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Lazar Angelov is a 32-year-old Bulgarian bodybuilder and personal trainer online, which internet-known for his washboard abs and natural looking physique.

You might also recognize Lazar as that sullen, bearded guy who comes up to your social media collection from time to time, looking as grumpy Bastard so and so… even though one of the best bodies in the world and live the dream clearly.

Lazar whopping  12.8 million fans on their Facebook page.

Lazar Statistics:

Height: 6 feet

Weight: 88kg

Esimated body fat: 5%

Lazar was able to inspire so many people, mostly because rob riches steroids nattys see his body, as the “ideal physique, which  is achievable ‘… with hard work and smart dieting course.

However, just because someone looks natural, it does not mean that they are.

Let’s look at the facts:

No Steroid Symptoms

Lazar did not have any – or bloating, acne, gynecomastia, or washing the skin.

Steroid users are notorious for being 3D Delta and traps that appear more than Jack Nicholson in the shining.

But Lazarus does not correspond to this category either.

Someone, usually a steroid juicing few symptoms that you can see the visual picture.

However, if they do not, it does not mean that they definitely natural.

Lazar had never participated in any known body building, so we can not look to see if it has passed / failed any drug tests.

So Lazar really Natty or he simply accepts the transfer with minimal side effects?

Profit Timeline

This is certainly the best indicator as to whether or not the preparation of human juice.

Let’s look at Lazar income for many years…

rob riches steroidsLazar started lifting weights at the age of “10 or 12” (2)… I guess I can not remember.

So with the date of birth 1984, “before” picture of it above makes it 19 years old.

Thus, by this time he was already 7-9 years of weight training under his belt.

Nattys will know that at this point, there is very little potential for more, as the majority of revenues, in terms of muscle size, have extensive experience in the early years of training as a novice.

However, Lazar then received a SWOLE motherfu * ka.

He literally walked away from:

“Do you even lift bro?” To

“Do not mess with him, he looks exhausted… and a little angry.”

This kind of benefit is very  unrealistic for a natural bodybuilder to experience long after you plateaud.

Look at Rob Riches or Jeff Seid, for example. Both of these guys were incredible answers to lifting weights for the first time in the early days… but since then they have been only a small benefit.

Here is another photo conversion checking these huge profits in a short time:

Lazar claims Natty on its website, but not where – else…

If he was clever, it would be interesting to get his take on why he hardly did any benefits for a full 10 years. And then suddenly, we get a load of muscle and now the Internet is famous for.

In addition, if it was me, I would not only say that I was a neat using suggestions on page biographies of my site. I would put it on every single social media accounts and mentions it to the status… it is your unique selling point.

But he does not.

Verdict: Steroids

There’s no explanation for the benefit of Lazar from 2004 to 2006, without using anabolic steroids.

Unlike other juicers I analyzed, Lazar looked very average, before he blew / started taking steroids.

This may be why people think that it can be elegant, because it is not the size of one – something like Phil Heath.

The difference between Lazar and Phil Heath that Lazar does not respond very well to lift weights like Natty. While Phil was like a drug addict, even before he touched any gear.

However, until now Lazar deserves praise for his transformation of the insane, he must have worked very hard on a diet to get to  5% fat.

Lazar transformation proves that pretty much anyone can get worn out… even if you have average genetics.

Steroids Lazar probably taken:

  • Primobolan
  • Testosterone

Lazar probably used Primobolan® because it smooths have little, and does not come with more side effects associated with other compounds. Primo is a steroid to take if you want to look more natural.

… Unlike say Winstrol, which dries you to foie * K, that makes you look super shredded and almost photoshopped * cough * Zac Efron.

Primo also sucks in the waist, giving you the aesthetic remains.

Lazar may also be run testosterone as using Primobolan® itself does not take into account the entire muscle mass, it has acquired.

Testosterone can also lead to any obvious visual symptoms other than a male facial / jaw. Thus, the test will continue Lazar Repping Natty this kind.