as there is a 2% probability that he can lie and take steroids, some people in the bodybuilding world will continue to hate.

Simeon also arranged to be a test of the hair follicle, which can be used for the detection of steroids for up to 90 days, making it more precise and reliable than blood or urine analysis.

He gave it too.

However, this test is not the hair follicle 100% proof that he is not on steroids, because it already knows the date of the test. Thus, it could not be used steroids during the 3 months before.

However, if he decided to take this test at random times during the year (that Simeon would not have known about), it will be just as convincing, as you could get that to say that it is 100% natural.

On the other hand, he might have to compete in a federation like  BNBF, which are very strict and the Federation to carry out several tests of drugs at random out of competition.

Steroids His videos on YouTube

Simeon Panda has published a YouTube video to Ulisses publicly stating that he was not on steroids.

Although this is not conclusive proof that he was going to the length they are an indicator of who is to blame.

He went through the hassle of checking himself, he now comes to addressing the subject in the video.

If I were on steroids and claiming that Natty, I would not put himself in the stressful situation of having to lie on the video and pretend that I Natty, I do not; especially when I do not have to do it.

Simeon made it out of their own choice.

Instead, I would hide and be silent about it.

Alternatviely, if I was a natural, and people continued to hate saying I was juicing; I would go and take a load testing of drugs and prove that I’m not afraid to face these charges in the video.

That is what Simeon Panda did.

I would go to these lengths because it will annoy me that somebody – that would have called me a liar and discredit my hard work… and you can see in the video, Simeon becomes a little disappointed / angry at these claims.

Just think if you were in the position you were Simeon and Natty is, what else can I do to prove it?

He could take steroids right now, where it would be obvious that he was a natural, as it will get so much more.

… But in the end to prove that he would never be smart.

In addition, it can not do more. I mentioned competing in competitions like BNBF and getting tested at random times, but I’m sure that even if it has been tested, some people still say that he takes things just because it is big.

After listening to Simon talking about steroids in several videos, he also seems to be a very genuine guy.

Simeon just the same size as Phil / Kai when they were Natty…

People just think you can take steroids and look like Ronnie Coleman.

The guys who are competing on the stage of Olympia were huge even before that, they start to take steroids.

… These guys are genetically gifted.

That’s what Kay and Phil looked before they blew up / I started taking steroids:

… Kai Greene was only 17 in this photo.

Mind = blown.

What if Phil and Kai did not start juicing? I am sure that everything in social media will yell insults at them, too, calling them liars.

Simeon Panda is in the same league as those guys, when it comes to genetics; he one in a million.

And it does not mean that he is not working on… it is clearly maximizing their potential by working his ass in the gym. But it has the potential to be great, which many nattys do not.

Verdict: Natty

  • No steroid symptoms such as bloating, acne, steroid ulcers, changing facial structure.
  • It was 98% a polygraph test accurate
  • He received a large size after its initial “newbie” growth spurt.

After looking at all the evidence, there is absolutely no evidence to suggest taking steroids Simeon.

And one thing I learned about who juices, there are always a few signs that give them away. Simeon is not even a single attribute of a steroid user.

Jealousy is not the only reason why people hate on of Panda, but also a lack of knowledge. You will find that most of the guys that are heavily critical of his small, and only trained a few years (or less).

These guys are naive and do not understand that a man could -x 2 train is exactly the same, but it would be possible to get a huge and one can remain small.

Welcome to the bodybuilding sport and life in general.

Do you think professional football players get only the top of the – for the hard work ? Of course, most of them work hard; but the main factor is that, because they have exceptional talent. Their success is almost invariably based on their genetic makeup.

Consequently, many pro athletes who have children, and go on to become successful in this sport.

Remember that bodybuilding that the best you can be.