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Training tips for Women

Today we are going to say bye-bye to the overwhelming and instead figure out what your number one focus should be moving forward. If you don’t have that much shape to start with and you don’t have very much fat to lose you’re not going to look significantly different when you lose the fat.

Heres the golden question.. Should I bulk or should I cut?

women-trainIf we’re going to laser focus all of our efforts on one overarching goal should you focus on muscle gain first or should you focus on fat loss first. That depends on three things: your body composition or how your body looks, your performance or how your body performs and finally your long term goals where you want those first two points to go long term. For today’s lesson Im going to go into more detail on each of these how we recommend you factor them into your decision.

First up…Body Composition, basically how much fat are we working with the industry standard for figuring this out is the body mass index or BMI calculation basically you plug your height weight into a calculator and and the calculator then tells you fall on a scale of fatness for lack of a better word. The BMI calculation is a preliminary screening tool it is not a be all end all solution. You will realize that BMI really takes into account hight and weight BMI doesn’t care what goes on between you and the scale, body fat percentages, muscle mass, bone or thickness. BMI calculation assumes that everyone is statistically the average human being. If you want to be average you wouldn’t be reading this. So forget average and forget this formula if you have any sort of weightlifting or athletic background.

If you are relatively inactive and have no athletic background then you can trust the BMI if according to the BMI calculation you are underweight your focus is muscle gain. If you are overweight or above your focus is fat loss whereas if you are a healthy or normal weight you have options. For the rest of the people who are relatively active or have an athletic background disregard BMI it will not be an accurate calculation for you and you should instead focus on body fat percentage. You can do this using bod fat calipers … AKA those things that look like pinchers, a special scale which looks like a regular scale but it uses bioelectric impedance.

If your body fat is over 20% for men or 24% for women then its time to focus on fat loss. If your body fat is right in the essential fat like the bare minimum range for men, for women your focus should be on gaining weight in general.

Next up, performance If you are a big muscular body builder and have trouble walking up a flight of stairs, are you really as fit as you think you are? Or if you are the epitome of a long distance runner but struggle to even squat a barbell then are you as fit as you think you are? Think for a moment about which is your weaker spot strength or cardio. If you answer cardio then training should logically be centered around conditioning then your main focus should be on fat loss. If you answered strength then you have options. you can either focus on fat loss and maintain as much strength as possible while your body weight decreases consequently your strength to weight ratio engineering for the win or you can focus on muscle gain to become stronger in your current body now if you are new to fitness and you’re thinking both strength and cardio. Fitness needs to play a larger role in your life overall.

And now at last your long term goals this is where we figure out what to do if you have options as for the previous two steps. If you were to visualize where you want to be 6 months from now or 1 year from now how do you want the way your body looks to change and how do you want the way your body performs to change. If you’re currently happy with your shape but want

more definition then you can go ahead and focus on fat loss first whereas if an hourglass shape just isn’t in your genetics and you want to drastically transform your body then you need to spend some time focusing on muscle gain. Fat loss isn’t really going to anything for your shape at this point.