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Qualitatively, the pumped muscles of the shoulder girdle can make a visually wider back and give the figure the appearance of the English letter “V”. This is exactly what a male figure should be, according to the concepts of the ideal of beauty that have developed in our society. At the same time, the shoulder training development of the muscles of the shoulder girdle should pay attention not only to the guys, but also to the girls. This will make the shape of the female body more distinct and even.

Most girls do not want to have large muscles, which is understandable, but in principle impossible. Very often, women are afraid to overtrain their muscles, not understanding at the same time that this without the use of sports pharmacology is simply impossible due to the physiological characteristics of the female body. At the same time, girls when training the muscles of the shoulder girdle can focus on isolated exercises that do not allow you to gain a lot of muscle mass. Use in this case, small weights. After reading this article, you will understand how to pump up the shoulders at home.

Effective exercises for muscles of the shoulder girdle

All the most effective movements for pumping this muscle group can be divided into two types: press and mahi. All the traffic movements are basic, while the mast movements are classified as isolated. You can perform bench presses standing or sitting. You can strike shells from the chest or from behind the head, using a barbell or dumbbells for these purposes. You can also use the simulators.

Flight movements are aimed at the development of a certain department of deltas and are performed at a slow pace. To use the middle department of deltas, it is necessary to raise sports shells in front of you. The rear delta is active when sweeping to the sides when the body is tilted forward.

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In order for the lesson to be as effective as possible, it should begin with the execution of pressures, and then move on to mahovye movements. This scheme is the most effective, because when carrying out pressures, serious burdens are used, and at the beginning of the session the athlete has a maximum reserve of forces. When the energy is over, you can proceed to easier movements, to which you should also include mahi. It’s worth remembering everyone who wants to know how to pump up the shoulders at home.

How to pump up the shoulders: the principles of training

The muscles of this group are active almost every time you move your hands. The deltas are divided into three divisions: front, rear, and middle. It should be remembered that there are no exercises that can simultaneously involve all departments of deltas. To make your workouts as effective as possible, the training program should be created on an individual basis.

Let’s inform everyone who wants to know how to pump up the shoulders at home – for these purposes it is advisable to use shoulder training at home dumbbells. Even such a simple exercise as “shrugging” with dumbbells in the hands, will be very effective and especially for beginners. It’s no secret that the training of the muscles of the shoulder girdle and hands is paid special attention to men. However, girls should also work on these muscles.

First of all, this is due to the fact that throughout the summer the hands of the girls are in sight, and hide the fatty deposits with all the desire will not succeed. To get rid of them, you should pay attention to training this muscle group.

The most effective shoulder exercises at home

Specialists in the field of fitness recommend starting the training with the preparation of a training plan, which then you must strictly follow. The duration of each lesson is at least 30 minutes for girls and about 45 minutes for men. It is quite enough for women to use dumbbells weighing 2.5 kilos, well, guys should buy disassembled sports equipment so that there is an opportunity to progress the load.

shoulder training at home

It is very important before each occupation to perform a qualitative warm-up to protect yourself from injuries. For this you need no more than one ten minutes. To the muscles of the shoulder girdle looked beautiful against the background of hands, you need to pump and biceps. This reminder applies to girls, as men do not forget about the muscles of their hands. And now consider the exercises that will help you answer the question of how to pump up the shoulders at home.

  1. Lives from behind the head. Exercise is aimed at the development of the middle and anterior divisions of the deltas, as well as triceps. Just note that this movement is quite traumatic for the joints and should not be performed at the very beginning of the session. Take position standing or sitting, taking the shell with a straight grip. In this case the forearms should be parallel to each other. Lower the projectile on the trapeze and then lift it.
  2. Army bench press. The exercise is aimed at the development of the middle and anterior deltas. Raise the bar to the level of the chest, lowering down the elbow joints. Start lifting the projectile, completely straightening out the elbow joints.
  3. Dumbbell in the sides in standing position. The exercise is aimed at developing the middle division of deltas. Sometimes beginning athletes, when performing this movement, swing the body, which should not be done. Otherwise, the effectiveness of the exercise will drop dramatically. Taking the shells in your hands, pull them slightly in front of you and slightly bend the elbow joint. Begin to raise your arms to the sides, lifting them to the level of the shoulder joints.
  4. Lifting dumbbells in front of you. The exercise is aimed at developing the front of the deltas. However, if you have already done an army press, then this movement can not be done. Taking up shells with slightly bent elbow joints, extend them in front of you. From this position, start lifting dumbbells above your head.
  5. Dumbbell in an inclined position. Exercise is aimed at developing the back of the deltas. It is this movement that will answer your question on how to pump up the shoulders at home. This is the only exercise that can maximize the back of the deltas. As a result, you can expand your shoulders. It is necessary to perform the movement at a slow pace, pausing in the extreme upper position of the trajectory. Taking the shells in your hands, tilt the body forward to an angle of 45 degrees. At the same time, the hands are located in front of you. From this position, spread your hands to the sides.
  6. Thrust rod in the direction of the chin. The exercise is aimed at developing the front of the deltas, as well as trapezium. To maximize the deltas, you should use a wide grip. Adopt the standing position by holding the bar below at the outstretched arms. From this position, raise the projectile to the chin, while diluting the elbow joints to the sides.
  7. Thrust rod in the direction of the chest. The exercise is aimed at developing the front of the deltas. For maximum comfort when performing traffic, you can do it in the Smith simulator. Unfortunately at home, this sports equipment is not available, but if you decide to start attending the hall, then it’s worth knowing about it. From a push upstechnical point of view, the movement is similar to the previous one, but the projectile rises only to the level of the chest.
  8. Push ups. Although this exercise is primarily aimed at developing the breast, the muscles of the shoulder girdle are also involved. It is perfect for beginners. Which practically do not have muscular mass. If you use a narrow setting of hands. Then shift the emphasis of the load to the front of the deltas. The wider the setting of the hands, the more active the muscles of the chest, and also the middle deltas participate in the work.
  9. Push-ups on the uneven bars. When performing this movement, the muscles of the shoulder girdle work only at the time of the negative phase of the movement or easier when you return to the starting position. To pump the deltas, you need to lower the body down and lift only inches by 10-15, then lower again.
  10. Pulling up the head, grip wide. This movement perfectly picks up the broadest muscles, but deltas also work. To emphasize the load on the muscles of the shoulder girdle, as in the case with the previous movement, do not go deep down.

Here are the exercises that give an exhaustive answer to the question of how to pump up the shoulders at home. Of these, you can create an effective training program that will achieve the objectives.