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Ulisses Jr. is an online builder and personal trainer, who rats gymnastics icon all over the world, because he SWOLE and argues that Natty.

… He also recalled the predator from the classic film Arnie.

Ulisses very aesthetic, with all its well-developed muscles and proportions.

# NoSkipping3rdLegDay

People do not care if the guy gets a big, taking steroids, there are millions of them around the world.

But the people stand up and notice when someone – that exhausted and naturally.

It seems, Natty

Just by looking at the original Ulisses Jr, he seems to deca durabolin before and after have a natural looking body, while maintaining a thin waist, and without showing any obvious symptoms of steroid, such as steroid intestines, bloating, a huge delta / traps.

But, as it turned Lazare, just because someone – it looks natural, it does not mean that they are in fact natural.

Some suggest Ulisses on steroids of – its size, but we know that you can get huge without steroids, as Symeon Panda proved report.


It is also easier for black males to obtain high since they have a higher genetics for muscle mass due to increased testosterone levels and DHT (in comparison with white people). Black women also have higher levels of testosterone jessie fitness compared to white women, which makes them naturally more curvy.

So Ulisses Jr really Natty or he just genetically gifted?

Drug Tested

Ulysses is Musclemania Pro and won 4 “natural” title, winning the category of the universe and the world Natural Natural 2x each.

Drug tested events Musclemania?

The answer is yes.

However, their tests were designed so they can be easily beaten. They state on their website that they comply with the WADA (WADA) rules and regulations on the “test” of its athletes.

Nevertheless, they suggest that these tests will only be carried out immediately after the competition.

Thus, the cooking juice bodybuilder will not need to worry about random unannounced testing at various times throughout the year. Instead, they may stop working steroids in time for them to clean up their systems and take the test immediately after competing.

deca durabolin before and afterSo with Musclemania not being a true natural federations, it makes no real evidence, Ulisses Jr on steroids or not.

But it is almost certain that it competes with some of enhanced athletes.


Some people claim to have discovered a mild case of gynecomastia in some of the photos of Ulisses’.

First of all, I agree that Ulisses DOES have a degree of gynecomastia (breast tissue in his pectoral muscle).

Gyno is a sign of steroid use.

Steroids cause your testosterone levels to surge, and when the test is really high, estrogen (female sex hormone) is also increased. Thus, Gyno forms due to high levels of estrogen.

However, because a symptom gynecomastia steroids, does not mean that 100% juice Ulisses.

Acne is also a side effect of steroids, but millions of men and women have acne never taken steroids.

Boys often have gynecomastia during puberty.

So if gynecomastia Ulisses’ is the result of taking steroids, he would have developed it when he experienced most of his muscle mass – not when he was a skinny teenager.

However, this picture proves that Ulysses was a mild case of gynecomastia (puffy nipples) even throughout the school.

And, thus, it is not a result of steroid use.


Profit Timeline

Looking at when human muscles were growing the most is a huge factor in finding out if they are taking steroids or not. I call this man arrived the Timeline.

Ulysses’ schedule gets a little quirky to say the least.

Guys who Natty grow a lot when they first start going to the gym, but after this initial growth spurt; progress slowed down massively (this is what happened with Simeon Panda).

Approximately 90% of your revenue will occur during the first few months lifting weights… if you’re smart.

A typical schedule receives a steroid user:

They were the first in the gym to build muscle, they pay.

They remain the same size for some time (sometimes several years)…

Then, BOOM!

They suddenly explode.

… It is so dramatic it’s like watching an episode of Dragonball Z, where Goku transformed into a Super Saiyan.

So let’s see how Ulisses has progressed over the years:

Ulisses started lifting weights at the age of 19 (1). You can see that he has good genetics, with his muscles clearly responds to his 20 ‘s,.

Nevertheless, with its 20-ies he would pleatued, if he was clever.

But he looks added another  40lbs muscle running from… “ripped / fairly high” to “MASSIVE”.

He looks to have got a good couple of inches in his hands.

This is a huge benefit.

If he was not to lift weights in the film’s 20-ies “, and it was he did not go to the gym, and then blew up to what it looks like now, then it would make sense, and I would say that he dexterous.

But Ulysses’ takes on a timeline doubtful.

More does not approve Natty on Instagram?

Ulisses once promised to try and become the greatest bodybuilder ever natural.

Then LuiMarco, A YouTuber, Ulisses called out, accusing him of being a fake elegant.

So the video was published Ulisses changed his bio on Instagram from:

“Natural Bodybuilding Icon” in the “Official Instagram of Ulisses Jr”.

Now this may have been done to avoid the hassle and hate that “Natty” bodybuilders get more social media; but if it was me and someone accused mark fisher fitness me of being on steroids, I would not take it from my bio, because then it seems that you are stepping back and you can actually be juicing.

It’s not like you need to do if you want to be the best of all time… Natty

Verdict: Steroids

I believe that Ulysses Jr. on steroids, because he made the insane income long after he first began to rise.

Despite the fact that this is the only sign of steroid use, I found that it is critical.

Ulisses and once described himself as “Hardgainer” (2)…

* Facepalm *

He claims that his success came because of his knowledge of nutrition and food supplements improved.

I call bullshit on this issue, because one of the best ways to grow more to bulk up, which in turn means that the addition of fat in the body. Ulisses largely in the 5-7% body fat range in all his paintings, showing no signs of it when – or bulking.

And supplements he recommends / takes are whey protein, fish oil and BCAA (2).

The same supplements that any other weightlifter in the world takes…


Steroids will probably take:

  • Testosterone

The test will give you a significant advantage in size. I believe that Ulisses began to take the test in his 20’s, which allows you to turn into a beast that it is today.

The test will make you look great and complete, without causing any water retention or bloating. So if you run this steroid in moderation, you can still look natural and aesthetically pleasing.