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Now, the court came to the Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock.

You know, the guy who inspired you to howl, “CAN YOU SMELL WHAT… ROCK… IS….COOOOOKINGGGG !!!” every time you do your woman breakfast in bed.

It is also the reason why you shout “FOCUS !!!” gym rat who happens to text messages instead of lifting.

Some might say, Dwayne was destined to be huge, with his father Rocky Johnson be an absolute beast in his day as a professional wrestler.

And his mother’s father was Peter Maivia, Samoan wrestler who is now included in the WWE Hall of Fame… it’s fair to say that he was also a fair bit of meat on it.

WWE Rock arch-nemesis, John Cena had a few signs of steroid use… YavlyaetsyaDueyn also guilty of making shortcuts?

We will see!

Rock admitted taking steroids…

In an interview with Fortune, Duane revealed that he took steroids one day, when he was 18 with some friends, not knowing what he was doing… and asserts that he never touched them since.

There are two possible reasons why he said this:

  1. Because it’s true – he did not use steroids because of his adolescence
  2. It’s a lie. Perhaps because he did not want to set a bad example for children around the world.

Converting Dwayne Johnson

Since the days of WWE Dwayne Johnson, he bulked up in quality gained some weight, without the addition of any – or fat.

In fact, it looks more ragged (low fat) than it did 20 years ago, the fight on television.

Adding a significant amount of weight, while fat burning is impossible for any experienced weight trainer.

Also note that it is not only the muscles of Dwayne, who grew up, but his head (skull), which appears more and has a square look to it.

Muscles in the rock after the picture now have a synthetic / juicy appearance compared to previously. This synthetic view can often be a giveaway sign of a man using anabolic steroids.

flushed skin

Also notice how the skin looks much Roca  darker than it was 20 years ago. It is not because his skin really became darker and a sign of elevated body temperature.

In white men, higher body temperature can make their skin look pink / red.

With black / Samoan descent it can make your skin look a few shades darker.

The reason that higher body temperature is related to steroid use is because steroids spike your blood pressure of – due to their increasing testosterone levels. Increased testosterone leads to an increase in levels of LDL (the bad kind of cholesterol). As a result of the blood pressure peaks and a higher body temperature often follows.

That is why men have higher rates of heart attacks than women, because their cholesterol levels are less healthy because of the excellent levels of testosterone.

Huge Traps

Dwayne traps have always been one of his most dominant muscle groups.

It is rare for Natty have overdeveloped traps, but it is very typical for the juicer to experience tremendous growth in the trapezius region, due to them having a large number of androgen receptors.

Thus, when you jump on a steroid cycle, your trap will be the first group of muscles to explode, especially if you are taking steroids with high androgen.

Verdict: Steroids

Rock admitted taking steroids for 2 weeks, when he was 18 years old, but it seems to me that he was lying when he said that he has since not touch it, because it was blown up and has several steroid side effects.

But what exactly rock cooking?

Dwayne (probably) Steroids Stack:

  • Testosterone
  • Human Growth Hormone

I believe that the decision Dwayne  testosterone in his wrestling days, helping him to pack on size and look BIG. Steroids abound in the fight industry, so if you did manage to get a great natural, you will almost certainly take them to outshine their competitors and make yourself the biggest alpha – male in the ring.

… Especially if you have already experimented with them as a teenager (who admitted doing rock), as it shows you have a carefree mentality

The test also explains their huge traps, coming back during his WWE days.

With the end of his career wrestling, he focused more on bodybuilding and received a significant amount of size. However, he did not get a huge amount of size, as he was quite exhausted earlier. It also lowered the body fat and more ragged look achieve simultaneously.

Growth hormone is a compound Duane probably used to obtain a moderate amount of muscle mass and fat burned at the same time. His skull grows in size is another sign of the use of growth hormone.

Some may point out that the Rock has the famous «HGH gut” where your stomach begins to act. However, many guys are taking growth hormone, never getting this “kind of pregnant,” because they do not enter it with insulin.

Chul Soon as possible to avoid this terrible side effect while using HGH.

The combination of growth hormone and insulin, which causes this effect bloated belly can be seen in many Mr. Olympia bodybuilders like Ronnie Coleman and Kai Greene. Rumor has it that a lot of people physique guys even take HGH… and these guys are the best guys in the world aesthetic with tiny waists.