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It’s time to make the steroid analysis on rock fight archenemy, John Cena!

Aka the guy who says, ‘You can not see me “while waving his hand up and down his face as a shield…

I stop taking the Mick now, it’s a guy who can pull 664lbs (301kg) or 4 me… (1).

WWE star originally wanted to become a bodybuilder after graduating with a  degree in exercise physiology (2). However, this dream lasted only a year steroid to get ripped after he decided to become a professional wrestler.

John Cena stats:

Height : 6 feet 1

Weight : 114kg

The Fat old Body : 8-9% (approximately)

From – the sheer size of the guy, many would assume that he is on steroids. However, when he was asked about his status Natty in a television interview, he strongly denied steroid use and vowed to be  a lifetime natural.

Here are below the interview:

One thing that really stood out during this video was the fact that he licked his lips for 12 seconds.

This is a common feature of the liar. The reason for this is that your level of adrenaline spike when you tell a lie, and this stress hormone can dehydrate the body, making your mouth / lips dry for a few seconds.

Nevertheless, the study of body language can only tell you so much… so let’s take a look to see if John Cena has any symptoms of steroid

Signs of steroids

flushed skin

John Cena can sometimes be seen with a pink color of his skin.

This is a sign of increased body temperature, which is a common side effect of anabolic steroids.

This wash particularly appears in the upper chest for many steroid users, and John has it in several of his pictures.

The pink color is a sign of warm blood locate themselves near the surface of the skin. From there, the excess heat can be lost in the air, cooling the body down.


In general, John Cena has an aesthetic physique with a fairly thin waist, but in some pictures you can see some mild swelling in the abdomen, where it does not suck it up.
This can be bloating from excessive water retention or it can be a very mild form of “steroid gut”; by using / insulin growth hormone.

steroid to get ripped

Bloating, as it is rare in nattys, but is very common in men who juice.

Block Exterior

That’s before / after picture of John Cena.

The first photo was taken when he was 18 years old, 3 years before he graduated from college and decided to become a professional bodybuilder.

When comparing the two images, there are many obvious differences:

  • His waist / tummy is much thicker
  • It is more muscular
  • His skull has grown

Steroids make you more blocky look, including your waist, which has grown significantly in the case of Sina.

A tiny waist was one of the factors that gave SIMEON Panda in Natty sentence.

Simeon almost exactly the same height as Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnie admitted taking steroids but Panda swears he naturally. They had the same level of the muscles, but the one thing that stood out as the main difference is that Arnie had a waist 3 inches longer.

Steroids are notorious for causing this extra thickness around the hips / amidships.

More Muscle

The figure shows that he has a great after 18 years of John Cena actually started lifting weights when he was 12 years old, scoff at that time (3). It says that he was with weights for 6 years, and thus, at the age of 18, he had already experienced all of his freshman benefits.

Huge guys that are natural are amazing successes, when they first begin to lift, they largely remain the same size for the rest of their lives, their progress is gradually slowing down. However, in the case of John Sina did huge profits after lifting already for 6 years.

Natty to increase its genetic potential in this regard, so that this huge growth is a great indicator of steroids.

skull growth

The head of John Cena literally almost doubled.

You might think:

“I do not know, your head was muscle?”

Is not.

The fact skull Sina got much more out – of  human growth hormone. Excessive levels of growth hormone is the growth of bone and tissue in your body, even increasing the skull and nose.

Verdict: Steroids

  • He blew up after 6 years with weights
  • It has some bloating
  • Skin Pink
  • Much more heads
  • Most of the blocking tummy.

John may think that we can not see it… but we almost certainly know that he was riding on bicycles!


Steroids may have taken?

  • HGH
  • Dianabol
  • Testosterone

It seems that he will almost certainly have used human growth hormone, which explains the increase in the skull.

It may not be adopted in combination with insulin HGH, therefore, it was not typical “HGH intestine”, which is protruding from his abdomen.

He did not get to a lot of the size / weight of the decision of growth hormone alone, so it is likely taken Dianabol and / or testosterone, too.