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Now it is very easy on the Internet to find various training techniques designed for muscular mass collection by girls. However, most of them are not effective. In addition, around the training for mass recruitment for girls, there are a lot of myths that have no scientific justification. If you need to strengthen the muscles, you should first make some changes in your diet, and also make an effective training program. It is on these issues that we will stop today.

How to eat girls for mass?

By and large, the rules of nutrition for women during the recruitment period are almost the same as those used by men. If you want to succeed in your studies, then you need to pay close attention to this issue. To have the opportunity to increase muscle mass, it is necessary to follow two basic rules when drawing up your diet:

  • To consume carbohydrates is a source of energy.
  • Use protein compounds – they build muscle tissue.

Muscle growth is impossible without excess energy, or speaking otherwise calories. If you leave the caloric content of mass recruitment for girls the diet at the same level, then it is not even worth talking about the recruitment of the mass. On the basis of your nutrition, the effectiveness of the lessons depends to a large extent, no matter what goals you pursue. You should always remember that you can lose weight only when creating a calorie deficit, and gain weight – with excess energy.

These postulates of bodybuilding should be known and you can not forget about them if you want your workouts for mass recruitment for girls to be effective. Suppose that before taking a decision on the need to collect mass, you throughout the day took food three times. Now you need to bring the number of meals up to five or six times, and before going to bed it is worth using cottage cheese.

These recommendations are related to the fact that with frequent consumption of food, metabolic processes are accelerated, and protein products (curd refers to them) when consumed at night will help you suppress catabolic processes at this time. Today, most people eat two to three times a day and often not qualitatively. If you do not change this, you will not be able to gain weight.

workout for mass training for girls

However, although we now say that you need to eat often and eat a lot of food, this does not mean that you can eat everything. On the contrary, it is necessary to eat correctly and use only those foods that will be useful to the body. Otherwise, you will mass recruitment for girls gain not muscular mass, but fat.

The number of calories necessary for the growth of muscle tissue should be discussed only individually. Remember – there are no universal food programs. If you want to do your workouts to gain weight for girls really effective, then the energy value of your food you need should be calculated. To do this, you can use the simplest formula: your body weight in kilograms multiply by 30. The resulting number will become the approximate calorie content of the daily ration. To set the mass, you need to add 500 more to this value.

Also remember that when calculating the daily energy value of the diet, you need to consider your physique. If it is lean, then, most likely, you need to add to the value obtained not 500, but immediately 1000 calories. Otherwise, 500 kilocalories will be enough to not increase fat reserves.

To make it easier for you to accept these recommendations, it is worthwhile to give an example. Let’s say your weight is 45 kilos. In this case, multiplying this figure by 30, we get 1350 calories. This energy value of the mass recruitment for girls diet will allow you to keep fit. To train for weight gain for girls were effective and bring the result, you need to add 500 calories to the supporting calorie and get 1850 calories. It is this energy value that your food program needs to have per day, so that you can gain muscle mass.

However, we noted that the right choice of food products is of great importance here. Let’s start with the ratio of the main nutrients that are necessary to achieve the goal. In your diet should be present:

  • From 10 to 20 percent of fats.
  • From 20 to 30 percent of protein compounds.
  • From 50 to 60 percent of carbohydrates.

This ratio of nutrients is checked by time, and you can absolutely not be afraid for your health, since the organism in this situation will receive all the important nutrients in sufficient quantities. Speaking about the set of mass, we mean a quality muscle mass in the absence of fat. For this reason, you need to know mass recruitment for girls something about each of the nutrients.

Carbohydrates are simple (fast), as well as complex (slow). If you want to gain a dry mass, then in your diet basically there must be a second – complex. Simple carbohydrates should rules of nutrition for womenbe limited, as they can cause an increase in fat stores. Of course, you absolutely do not need it. Protein compounds should be predominantly of an animal nature, since their amino acid composition is complete.

Fats are an important nutrient for the body. However, they should be used cautiously, as not all of them will be useful. The harmful fats are saturated, contained in butter, mayonnaise, fried dishes, etc. From this type of fat must be completely discarded. You need to eat extremely unsaturated fats. These include vegetable oils, fish oil, mass recruitment for girls omega fatty acids, and the like.

Thus, you can draw up an indicative list of food products, on the basis of which you will make up your diet:

  • Carbohydrates – potatoes, cereals, pasta from durum wheat.
  • Protein compounds – meat (only lean), poultry, eggs, milk and dairy products.
  • Fiber is vegetables, but mayonnaise can not be used as a salad dressing.
  • Water – it is absolutely necessary to drink at least two liters of water that does not contain gas during the day.

How to organize a workout for mass training for girls?

The training program for mass recruiting for girls is practically the same as that used by men. At the same time, very often in the halls one can see how the girls use the small weights of weights and in a large number use the cardio load. If your goal is weight loss, then such exercises can bring results. If you need to gain weight, you should change the approach to your training.

By the way, most girls have a small store of knowledge regarding mass recruitment. As a result, they fear that when working with serious working scales can pump up large muscles. This is utter nonsense mass recruitment for girls and due to the physiological characteristics of the female body without the use of anabolic drugs you will not be able to achieve such results. Let’s take a look at the exercises that you need to introduce into your trainings to gain weight for the girls.

mass recruitment for girls

  1. Deadlift. With this movement, you can qualitatively load a large number of muscles of the body. Many girls are sure that this exercise is purely masculine, and they are mistaken. If you do not have problems with your back, the deadlift must be part of your training program.
  2. Squats. Another compulsory movement for you, which also actively works out a large number of muscles and especially the legs. It is the thighs and buttocks that are the main problem areas on the female body. Thus, this movement becomes even more important for girls. Also, girls can be recommended to perform squats with a wide setting of the legs.
  3. Press with your feet using the simulator. Excellent exercise, qualitatively loading the muscles of the buttocks and thighs. In comparison with the previous movement, presses exclude the load on the spinal table and are perfect for athletes with back injuries.
  4. The falls. Excellent movement, which should be included mass recruitment for girls in the training program for recruiting masses for girls. It loads the muscles of the thighs and buttocks. With it, you can give your legs the desired shape. You can perform the exercise with a barbell or dumbbells. You can also recommend using Smith’s machine to execute attacks, which will improve its effectiveness.
  5. The traction of the vertical block in the direction of the chest. This movement is perfect for beginner athletes as an alternative to pull-ups. With its help you can effectively work out the muscles of the back.
  6. Bench press, grip narrow. The load during the exercise focuses on the triceps, and also the muscles of the chest and the front section of the deltas take part in the work. If you use a wide grip, then most of the load shifts to the pectoral muscles.
  7. Raising the bar for biceps development. Developing the muscles of the hands, in particular the biceps, you can tighten the skin in this part of the body.
  8. Presses of dumbbells. This movement can be mass recruitment for girls performed in a standing or sitting position, and it is directed to the development of deltas.
  9. Thrust rod in the direction of the chin. The second exercise for training deltas, stressing the burden on the middle department of this group.
  10. Leg bending with the use of a simulator. Used to strengthen the buttocks and flexor muscles of the hip. With it, you can correct the shape of the buttocks.
  11. Rises on socks in standing and sitting. Strengthens the calf muscle, which allows you to make the desired changes in the shape of the legs.