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Rob Riches is an English model of a fitness / bodybuilder who has a huge following on the social networks. This is not only because it has one of the largest organs in the world, but because he claims to be a life expectancy naturally.

Rob considered the number 1 inspiration nattys around the world, proving that with strict discipline and pure food, you can achieve the body of their dreams.

As you can see, he’s very muscular weighing 180lbs / 82kg in the 5-foot-10 (1).

This may not seem too impressive, but when you take into account its body fat (about 5%) – is hard.

Rob is known to remain in this body fat% all year round, giving him a lot of steroids gone wrong pictures respect in the fitness industry for his dedication.

He literally so boring disciplined, that deceiver food is not McDonald’s for him, but wait for it…

A piece of fruit and nut bread with jam (top).

He also made a lot of videos on YouTube, giving valuable tips on how to build muscle and burn fat, resulting in a very loyal fans.

He Evidence on steroids:

  • Failed Drugs Test

His reputation as a “natural” has been somewhat tarnished in 2013 when he failed a drug test. His new nickname was «ROID Wealth”. This led to the suspension of its UKBFF for 24 weeks and issue a fine.

Once people began to speak in forums:

Aha! I knew he was on to something

It was clearly Anavar

100% Growth Hormone


However, he published an article on its website provides more detailed information about a failed test and has sent an official letter sent to him in UKBFF stating that this  N, alpha-diethyl-benzeneethanamine in his system that caused the test to fail.

steroids gone wrong picturesIf you are not familiar with this substance, it is a stimulant. Thus, it is designed to stimulate the central nervous system and give the user a charge of energy. Stimulants, they have little or no effect on body composition, which makes it quite pointless Steroids Australia to take this medication before the competition.

Rob accused Craze pre-workout supplement, to add N, alpha-diethyl-benzeneethanamine their claims without listing it in the ingredients.

Do you blame Rob Craze any credibility at all, or he is simply using them as a scapegoat?

After that, some research Rob rightly point the finger at Craze. The guy behind the company called Matt Cahill, who prosecuted the case for the spread of dangerous additives with hidden components (2).

US Anti-Doping Agency have shown that Craze contained  amphetamines, which are not disclosed on the components of the alleged “natural” supplements.

Cahill has also been found selling illegal designer steroid, which gave one guy liver damage, destroying his baseball career.

He added chemicals to its weight loss pills that have been declared unfit for human use as far back as 1930 -x, respectively, of the – of people going blind (wow).

… It seems that Rob is not lucky enough to be in the hospital.

Check out this incredibly entertaining interview where Rob directly asked about his failed drug test… lol

Robs face at exactly 1.00 – ROFL.

Evidence that Rob did not take steroids:

Great Genetics

Even if the interviewer in the video above was ridiculously naive I said Rob failed a drug test for the adoption of “steroids”, which was actually not true, he made a good point.

He basically said:

There are a lot of your fans that adhere to all your workouts and diet tips, but nothing like you.

The reason for this lies in the fact that Rob Riches has great genetics for muscle building that most of his fans will have.

He really did not put a lot of weight over the years; it just added a little more size compared to his days Muscle LA, when he was only 21.

This is a guy who apparently made amazing progress as a novice, and used it as a platform cheap steroids to become a fitness model world-class.

However, most of the guys will have only a slight increase, when starting out.

Some of them say, “Well, he did not put a lot of sizes for many years, but he kept his body fat is very low, it is not possible, as you get older (without drugs).”

Maintaining a very low% of body fat, as you get older it is very difficult if you do not know what you’re doing. But if you are educated / experienced a very small obstacle to overcome. Everything that happens with age, your metabolism slows down and you testosterone levels dipped very slightly after the age of 30 years, you lose about 1% of testosterone every year after you reach 30.

The guy with the knowledge of Rob, of course, will have a variety of tricks up his sleeve to increase your metabolic rate through training and diet, so that it can support the shredded look in his late 30’s / 40’s.

And now he is 32 years old, so his testosterone would have decreased by approximately 2%.

I’m sure he was a sleepless night.

No sign of steroid use

Every guy who takes steroids, there is always some physical signs of juicing, you can see by looking at their body.

Some of these signs are:

  • flushed skin
  • swelling
  • water retention
  • excessive vascularity
  • acne
  • balding
  • gynecomastia, etc.

Rob not just any of these side effects.

Transmitted drug test

It is important to note that Rob competed in several natural phenomena of drug tests, and never tested positive for steroids.

These federations include:

  • Musclemania
  • NPA
  • BNBF

Some of these federations are also seeking to put those who compete in their competitions, and taking drugs, with pages devoted to listing the names of the athletes.


Rob has to be natural. In the end, he promised his mother that he would never take steroids (3)…

On a serious note, there is absolutely no reason Buy steroids online to believe that wealth is robbing «Roid wealth.” Thus, until further proof is not eligible in another way, it is very reasonable to assume Rob naturally.

Bros, who can not understand that Rob naturally should stop whining, get 15 years of intensive training under their belt in combination with clean food and a strict diet. And then they would realize that Rob physique is achievable for the natural athlete.