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Sadiq Hadzovic is an American bodybuilder… wait, that American?

Sadiq and his family initially moved from Bosnia and Herzegovina (former Yugoslavia) after the war.

After moving to the States, he became 4 times the male physique champion: Win 4 IFBB events, including one at the Arnold Festival in 2015.

Male Body type

However, Sadiq may be more widely known for his performances in the men’s category in the body g – Mr. Olympia, where he is the chris bumstead second twice, losing to nemesis Jeremy Buendia both times.

Men’s physique is a class for children who Repping aesthetic – Jeff Seid style.

These guys muscle while displaying V-tapered and slender waist. Although they are not as developed as the elite bodybuilders, they are still pretty jacked up to mere mortals.

Surprisingly, these guys do not weigh very much in comparison with how they appear muscular steroids australia, with the champion Jeremy Buendia weighing only  164lbs on stage. This once again proves that if you have a tiny waist and small joints, muscles do not have to be huge to LOOK great.

Classic Body Type

Since losing to Buendia, Sadiq turned to the classical division Physique, requiring more mass. However, this transition has not yet helped him achieve his coveted first title Olympia (as of yet), placing third.

Hadzovic also sponsored by the addition of GAT, along with Big Rami.

Statistics Sadiq:

Height: 5 feet 11 (1)

Weight (on the stage): 190lbs / 86kg

Off season: 210lbs / 95kg (2)

Sadiq, of course, looks like a Greek god… but he was milled look like this?

As big as Frank Zane

Statistics Frank Zane:

Height: 5 feet 9

Weight (on the stage): 185lbs / 84kg

Off season: 200lbs / 91kg.

Sadiq is  5lbs  heavier than Frank Zane on the stage, but 2 inches higher than the ex-champion of the Mr. Olympia, which makes them almost identical in size and proportions.

chris bumsteadIt is well known that Frank Zane aka “Chemist” took steroids.

For example, some say that Sadik got to be on buy steroids, because it is the same size as the big Olympia…

But this way of thinking is not credible when prove if someone is on steroids. In the era of Zane were only a small number of people who took bodybuilding seriously.

Since Pumping Iron was released this number rose sharply. Now, there are millions more people who are obsessed with bodybuilding and due to this sport “genetically evolved.

Simply put, because more and more people to lift weights, we find more genetic freaks that can build muscle more easily than previous generations.


Before Sadiq appealed to the male physique, he was a model.

Here is a picture of what he looked like then:

He was great, and even years, before he went on stage… and the same size, he is now more or less.

This is not the guy who said, “I want to compete,” and then blew up and got 50lbs of muscle. He was the genetics of Hercules from the outset.

Controversial Before / After Photos

Sadiq has received quite a bit of hatred in the before / after picture he uploaded to social media in recent years. People called him, saying that he was juicing, because it is impossible human growth hormones australia to get the same amount the size of just a few years…

That pic:

He seems to have a lot more in 2016 now.

However, it is easy to make yourself look bigger, bending arms and get a huge ass pump in the gym.

Just a few weeks  after he sent it after the picture he uploaded selfie in front of him relaxed posiiton.

Let’s see how it compares with the PIC that he looked like in 2012…

Now he is in the same position, you can see the garden-not really got a lot of size in 4 years (if any), which is normal for an experienced Natty lift.

It was the position / angle of the previous picture, creating the illusion of huge profits.

The only notable difference is the fact Sadiq not retaining as much water in 2016 and his conditioning better oxandrolon kaufen, with increased muscle definition, especially in its delta.

Verdict: Natty

Sadiq is just crazy genetics.

It does not have gynecomastia, alopecia, or anything else to indicate what it takes steroids.

Big guys who Natty make 90% of their profits very early in his career bodybuilding. From there, they actually do not grow much more.

We can see that this is exactly what happened to Sadiq.