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Josef Rakich is an ISSA certified personal trainer and bodybuilder from New Zealand.

Josef has almost 3 million fans in one only their Facebook page, and is sponsored by supplement companies – EHP laboratories.

If you follow Josef on Facebook / Instagram your tape is full:

  • He was promoting their services PT
  • Photos his abs (that will make you never want to bulk again)
  • His client before / after photos
  • And countless pictures of him posing with his sadik hadzovic height favorite orange Lamborghini.

… Yes, he has a Lamborghini.

Oh, and his business made $ 476k in 2013 (1)…

He inspired millions of people around the world due to its incredible transformation: comes from the “skinny child in school” to the exhausted man, who all follow on social media.


Height: 5 feet 9 (estimated). He claims that 10 5 feet, but many believe that it is less than that.

Weight: 191lbs (87kg)

Body fat: 5%

Josef known to do a lot of small communities; but usually it remains lean year.

It is clear that Joseph has a good knowledge of how to build muscle and burn fat, the content of it is written in the “know” its Web site and its successful customer conversions (which he tries to show with the help of social media).

He was also one of the first fitness icons to push IIFYM philosophy, where you can eat all the foods you want and still make the same benefits (as long as these products have got macros). Otherwise known as flexible diets.

… Therefore, you will often see him eating pizza, sushi and chocolate cake.

Once he started a thread on the forum opening period when he was eating Mcdonalds every day.

… At that time, he was crushed to the bone.

2 years Josef Rakich conversion:

This is in line with the dates provided by Josef bodyspace his profile.

sadik hadzovic heightGains muscle Josef experienced nothing less than in 2008-2010 as spectacular.

These revenues leave us with two possible scenarios:

  • It is a genetic freak. It is literally one in a million, which just started to lift weights and get exhausted. This, however, is hardly going to his Ectomorph figure in the previous photo.
  • He was juicing hard.

Let’s see if there is further evidence of the use of steroids Josef…

Red skin redness

Joseph often has a red / red look on his skin. It is often found the anabolic diet in steroid users because of the increased body temperature caused by the surge in blood pressure. The reason why many steroids increase blood pressure, because they increase the level of LDL cholesterol.

It’s a bad kind of cholesterol. Steroids are typically spike cholesterol levels, thereby bulking are steroids such as; testosterone and Dianabol.

Clenbuterol, however, can also create the look on the skin, in spite of the cutting steroid. Clen spikes blood pressure due to its stimulating effect. It excites the nervous system, which leads to more production of adrenaline.

More adrenaline = increase in blood pressure.

Josef appears more red when it is extremely low in fat, which makes me think that he uses Clen, to help him get a super-grated.

Bloated face

Although shredded all year, Joseph has often swollen face. It is a sign of water retention, a common side effect of steroids. Dianabol, testosterone and Anadrol are the culprits for fluid retention.

The use of anabolic steroids in low doses does not always lead to the obvious abdominal distension, with Arnold Schwarzenegger and the other guys from the 60s / 70s, it is a simple example.

This tells us that Joseph probably works fairly high doses, which might explain his great successes in size / weight.

Profit Timeline

Not only did Joseph explode as a person Michelin in just 2 years, but it was a significant gain after too.

In December 2013 it updated its statistics bodyspace, to:

Weight: 170lbs

Body fat: 5%

However, in February 2015 (a little over a year later), he did an interview with putting on Fat, where his stats were:

Weight: 191lbs

And his body fat at this time looks the same as what it was in 2013 – about 5%.

Thus, he got about 20 pounds of muscle mass in just over a year, despite the fact that an experienced athlete.

In addition, he did it without his body fat fluctuates sharply.

Natty guys who jacked up, blast loading, when they first start lifting weights. Then they only experience a small increase thereafter. A good example of this is Jeff Seid.

Nevertheless, Joseph experienced a huge profit when it first began and continues to experience significant benefits to a few years later. This is a sure sign of steroid cycling.

The roadmap vascularity

Josef also has a notable vein, spiraling around the body.

Steroids enhance the vascularization of the – for them reducing collagen. Collagen is the protein that gives skin its elasticity. With fewer collagen, you are more prone to the formation of fine wrinkles and skin.

Thinner skin = less skin hides veins.

So, the thinner your skin… The more vascular you.

Someone may have a thin skin / be vascular, not taking steroids. However, a young man, Joseph, having as much vascularity (without the use of anabolic steroids) is rare.

.Incident Drugs

Josef Rakich was arrested in 2013 for the solution of mephedrone – a drug similar to ekstaza.On pleaded guilty but escaped conviction of – for crimes committed several years previously.

At that time, he has built a profitable business; which will be destroyed if he is found guilty.

Work ecstasy is no proof that he took steroids. But if you’re willing to take / deal of such drugs, you are likely die besten teesorten to have a person who will take anabolic steroids.

Verdict: Steroids

The biggest key to Joseph steroid use is the fact that it has received a huge amount of size in just 2 years… and has continued to grow ever since.

It also has several features the use of steroids, such as:

  • Bloating,
  • Redness of the skin,
  • Increased vascularization.

It fully confirms, in my opinion, he takes steroids.

Steroids by Josef, probably used:

  • Clenbuterol (when cutting)
  • Dbol (bulk material)
  • Testosterone (bulk material)

Although I think the steroids got Josef Rakich figure he is today, people should not discredit the fact that he achieved.

After all, millions of people take steroids all over the world… but it looks like Joseph Rakich.

And this guy who looked like a twig before he began lifting weights.

Thus, his transformation was a lot to do with his knowledge of nutrition / education, as well as his steroid use.

And that is why he is able to help its customers to pass the amazing transformations (even if they do not take steroids), because he knows how to eat and train smart.