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Jason was born on August 3, 1973 in Stirling, Massachusetts. In childhood he was a moving child, and when he grew up he began to help his parents on the farm. Since then, in the biography of Jay Cutler constant work has become the key to success. Later, Jay worked in a family business – a construction company.

Childhood athlete proceeded actively. Young Jay was constantly running with the local kids. In addition to games, he helped his parents on the farm, which they kept in parallel with the work. There were pigs, cows, goats and chickens on the farm. A little later, his brother became interested in the concrete business and actively plunged into this area. The younger Jay always helped him in this. Bucket with concrete, Jay gained an excellent physique, which inspired him in the future to do bodybuilding.

He began training at the age of eighteen. After graduating from school, he entered college. In 1993, he completed his studies at Quinzigamond College, receiving a law degree.

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The first title in the biography of Cutler was obtained in 1993 at the competition “Iron Bodies Invitational”. Until 2006, he was able to win several more victories, but at the Mr. Olimpia competition he became the second four times after Ronnie Coleman. In 2006, finally, Cutler was able to become the first. So high achievement in his biography, Jay Cutler was able to repeat again – in 2007. In 2008, Cutler again became the second, now after Dexter Jackson.

In addition to these victories, Cutler has several more titles. For example, in 2002-2004, he won the title of “Arnold Classic”. With a height of 175 cm Jay weighs 140 kg, and during the competition reduces the weight to 120 kg. Now, Cutler and his wife live in Las Vegas.

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Being at school, Jay, like all the guys at the time, got interested in American football. After graduating from school in 1991, the future champion went to college, where he received the diploma of assistant judge in a criminal case. It was in 1991 she began to train. At this time he was only 18 years old. As always, initiatives in the sport were for the sake of a beautiful appearance, but then it turned into something more. Jay Cutler was very fond of training.

At the age of 19, for the first time, he took part in a bodybuilding competition called “Teen Nationals”, which was held in New York. The first tournament brought him first place.

While at college, Jay met his future wife, Kerry. They were a beautiful couple and supported each other constantly. A little later, they moved to Worcester, where Jay began his training to get a professional bodybuilder card. Jay had to work on different jobs. Kerry received a medical degree. Those times were not easy. However, Jay noticed Bruce Vartanian, who changed his life. Bruce was a local bodybuilder and owner of his business. It was he who took Jay under his care and taught him everything he knew about bodybuilding. Cutler’s results were great, and soon nutritionist Chris Aceto joined their small team. All together, they achieved success by putting the beautiful Jay figure on Nashional in 1996. From the first attempt, the future Mr. Olympia became the first. After winning the national-level tournament, Jay was overwhelmed with offers of cooperation, but he chose Joe Vader.

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The professional card opened up great opportunities for the champion, but not everything was right away. The first tournaments as a professional did not bring the desired result.

In 1998, Jay Cutler married Kerry. The wedding was not great and took place in Las Vegas at the Rio Hotel. In 1999, they moved to Aliso Viejo, California, USA. His wife began working as a nurse in a hospital. Jay at the time was trying to get better in order to reach new heights in bodybuilding.

The turning point in his professional career was May 2000, when the athlete won the Night of Champions. In June of the same year, they bought their first home in California. This was a great event for a young family.

In 2001, Cutler was second on Mr. Olympia, letting Ronnie Kolmen ahead. 2002 brought the champion a win at the Arnold Classic. And 2003 was a triumphant year, as Jay managed to win in five professional tournaments and finish second in three. In 2006, Jay became Mr. Olympia. The athlete managed to repeat his victories three more times in different years.

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An interesting moment is connected with the life and career of a bodybuilder. As a professional bodybuilder, Jay took Ronnie Coleman under his wing. He showed Cutler how to properly train to become a champion. It so happened that the student surpassed his own coach. Ronnie could not catch up with Jay after that. But this is not the end of the story. When a young, promising, Phil Heath climbed onto the professional bodybuilding scene, he was noticed by Jay and soon took him on bail. Very soon, Phil, just like Jay, won from his teacher.

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Jay Culter Wife is Kristin Cavallari now.

Jay Cutler Net Worth

Jay Cutler now lives with Kerry in Las Vegas and his net worth is $60 million.

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