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Unless you’re living under a rock, you will almost certainly have seen or heard about CT Fletcher.

AKA guy on YouTube, which “team” arms grow literally yell at them.

CT Fletcher mainly in real life Black Superman… a ‘badass motherfucker’ version.

It has numerous titles strength (drugs) including:

  • 3x World Champion bench press (1), lifting 650lbs.
  • 3x strict curl champion, he still holds the record.

Impressive? It does not stop there.

CT also seems invincible, coming back to chris hemsworth steroids life in 3 times  after dying on the operating table (2).

He strongly argues that it is all natural, and that it has grown its 22-inch 100% hand without touching a steroid. Despite this, many people believe that he is taking steroids, including bodybuilding legend, Leroy Colbert, who personally called him on Youtube.

For inexperienced Leroy Colbert known in bodybuilding, as the first person to grow a 21-inch arms, not taking steroids. Leroy Opinion however is biased, because CT Fletcher argues that achieved the same phenomenal feat, thus potentially seeing him as a rival from another generation.

Steroids or not, at 57 years old CT still looks like a beast.

But many people want to know…

Did CT grow 22-inch arms, of course, telling them to grow, and he was squeezing juice all the time?

CT Fletcher was tested drug

chris hemsworth steroidsIn an attempt to try to prove their status Natty he arranged to drug tests a doctor who he was, and published on Youtube.

CT would also be drug tested federations called NASA, where he established the strongest in the world without drugs bench press record.

However, steroidal users can pass tests which are not carried out at random times, because they may break, some substances, allowing them to clean them in time for the system test.

But CT Fletcher (Mike O’Hearn) competed in the INBA Bodybuilding Federation. INBA is known as an extremely severe natural organization. They perform blood, urine and lie detector (polygraph) on their athletes at random times throughout the year.

This random testing is crucial in determining the legitimate natural bodybuilders, because it stops them from organizing beat protocol tests on fixed dates.

If you’re not the only one of these tests, your name will go up on the wall in the INBA shame pages on your website. Thus, a bodybuilder with a huge following such as CT will not compete in the federation as it is, because it is in danger of losing all their trust.

CT Fletcher competed with INBA in 2011 (3).

Was Young CT on steroids?

Some cynics might say…

“Well, maybe, CT Fletcher was natural in 2011, but he was already juicing earlier in his life.”

Looking at the photo’s CT for many years, he was the greatest in his powerlifting days… where it looks like this:

If he was on steroids then his muscles will already be significantly reduced over the years.

However, his muscle size remains the same. The only difference is that he has lost a significant amount nolvadex of fat from his strongman days.

Because of this fat loss, CT actually looks better… make use of steroids then it is very unlikely.

heart failure

Many steroid users experiencing heart problems in their lives. Some experience high blood pressure, and others suffer from heart attacks.

CT Fletcher has congestive heart failure (4). However, in this case, several genetic TT with his mother is experiencing the same state in its recent years.

CT 4 ate Big Mac, Fries 4, 4 and 2 applie pie shakes every day for 20 years.

The fact that this person is still alive after the overload on salt and saturated fats for 2 decades is nothing but a miracle.

The documentary “Super Size Me” shows how a normal healthy man, who lives on McDonald (even for a short period of time) may experience a significant reduction in overall health. Thus, clearly, steroids do not cause problems with the heart of the current transformers.


Do CT Fletcher Use Syntol?

Thus, the data indicate that the CT does not use steroids. But did he really use Syntol ?

Some people have accused him of using Syntol to his hands anymore. For those who do not know, synthol is an oil that is injected into the muscle to make it instantly more. It is literally the fastest way to get huge muscles.

It sounds too good to be true? It.

Guys who use Syntol are clowns bodybuilding, and they are easy to detect. There muscles begin to sag, becoming abnormally Droopy.

Syntol also creates a smooth appearance, meaning users will show very little muscle definition.

… God knows why someone takes things.

It can also lead to the muscles to form strange irregular shape. If you scroll up, you can see a picture of CT display a good definition and excellent (natural) form when bent biceps.

His hand of his strongest muscle groups, but they are still in proportion to the rest of his body. So, if he injected Syntol to make his hands more, it should also introduce it to other muscle groups testosterone cypionate dosage to stay in proportion.

Injecting Syntol in many areas of the body would create a very artificial look that is not explicitly CT.


Verdict: Natty

There’s no reason to believe CT have never taken steroids.

It also does not have steroidal side effects; showing relatively little traps and tight tummy.

KT does a good part of their money from their YouTube channel. So no motivation there would not lie about that, Natty is, because guys like Rich Piana receive hundreds of thousands of views, speaking about some of the steroids they used.

Thus, the CT will actually be doing yourself a disservice by not talking about steroids (if he used them), because he will get more attention.

CT is also a big fan of ” overtraining ” to build muscle. He claimed that he had coached his hands every day for a year and a half to build their 22 – inch pythons, putting to bed the myth in the minds of many people.

I did a lot of experiments with mind the large volume / overtraining for many years including:

  • 10:00 workout arms
  • 25 hours, one group of muscles in the space 5 days

From these experiments, I can confirm that the type of current transformers on overtraining is bang on the money.

Overtraining can work wonders for putting on size, if done correctly. Trying to prepare a high volume while excessive stress, sleep deprivation, or food in a calorie deficit, however, lead to the central nervous system are overtraining.

CT diet at a young age also shows that he was a believer primobolan in the philosophy: “you have to eat big to get big.”

… Therefore Maccy D’s every day for 20 years.

As CT get so big? l citrulline dosage bodybuilding liquid clenbuterol dosage gay men bodybuilders