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My childhood in largely consisted of watching Jean-Claude Van Damme kicks the asses of people.

… Usually Asian them.

Kickboxer was in my top 5 movies of all time.

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past 30 years, JCVD ​​also starred in the epic films such as Universal Soldier, Street Fighter, Double Impact, Blood and TimeCop.

The general consensus is that Van Damme has a mike o’hearn steroids natural muscle -looking. There’s nothing fancy about your body… it does not have 18 – inch arms 3% fat.

Here are the statistics JCVD, when he was in his prime:

Height: 5 feet 8

Weight: 185lbs (84kg)

Body fat: 7% (estimated)

Handle size: 16 “(estimated)

Fact: Van Damme was able to bench press 166kg at the age of 19 years (1)

If Arnold inspires steroid users around the world to try and see how it… Van Damme inspires nattys.

However, just because the body of Van Damme be achieved, of course, does not mean that he is clever. So let’s see if the muscles from Brussels really have any signs of steroid use.

Note: Although I am admittedly a fan of Van Damme, the evidence presented in this article, and the final verdict will be impartial (as with all my articles).

He is still the same size

When the guys come off steroids, their muscles contract.

mike o'hearn steroidsThe most popular example of this is Arnie. Look at the picture below, which compares Arnie in his prime against post-steroids:

Follwoing is “after” photo, Arnie made a little comeback and regined some of his muscles. However, it is still not anywhere near as much weight compared to his Mr. Olympia days.

Another common scenario is when steroid users are losing a lot of weight if they go to prison.

In this case, they often are thin.

… According to their standards, anyway.

This generally downward for 2 reasons:

  • They do not get enough calories in prison, in order to maintain your weight, so that they lose muscle mass.
  • They do not take steroids anymore.

This is what happened to Victor Martinez, Mr. Olympia contestant, after he was convicted of drug trafficking bradley martyn steroids (GHB and butanediol); landing himself in jail without steroids for 7 months.

Nevertheless, Van Damme still has the same level of muscularity now as he did 30 years ago in the prime of life. This is strong evidence that he is clever.

Here is a picture of Van Damme in 54 years (2015).

Profit Timeline

Many steroid users will continue best exercise to get more and more, in spite of them, without being “newcomers” more.

This is due to anabolic steroids.

They will grow larger with each cycle, the training they have for many years or not.

Nevertheless, Van Damme largely remained the same size, since he was 18.

What JCVD ​​look 18?

Not many people know that Van Damme appeared as a bodybuilder long before the appearance on television. In 1978 he was crowned Mr. Belgium after winning the competition in Etterbeek at only 18 years old.

As you can see, it pretty much the same size, there is, as he is in his films.

… I wish I was like that in 18 years!

For those interested, I found a copy of their previous workout routine (2):

No Steroid Symptoms

Van Damme has never had any gynecomastia, flushed skin or bloating.

In 2010, he was rumored to have suffered a minor heart attack (on a variety of small arms). Many steroid users are experiencing a heart attack in a – point in their life, but he later denied it ever happens.

Those who saw Van Damme looks today, will have noticed that he aged a lot… especially in the face is terry crews on steroids. Steroids can cause premature aging, due to lower levels of collagen. However, sun damage (3) and stress (4) are also major causes accelerated aging.

Van Damme has always been extremely tanned in all his films. And tanned skin caused by sun exposure / damage. Some reports suggest that sun damage is responsible for 80% of all our wrinkles (3).

JCVD also suffered from depression and bipolar disorder since he was a teenager muscle building exercises, and it means that he obviously experienced more psychological pain / stress during their lifetime compared to a normal person.

Verdict: Natty

Van Damme has amazing genetics. As soon as he began lifting weights as a teenager, he got jacked!

He did not spend a decade of his life bulking and cutting, so that he could get to this size… it just took a few dumbbells and genetics took care of the rest.

If he wanted to become a world-class bodybuilder, he probably would have (if he responded well to steroids).

Despite the fact that JCVD ​​has exclusive DNA when it comes to building muscle; he still worked his ass to fulfill its genetic potential. On a typical day he will ride a bike through the woods for 2 hours, spar for an hour straight meditate for love, and then lift weights in the evening (5).

His body should be the ultimate goal for nattys, even if you are genetically gifted as “the muscles from Brussels”. With years of hard work in the gym, in conjunction with several communities, this type of weight is achievable for anyone.

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