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Hwang Chul Soon is Korean bodybuilder who is Pro Champion 2016 Musclemania universe “natural.”

Hwang is also an actor and model, appearing in several television ads in his native country.

Korea has a very unique look to your abdominal muscles so completely, they seem to pop out of his body, creating a 3D – effect.

In fact, he looks like he’s photoshopped.

Some people have commented on social media say they do not believe his ct fletcher steroids photos are real; and then be stunned when they realize that it looks exactly the same in the video.

Steroids or not, this guy is one of the greatest constitution in the world.

He broke the bone, received chest Arnie would approve and literally has boulders shoulder.

And he can do the robot dance!

Not quite as smoothly as Terry Crews robot “, but still impressive stuff!

Korean breath of fresh air at a time when many fans of bodybuilding believe steroids ireland that this sport is destroyed massive monsters that are simply too big.


Soon Chul Natty claims on its website, which states:

“Chul Soon is one of the most popular natural bodybuilders and sports models in the world.”

So now you think…

Hahaha no way HE manners.

When you first look at Chul Soon, he immediately looks out on steroids – his muscles with this  Photoshop effect.

Oh, and the fact that it is huge.

However, my readers know, I do not speculate on any of my articles based on gut feelings, or having the form:

“It looks great, so it must be on steroids.”

In order to make a verdict, I think it is accurate and valid, I have to base its decision on  evidence not opinions.

ct fletcher steroidsIn order steroids uk to write an unbiased report I always keep an open mind on someone naturalness.

If they do not have any symptoms of steroid and I can not find any traces of steroids, however, that the person will reach the natural verdict.

So, Soon Chul natural or he’s lying and taking steroids?

Musclemania Drug Testing

Looking at the federation, that is competing bodybuilder can be a good sign to whether they are natural or not. Especially if it is a strict federation, which uses a rigorous testing process.

On Musclemania site, they clearly their drug testing criteria.

This suggests that the top – 5 bodybuilders should perform the test urine test immediately after competing on stage.

Basically they bellow in the cup.

And those that have any steroids in their system will be disqualified and banned from competing in the federation for at least 2 years.

So in order to pass this test all you have to do is come off steroids in good time so that they can clear out of your system in time for the test.

When you know the date of the test, it is easy to beat.

However, more stringent federal (that run on the legal  nature of competition), will perform several different tests that are carried out at random times during the year; which makes it practically impossible to go, if you juicing.

So from this, we know that steroid users can participate NNSteroids in a bodybuilding competition Musclemania «natural». However, this is not evidence that Chul Soon after taking steroids.

Profit Timeline

It is easy to detect steroid user, if you look at their earnings for a certain period of time.

There are guys who lifted weights for a few years and is clearly stabilized. Then they suddenly explode and become massive. This obviously juicing.

So, let’s take a look at Chul Soon x-picking dates…


He looks in great shape, the picture him on stage, indicates that he is an experienced athlete.


2010 and 2011, it looks the same, in spite of its 3 years later.


Then suddenly he gets in 2014, and boom!

He looks received at least 50lbs of muscle mass.

It is not normal for a natural bodybuilder and it is typical benefit for a guy on steroids.

3D Shoulders

3D effect, which soon creates Chul has a lot to do with his shoulder.

… What he has to canonballs.

Its proportions are similar to Phil Heath, who also has a huge, that jump out of the delta.

It is possible to build big arms without steroids, but looking 3D Delta are convincing evidence of steroids for sale uk use and is extremely rare in the natural. This is due to more androgen receptors in Delta, which makes them respond well to steroids that androgenic in nature.

… His shoulders actually look bigger than the head of the girl.

Altered facial structure

Chul Soon the business structure of the face has changed over the years.

Growth hormone causes this. Human growth hormone increases the size of your skull and nose. Within just a few years, Chul Soon the head and nose at me a lot more.

It actually looks like a different person in the second picture.

Some will say: “If he HGH where his gut?”.

Growth hormone does not cause stomach bloating or “steroid gut” itself. This is usually when the growth hormone in combination with insulin or if someone takes a beating in the liver. In this case, it may also swell and make a person look bloated.

Verdict: Steroids

  • Huge gains arising after years of recovery
  • Humungus delta
  • The structure has completely changed the face

Steroids may have used:

HGH – It is almost certain of HGH use, to pack on weight and get ripped his skull anymore.

Testosterone – Test to help him pack on some serious muscle, without looking too smooth.

Equipoise – equation is known to manufacture and breast Delts extremely developed.

Deck – The deck provides an extra layer of muscle thickness. Chul has a large thickness prakticheskivsemu body.