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In the peculiarities of the constitution of the body, there is a predisposition to be overweight in one part or another – in some it is the stomach, and in some it is the legs. The deposition of fat in the legs is mostly female. This is both a hereditary factor and a hormonal one, since the deposition of female-type fat occurs in men, and this is due to female hormones, or rather to an imbalance of androgens and estrogens. Therefore, we will consider how to deal with such a constitution with the help of nutrition and exercise.

How to Get Leg Definition?


The deposition of fat on the thighs in women, as well as in the lower abdomen, is the norm. This indicates the balance of hormones in the body, in turn, the complete absence of fat indicates a problem. Nevertheless, many women strive to remove extra pounds in this area, resorting to muscle definition. If we talk about leg definition, most likely, the upper part of the body of many girls is completely satisfied, because fat does not accumulate there in the same amount as on the thighs.

It is important to understand here that weight loss cannot be local, in any case, the fat on the arms and trunk will also go away, but the hips will come in order last.

Also, if the legs are the problem area, this does not mean that you only need to train them. Although the legs will receive the main load, the muscles of the trunk and shoulder girdle should not be neglected.

  1. First, exercise should include as many muscles as possible, as this will speed up the metabolism.
  2. Secondly, the legs must be loaded adequately and have time to recover.


If for women the deposition of fat in the thighs is a normal process, then in men it is often associated with hormonal disorders, and the first thing to start with leg definition is to visit an endocrinologist and get tested for hormones. The doctor will see the imbalance, after which he will prescribe the correct therapy, after the course of which, as a rule, you will not have to dry out and diet too much. A normal hormonal background will do everything for you, figuratively speaking. But without adjusting the balance of hormones, there is no point in starting muscle definition. Of course, you need to remove harmful products and lead a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, training, as in the case of girls, will be aimed at developing all the muscles of the body, and not just the problem area. Food will also include those foods that contribute to overall weight loss, since fat will not be burned locally, that is, in one place.

leg definition diet 

Diet for Leg Definition

Nutrition, like the training process, will contribute to an even decrease in body fat, but fat in the legs will be the last to go, since they are the most deposits.

The principles of nutrition for muscle definition will be the same for everyone. In this type of constitution, in which fat is concentrated more in the legs, it is more difficult to deal with deposits, so the diet will be quite tough and completely exclude the following foods:

  1. Beer and alcohol, especially for men, because it is the phytoestrogens in beer that often lead to hormonal imbalance and excess weight.
  2. Smoked products, sausages.
  3. Canned food, pickles.
  4. Dairy products in any form, including cheeses.
  5. Soda water and juices.
  6. Sugar, honey.
  7. Fruits and vegetables containing starch (high glycemic index – GI).
  8. Flour and confectionery products.
  9. High glycemic pasta and cereals.
  10. Pork, lamb, lard.
  11. Legumes and nuts.
  12. Sauces and spices are flavor and appetite enhancers.

Allowed Foods

  1. Lean meat: poultry – chicken, turkey, quail; beef, veal, rabbit.
  2. Chicken or quail eggs.
  3. Lean fish: tuna, hake, pollock and seafood – squid, mussels, shrimp.
  4. Low GI cereals – unpolished rice, buckwheat.
  5. Low GI vegetables – cucumbers, cabbage family, herbs, peppers.
  6. Unrefined oils: olive and linseed.

Yes, the list of permitted foods is very limited, but it should be understood that muscle definition, first of all, is a low-carbohydrate protein diet, so lean protein products of animal origin are preferred. Perhaps many will be surprised by the lack of oatmeal, dairy products and fresh fruits, but their presence in leg definition is a big misconception. Therefore, pay attention to the recommendations described below.

leg definition workout for women

Leg Definition Workout for Women

If the main problem is in the legs, this does not mean that every and all workout will be directed only to the lower body, as mentioned above.

  • The load will be evenly distributed to all muscles, but for girls, each workout will contain several leg exercises.
  • Below will be presented a program that can be performed both at home and in the gym, while one inventory can be replaced with another, but the technique will remain the same.
  • Each exercise should be performed one after the other for 20-25 repetitions.
  • Start by doing two circles of the complex, gradually increasing to 3-4.
  • The workout begins with a 7-10-minute warm-up.

Day 1

  1. Squats
  2. Lunge with Leg Lift
  3. Box Jump
  4. Standing Bent-Over Dumbbell Row
  5. Lying Hyperextension
  6. Dumbbell Bicep Curl
  7. Crunches
  8. Lying Leg Raises

Day 2

  1. The Good Morning
  2. Standing Kickback (with ankle weights, resistance band or cable machine)
  3. Air Lunges
  4. Push-Ups
  5. Bench Dips
  6. Dumbbell Tricep Extension
  7. Jackknife Sit-Up
  8. Oblique Crunches

Day 3

  1. Plié Squats
  2. Lateral Lunges
  3. Cable Lateral Leg Raise
  4. Seated Dumbbell Press
  5. Dumbbell Front Raise
  6. Dumbbell Bent-Over Raise
  7. Dynamic Plank
  8. Side Plank Knee to Elbow

Each workout should end with a muscle stretch for a speedy recovery.

leg definition workout for men

Leg Definition Workout for Men

The training complex is designed for 4 days, of which 2 workouts will be focused on the leg muscles. A program for a gym, however, with home equipment, the complex can be adapted for home workouts. The complex is performed by supersets.

  • Warm up before each workout for 7-10 minutes.
  • Do exercises for 15-25 repetitions, in 3-4 sets of each superset.

Day 1

  1. Smith Machine Squat
  2. Leg Extension Machine
  3. Romanian Deadlift
  4. Lying Leg Curl
  5. Seated Calf Raise
  6. Standing Calf Raise Machine
  7. Standing High Cable Row
  8. Dumbbell Bent-Over Lateral Raise

Day 2

  1. Pull-Ups
  2. Barbell Bench Press
  3. Hammer Strength Row
  4. Incline Dumbbell Press (45 degrees)
  5. Standing Bent-Over Dumbbell Row
  6. Lying Dumbbell Flyes
  7. Military Press
  8. Barbell Front Raise

Day 3

  1. Leg Press
  2. Barbell Reverse Lunge
  3. Hip Abduction Machine
  4. Hip Adduction Machine
  5. Standing Calf Raise Machine
  6. Standing High Cable Row
  7. Behind The Neck Barbell Press
  8. Dumbbell Lateral Raise

Day 4

  1. Barbell Bicep Curl
  2. French Press
  3. Reverse Barbell Curl
  4. Dumbbell Tricep Kickback
  5. Dumbbell Supinated Bicep Curl
  6. Rope Tricep Pushdown


Despite the fact that the main goal of leg definition will be to reduce subcutaneous fat in the thighs and buttocks, the volume of the chest and arms will also noticeably go away. Fat burning occurs evenly throughout the body. Accordingly, where there is less fat, the muscles will be leaner faster.

In addition to the main complex, a cardio day can be included in the training process. It can be running, riding a stationary bike, orbit track, stepper. Such workouts can be performed for 1 hour once a week, or twice a week for 30-40 minutes, combined with strength training.