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Bradley Martin is a famous athlete, weightlifter, bodybuilder. At the moment, his activity is to maintain his own channel on YouTube.

Activity Bodybuilder, video blogger

Date and place of birth. Born May 22, 1989 in the USA, California
Height – 188 cm.
Weight – 118 kg.

Early years

Bradley’s childhood was not happy and rosy. He knew early what it means to lose a loved one. When the boy was only 6 years old, his father passed away, having attempted suicide. Mother had to raise her son alone. In order that they did not need anything, the woman had to devote almost all of her time to work.

As a teenager, Bradley became interested in football. It was not just watching matches on TV, playing ball with the guys in the yard and buying t-shirts with your favorite football players. Almost immediately, he went to the professional football section. Relatives and friends of the family were sure that a real football star and champion in this sport would grow out of the boy. His mother very much supported him in this endeavor, tried to attend all the matches in which her son took part, even if he was sitting on the bench.

At the age of 15, he decided to build muscle a little, as this could significantly help him in sports. This activity so fascinated Bradley that it became a way of life. For some time he combined bodybuilding and playing football, but he soon realized that he liked spending more time in the gym with iron sports equipment, and the young man left football.


bradley martin steroidsIn 2011, Bradley Martin got a chance to declare himself. He performed at the Men’s Physique project. He managed to take 8th place, and the athlete considered this a pretty good start. In the future, he managed to occupy much higher places in events of this kind.

In 2014, he creates his channel on the YouTube site.

In 2016, he launches his own brand, which is called “BMFIT”.

In 2018, he finally leaves the ranks of those bodybuilders who perform on stage, having begun to more actively develop his career on the Internet.


Bradley Martin develops author’s training programs, promotes his own best practices. The army of its subscribers and fans is growing every day, people leave their enthusiastic reviews about his work and admit that for many he became an idol, wish him further success in self-development.

Guys from all over the world want to be like this bodybuilder, and girls dream of such a young man.

Bradley does not tolerate a monotonous and monotonous lifestyle, so every day he seeks to please his subscribers with a new trick, exercise or training program.

Personal life

This side of the bodybuilder’s life is under a veil of secrecy, no one knows if he has a girlfriend. He is not officially married yet.

… At that moment, when you are standing next to Phil Heath and did not look small.

Martin Bradley is the epitome of the male species. Tall, huge muscles and uneven beautiful (no homo). It also has fantastic strength levels, comfortable bench press  405lbs with CLOSE-Grip. oksana alma

RIP triceps.

If you’ve seen any of his videos on YouTube, Bradley Martyn comes across as very honest and inspiring character. He did not begin to post videos on YouTube until the latter zac efron steroids part of 2014, making it rise to fame very suddenly. Just 2 years old, and he has more than 2 million fans only in your account with Facebook.

Statistics Bradley Martin:

Height : 6 feet 3

Weight : 260lbs (118kg)

Fat deposits : the 7/8%

zac efron steroids

Many believe Bradley taking steroids because he was an absolute beast, but some people still believe that it can actually be a smart / genetic freak.

Let’s see if steroids have accelerated the growth of Bradley to glory …

Profit Timeline

Bradley Martin was born May 22, 1989, and he says that he started lifting weights when he was 15/16 years old (1), so that more or less around 2005 bulking up supplements.

In 2011, he participated in the show for the NPC bodybuilding, which means that he would have been 22 years old, and experienced the athlete; with 5-6 years of training under his belt.

We know that children who naturally get buy testosterone online huge from an early age. This is because, when they first begin to lift weights their body to react properly, experiencing huge growth in the volume quickly, because – due to their superior DNA. Mike O’Hearn is a good example of this, looking like an absolute monster for 14 years hulkbody. Nevertheless, after this period of growth novice Mike does not grow at all.

Obviously, Bradley Martin has a decent genetics, to build a good physique in 2011. However, since then it has blown up in size, get huge.

Transformation of Bradley Martin:

is bradley martyn natural

The guy who was the rise for 5/6 years to suddenly explode, as it is very unnatural. Thus, Bradley Martin almost certainly juicing.

Experienced Natty bodybuilder bodybuilder = plateaued.

Muscles Thickness

Bradley Martin’s body usually has a natural look to it, so some people might think that he is clever.

Only a visual symptom that really stands Steroïden Kopen Online out for me, what makes steroid use obvious is its extreme thickness of the muscle. Chul soon as this has the extra dimension and the thickness is caused by some steroids, mainly deck.

Deca produces very round and full muscle bellies.

In several paintings, Bradley Martin’s arms / shoulders / traps look mega thick and juicy.

flushed skin

I saw some photographs Bradley visibly blushed. red / red skin is the fact that many steroid users experience through AAS fever.

In some of his photographs of the skin is not just a little pink, but bright – red all over his upper body. See here for an example.

Competition History

bradley martin bodybuilder

Bradley Martin previously competed with the NPC Federation. So what is the drug testing policy in the NPC?

Several guys I analyzed before competed in the NPC; such as Steve Cook, Jeremy Buendia and Kali muscles.

In short, the NPC a little joke.

They argue that the conduct “natural bodybuilding show,” while there is no drug information, testing on their website. From listening to people who have actually competed in their show, they say, that some of the competitors to pass the test for HIV drugs, but they are simple tests to pass, even if you are juicing.

… This is as long as you stop working your steroid stack before the competition (you need to be checked).

And even if you somehow miraculously fails one of its trials, the NPC, of ​​course, it has no “shame Facilities” pages on its web site (as opposed to strict federations), while maintaining your credibility intact.

Verdict: Steroids

Bradley Martin currently taking steroids denies social media, which makes sense because the data suggests that their juicing.

Just taking steroids will not make you automatically look Bradley Martin, although he had a solid base, before he began to ride a bike (as seen in his NPC competition days).

Steroids are likely to take:

  • deck

Deca is likely to cause a super thick muscles promising Bradley. The deck also gives you the amazing gains in strength, explaining his Hulk as strength and impressive upgrades. The deck was also rumored to be used by the old greats such as Arnold, Mike Mentzer and Sergio Oliva.

  • Dianabol

Dianabol is probably the most famous steroid bulk and can make you look smooth due to some water retention. This extra water clen dosage weight can make you look smoother and look more natural.

It’s super dry / shredded look that often makes it easier for the sport of steroid users.

Deca and Dianabol steroids and 2 Arnold thought to use during his tenure, Mr. Olympia. This makes sense, since the muscles Bradley Martyn have very similar views on what Arnold did back in the 70s.

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