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Jamie Alderton is a fitness – English model, nicknamed the ‘Grenade Jay’ from its sponsorship with the addition of the company – a grenade launcher.

If you are not familiar with them, they are best known for their popular fat burner supplement that comes in the package as an actual grenade (pretty cool). And if you have been lately any bodybuilding EXPO, you will see that they male gymnast workout routine tend to bring their positions army tank…

How are you doing.

It’s quite ironic, seeing Jamie was in the British Army for 7 years, serving his country in Iraq and Africa.

Unlike many other fitness models / bodybuilders, Jamie openly about eating less pure products, to admit his love for alcoholic beverages, such as Grey Goose and Guinness during the offseason.

If you do follow them, we expect to see some epic Chit dishes appear on your selection (even a rock would be proud).

The fact that he recognizes that there are these devilish pleasure makes him seem more honest and open than the other guys in the fitness industry.

Jamie also expressed his love for… bowling.


His weight fluctuates up and down a lot, because it tends to gain a lot of weight in the offseason. He is about 40lbs heavier during the off-season, as compared to when he was recruited for the competition.

2014 Transformation

Speculation Jamie steroids heated in August 2014, when he made an incredible transformation in just 6 months…


He went from bulky and smooth as shredded foie * K for about 25 weeks (presumably without the use of anabolic steroids).

This led to him getting a lot of negative comments on their Facebook page, people, implying that he was lying about his Natty status:


So Jamie is really easy to take the pins


Let’s look at the evidence suggests not taking steroids Jamie…

His 6 Month Transformation – Unrealistic or achievable?

Jamie went on search of 6/10 to 10/10 in just 6 months. And many Natty know that rapid progress is not possible to bodybuilding if you’re a beginner or Juicing.

However, if we analyze its transformation, it becomes clear that Jamie did not build any muscle mass during those 6 months.

male gymnast workout routine

All he has done is to lose body fat, greatly increasing his muscle definition and vascularity. So it is possible for the natural lose much fat in 6 months?

Jamie seems to have gone from 15% to about 3/4%. We speak the universal body fat percentages here that everyone can relate to – not the actual performance DEXA scan (which are more precise).

Jamie lost 37lbs and 11-12% fat.

It is considered to be the average losing about 2lbs per week during cutting.

In my experience, losing weight 2lbs a week will lead to a loss of about  0.5% of body fat. And it corresponds almost identical to the results of Jamie.

Assuming that Jamie lost 2lbs a week, he quickly achieve your ideal weight in 20 weeks of competition, thus losing about 40lbs. But as we all know, a diet is not easy-sailing, with a weight loss plateau and other psychological obstacles that must be overcome. So it is reasonable to assume that the transformation as it takes a little longer than 20 weeks for the account of such obstacles.

It actually took Jamie to 24 weeks to lose 37lbs exactly – that seems pretty realistic for any cutting disciplined people.

He also took me 6 months to complete its cutting transformation, losing about 10% fat, and I’m 100% smart.

I’m nowhere near the level of Jamie, it’s much more muscular and much smaller than me (when competing), but my conversion proves that the same amount of fat loss can be achieved in the same period, the transformation of Jamie – naturally.

But if you think you can do it without 100% discipline to forget about it. Even if you are taking steroids, it will not guarantee you such a transformation.

2 Reasons transformation Jamie “looks” so Spectacular:

  1. He had an exceptional amount of muscle under the fat in all its “before” picture.
  2. He received an extremely low body fat% in the following figure.

However, some people naturally think that he had a medium-sized muscle in the “before” photo, because it has more body fat hiding all muscle definition.

If you do not have the muscle to your frame, someone will look awesome on 4% fat. Look how impressive some boxers look when they get super-lean… and they do not have any significant muscle mass.

Therefore, if you have plenty of advance, and you will get 4% fat – your transformation will be epic.

Good Genetics

Jamie posted a picture of himself as a 13-year-old child, and although he did not quite get the muscles that it displays today; He, of course, very muscular 13-year-old going through puberty.

If a child was like that at the age of 13 years, I guarantee you all the boys in his year will respect him and all the girls will go giddy. 

For 13-year-old – it’s big. 

Jamie is now 30 (soon to be 31 to 15 May).

So with good genetics, in combination with intensive training and countless communities for almost 18 years, it is not surprising that he was exhausted.

Drug Tested

As Rob Riches, Jamie competed in BNBF and Musclemania.

Both of these drugs are federal and BNBF particularly strict in catching steroid users, the introduction of urine and polygraph (lie detector).

Tests of the drug can be beaten when the athlete stops taking the substance before the competition, so it has time to leave your system.

However BNBF making random tests throughout the year to counter this is clearly stated on their website.

Thus, making it very reliable BNBF Natty federation.


Weak Traps

Jamie has very weak trap compared with the average steroid user.

The reason why your traps can balloon when juicing because they contain more of the androgen receptor than other muscle groups.

If the user accepts the steroid substances to improve DHT / test levels and even train the traps, they would still be more than Jamie IMO.

No Flushed skin

Some may argue…

“It’s good that he could not use any testosterone-enhancing substances, but it could have used clenbuterol cutting (will not affect the size of the trap, it is not an androgenic).”

Firstly, it would have been flagged in the test preparations and secondly člen users often experience a significant increase in body temperature due to its themogenic effects. Thus, it is common for cycling Clen Brah, to have a red appearance, redness of the skin.

Looking through photos of Jamie, he never has a look on his skin.

In addition to the picture taken right after his holiday, which is obviously a mild sunburn.

Thick hair

From our Zac Efron analysis we know that steroids can cause your hair to thin and retreat for much, just a few months of using steroids.

Cycling Roids for many years = goodbye to hair follicles.

That’s why a lot of guys in Olympia Mr. bald or shaved their heads (to hide their high hair line).

Jamie, although 30 years old, has a thick hair, and shows no sign of receding.

All the evidence of normal / natural levels of DHT.

Verdict: Natty

After doing a lot of digging and compilation of different pieces of information, there is no evidence to suggest that Jamie Alderton taking steroids.

Blessed genetics + military-like work ethic + 17 years = BIG Food exhausted.

Brb going to eat some skittles…