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This image by Mike O’Hearn Erny Peibst is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License International. Based on the work.

Michael (Mike) O’Hearn is a fitness model / bodybuilder / actor from the United States, who was crowned the winner of Miss Universe 4 times and fitness model year 7 times.

Mike also made an appearance on the American program “Gladiators”, where he appeared on the original show as “Titan” and in the subsequent shows like “Thor”.

… He also happens to think he’s Superman.

It is fair to say that Mike shared the view. Some say it looks like henry cavill steroids a Ken doll. Others say that it seems more like a jaded asshole step brother Ken.

Mike is one of the most followed by bodybuilders in the world.

He has accumulated more than 900,000 fans on his page on Facebook (where he marks several Indonesian children in each of his status).

He sells duck eggs on your website for $ 699 and charges $ 1,500 for the ab wheel, called the frog (1).

Surprisingly, Mike gets a lot of hate at the moment… * sarcasm *

With people, his nickname Mike O’Tren.

henry cavill steroidsThis is mainly due to the fact that it is “all claiming Natty bro”, despite the weight of  247lbs at 4% body fat.

And that’s what 247lbs 4% body fat looks…

Without a doubt, Mike exclusively for muscular «Natty».

However, you can not tell who is on steroids, just looking at them.

If you do a little research and investigation, happens to be well aware of the side effects of steroid, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to get a good idea if the guy or not juicing.

Here are all the actual information I gathered, related to Mike O’Hearn and the likelihood of taking steroids.

The documents indicate the existence of Mike NOT on Steroids

It was tested for drugs

When he spoke in a natural Mr. Universe with INBA he would have had to go through several tests of drugs.

It includes a polygraph (lie detector), urine and blood tests, which would have already been completed at random times throughout the year.

Most bodybuilders will stop working some steroid prior to the competition, so that he can pass out of his system in time to pass a drug test. This is exactly how tests can be beaten.

Nevertheless, INBA performs random testing throughout the year to prevent steroid users slip through the net.

Thus, a random element makes it virtually impossible for these tests to be beaten on a regular basis… and Mike has 4 of these names.

Gifted genetics

It was Mike O’Hearn 14 years…

Yes, you read that right…

14 years!!!

Look at his fricking biceps.

I wish that we could see a picture of him at this age in a relaxed forward position… I’m sure he would have looked at 10 times more than what he is doing in this position.

(This position usually makes ab anyone low fat, lean look like foie * K).

In order to be this exhausted in 14 years is… abnormal.

Why is it possible to see how Mike O’Hearn naturally…

There are people on this earth who have extraordinary muscle building genetics.

Flex Wheeler, for example, had a rare mutation that caused him to have a deficit of myostatin.

Myostatin is a type of protein that inhibits muscle growth.

As you can imagine, perhaps, someone “suffering” of this mutation can literally get exhausted, making eye contact with a set of dumbbells.

Animals such as Belgian Blue cattle also have disadvantages myostatin (as you can see from its extreme muscularity below).

Other great Mr. Olympia also believed to have a similar genetic make-up Flex.

It’s not the guys who just got big by lifting weights and taking steroids.

These guys are freaks of nature.

… Even without steroids!

Look at these pictures of Phil Heath and Kai Greene, before they started on bikes..

On the left, under the age of 30 years old Kai Mike O’Hearn, but the same size.

Phil looks huge here.

How do I know Phil and Kay Natty there?

Phil has a square / block face as he is now, plus it traps are sufficiently small as compared with the rest of his body.

Whereas now, after several years of steroid use his traps are HUGE… as they muscle group that responds very well to steroids; due to the greater number of androgen receptors.

So, if Mike were taking steroids, he had only to look the same size as Phil / Kai right now.

This is proof that, given the right genetics, nattys may become extremely large.

No visual signs of steroid use

Mike O’Hearn has none of the side effects of steroid following:

  • bald
  • acne
  • water protection
  • bloated
  • flushed skin
  • Androgen-dominant large muscle groups
  • Crazy vascular


Mike got a good head of hair on it. He is 47 years old, so if he had used steroids for more than 30 years, he would have been very fortunate to have the amount of hair on the left.


It does not have any spots or stains on the skin is often associated with being on the juice.

Water / Bloating

It has a thin waist and does not appear to retain water in any of its images. Juice head often retain more water than a camel.

Small Traps

His androgen-dominant muscles (RAPs and shouders) is not impressive at all. Children usually develop Juicing Cobra traps after several cycles, while Mike, seems to be very small compared with the rest of his body.

Soft vascularity

As you age, your body produces less collagen. As a result, elderly people will have a thin skin. The human skin is thinner, the more they will vasculature.

That’s why the old dudes, who have raised veins and crazy look ragged, even if they are not funny lean. Steroids also reduce collagen that leads to a paper thin skin and increased vascularization.

Mike vascular, but not nearly as much as the neurovascular it should be if it was on ROIDS. The guy that massive, extremely low body fat, 47 years old, and ROIDS =   bizarrely vascularization.

Mike certainly has worms in his biceps, but it is not a road map.

How is he Ripped Stay All Year Round?

A lot of guys say:

“Mike got to take something, because he is ripped all year round to 47 years.”

To maintain 5/6% body fat all year round, all you have to do is have a calorie maintenance. It’s literally that simple.

So if your BMR was 2,500 calories… if you ate that number or less every day, you would not get fat.

Meaning you’ll be ripped to shreds all year round.

It’s really not as hard (I’ve done it myself).

And imagine how fast metabolism Mike… he weighs 247lbs and very active. It’s not like he would have to starve yourself to stay that lean all year round.

Testosterone in males are believed to be reduced by  1% each year after the age of 30 years.

Thus, it is to be Mike decreased by 17% so far, which is a very small amount. Fluctuations in testosterone, it is not going to make a difference in your overall muscle mass.

Guys take natural testosterone boosters that increase their levels of T at 30% or so, but do not notice any difference in terms of muscle size… it’s because your testosterone should see a big splash in order to build new muscle tissue.

For example, if you were to triple your total testosterone levels, you would be crazy to make a profit. However, a 37% increase or decrease in the level of test is unlikely that – the change at all.

Here is a table based on the results of a study in 1966 on the problems of aging men and testosterone levels (2).

I singled out the age range of Mike. So, if you compare it to when he was 25 years old, his total would have dropped the test only a few% and free testosterone at 25%.

When Mike hits 65-74 years we can expect from it, in order to reduce a fair bit (if it’s still rising), because his free testosterone levels will be almost half as much as they were when he was 25-34.

Verdict: Natty

×   Officers Mike O’Tren – no.

✓ Mike O’Natty – yes.

I’m not a big fan of that guy (as you may have noticed), but to say that he ROIDS without any information formed to support him, but “he is too big to be a natural” does not know.

If he was squeezing juice, at least one of the basic visual symptoms. And there is no way that he would have passed all the rigorous, thorough testing of the drug from the INBA for many years and have not been found.

Natty bodybuilder? Likely.

Inspiration?  Not for me, just the extraordinary genetics.

Is his body, of course, be achieved? No, if you do not have a world-class genetics.