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Jaco De Bruyn is a South African WBFF pro – model muscles, which is sponsored by EDP laboratory additions, along with Josef Rakich.

Jaco has an army of followers on social media, with more than 4 million  fans only on his Facebook profile.

Jaco exhausted and very thin. He does not tend to look winstrol for women too crushed in the offseason, but when it comes to performing on stage, his epic conditioning.

Statistics Jaco De Bruyn (1):

Height: 6 feet 1

Weight: 96kg (off-season)

Estimated body fat: 7% (of the season)

Jaco also has some of the best ever back deltas known to man…

This is real life.

After sculpting a beautiful body, many of his fans wondering if steroids played a role to help build it.

It allows you to explore!

WBFF Drug Testing

As mentioned earlier, Jaco WBFF competes in the federation, in the muscle model category.

Let’s look at the testing of their policies to see if they have a strict organization, when it comes to the detection of steroid users.

… Oh wait, there is absolutely no mention of the “drug” in the entire site WBFF.

After digging, I found thread in the forum, where the director of operations WBFF opens drug testing protocol federation (2).

Thus, they do not.

…at all.

winstrol for womenI really admire their honesty in the sport, which, as a rule, have to bullshit so much of – for the right problem.

Those. Anabolic steroids are illegal in almost every country in the world bar Thailand and Mexico… where not much is illegal.

Nevertheless, WBFF director also said that they  did not comment on whether they are for or against athletes using steroids in their competitions.

Although this remarkable honesty (and fascinating at the same time), it can not help but reflect on their athletes.

Natural bodybuilder is unlikely to be lured into a federation, where it is clearly not a level playing field.

So with Jaco compete WBFF, this does not mean that he is definitely on steroids… but this does not mean that he has chosen competition, which does not test for juice.


Profit Timeline

Looking at someone’s “gaining time,” it is by far the most effective way to find out if someone is squeezing the juice.

And because of the great era we are in relation to social media, athletes can not resist a cheeky download throwback pic Thursday or two.

As a result, I can analyze their progress / earnings throughout his life.

Jaco was born in 1983 (3). He began training at the age of 23 years.

A little late on the scene but Jaco?

Thus, this means that he started lifting weights about 2006 times.

Looking at his achievements, it becomes clear that he was not Natty until 2010. Then, as we know nattys, after several years of study, and our successes are a newbie thing of the past; we can expect only a tiny advantage for the rest of our lives.

However, not Jacquot.

It absolutely blows in 2011 and transformed from 7/10 is slightly above average gym rat to jaded international superstar.

You’d have to be a fool not to realize that Jacquot began taking steroids around 2010.

flushed skin

Red or redness of the skin  is one of the most common side effects with steroid users. I see it time and time again with the guys that juice, but not from someone – that someone smart.

This redness can represent a very high body temperature. High body temperature can result from irregular blood. A blood disorders may be caused by steroids of – for their effect on blood cholesterol.

Certain steroids increase and decrease LDLs HDLs, thus spiking blood pressure and creating flushed appearance.

3D Delts and Pitfalls

Jaco De Bruyn, both Chul Soon, a giant 3D shoulders, which could quite easily be mistaken for boulders.

It’s not surprising to me that it traps equally, both developed both of these muscle groups contain a very large number of androgen receptors.

This means that when a person takes a steroid, which is particularly androgenic in nature, their shoulders and traps will blow up more than other muscles.

This is what happened in the case of Jaco.


Looking at the graph of gaining Jacquot, he had very little vascularity, when he was clever.

But since 2010 it has received more and more vascular.

How so?

Steroids cause you to have  a thinner skin, since they directly affect the amount of collagen in the skin.

In fact, they actually reduce the levels of collagen.


Your skin loses its thickness, that is, there is less skin concealing their veins, so they move closer to the surface of the skin, and is now more visible.

When it comes to vascularization, Jaco can also be a road map.

Wriggly worm vein for dayyys.

Verdict: Steroids

This is one of the easiest verdicts that I wrote. Jaco has few signs on the sauce, and its success graph faithful giveaway.

Fair play to him, although not playing cards Natty again on social media.

Steroids or not, he still built a world-class body, which has received millions of people mirin “(including myself).

Steroids Jaco probably taken:

  • trenbolone
  • Testosterone

It is 100% on trenbolone. Tren very androgenic ie your traps and Delta explode as soon as you start taking this steroid.

Tren also makes it much easier to reach strata, especially in the chest from – for its diuretic effect; with the result that you are looking for dry as foie * K.

When Jaco gets shredded to competition, his chest striations mad.

I would also like to say, Jaco is likely to take testosterone,  of – the sheer size of it acquired in 2010, and how well he looked.

Test and Tren is a powerful combo, so it does not surprise me that Jaco said the boss, as riding a bike.