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Jeremy Buendia is 3x Build champion Mr. Olympia for men, who coached Hani Rambod, and coach Phil Heath.

Buendia, is as dominant in the men’s category physique, Phil bodybuilding, seeing off strong competition to Sadiq Hadzovic and Jeff Seid, to win titles.

He has some of the best arms I’ve ever seen, crazy vascularity and waist, which is virtually non-existent with a side view.

… Christian Bale / Machinist comes to mind.

Buendía exhausted and when it comes to competition, and you can bet your BCAAs, that he will be the man grated on stage.

<4% of the crew of the body fat.

Buendía almost came out of the womb, curling a dumbbell, with his father, a non-competitive bodybuilder in the 70s and is an inspiring effect on Jeremy’s passion for scales.

Jeremy began to compete for the first time, when he was only 17, he won his first bodybuilding contest at the 2012 NPC Excalibur championship.

Statistics Jeremy Buendia in:

Height: 5 feet 8

Competition Weigh t: 165lbs

Offseason Weight: 195lbs

These statistics are quite modest, especially the weight of competition, as Jeremy looks great and complete the stage.

Thus, a male Build stars just got a phenomenal genetics or he eats člen and grammar difficult?

Time to explore!

17 Year Old Buendia

Wow, if I looked like Buendia, when I was still in high school.


Looking at him here, he seems to have made 90% of all its revenues muscles as a teenager… but with 5% or so of extra fat in the body.

(It’s amazing how much more you can watch when you lose a good amount of fat and preserve muscle)

Do almost all your progress when you first start lifting weights is a typical Natty bodybuilder.

It’s the guys who’ve been lifting for all, and then suddenly explode out of the blue… and you’re like,

“Bro, I saw you in this hall during the last 3 years -x plateau’d to fuck, but now you have become a Panda Simeon in the space of 3 months, -x, and you expect me to believe that you are Natty?!”.

If he had taken steroids sk after looking like this in 17 years, it would be my huge (much bigger than he is now). What I say more Chul Soon “huge”.

No traces of steroids

Jeremy does not have any signs of steroids… besides the fact that it is more bloated than Jay Cutler at Celltech.

LOL JK, Buendia has a tiny waist, I have ever seen.

Seriously, though, his shoulders are actually very small in comparison with his hands. Consequently, they do not protrude… unable to make that 3D robotic effect that Jaco De Bruyn has.

Shoulders and traps the two muscles that need to see when a guy on steroids, especially when using AAS (androgenic anabolic steroids), ie trenbolone.

These two muscles have an increased amount of the androgen receptor, which makes them more susceptible to the growth of those compounds.

His head / face did not change in size or structure, and it continues to have great skin. This may sound silly, but having a good view of the skin is difficult to achieve when taking steroids.

This is due to the sebaceous glands to legal steroids stacks produce more oil than normal, blocking the pores. Growth hormone is an exception to this rule and can make you look younger… by “looking pregnant” when you administer insulin.

Buendia really has a very good blood supply, which is sometimes associated with the use of steroids. But if you follow it on social media, his veins just look bizarre when it is close to the competition.

During this time, his body fat% is extremely low, and therefore it is natural for anyone to become more vascular at this time.

Questions should be asked when a guy is 15% fat, but it looks like human road map.

Note: Jeremy also competed in bodybuilding federations, such as the NPC and INBF who are testing a drug that he never succeeded. However, this particular piece of evidence is weak because these tests are easy to beat, because they are scheduled for a specific date long in advance; so participants can plan the date specified, to stop the launch of certain steroids online usa, allowing them to be removed from the body.

Verdict: Natty

Jeremy has no obvious side effects and its “growth” (speed chart, with which he gained muscle) is very believable.

You only need to look at the picture of the 17 – year-old Jeremy, to understand that he is extremely gifted in the genetics department.

From the standpoint of reducing steroids, it is always difficult to find if someone takes them, because they do not always come with obvious side effects like loose steroids do.

… The biggest giveaway for someone with cutting steroids is extreme dryness (associated with the use of Winstrol and Anavar). Buendía has a lot of experience in manipulating his water levels under the leadership of Hani Rambod, but it is not terribly dry to the point where it looks like it was photoshopped.