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Can’t deadlift? Or maybe you had a bad experience and lifting the bar from the ground seems like a dangerous activity? Fortunately, this can be fixed!

How to improve your deadlift performance and can you give it up altogether?

Not getting deadlifts? Or maybe you had a bad experience and lifting the bar from the ground seems like a dangerous activity? Fortunately, this can be fixed! Especially for you, we have collected the most popular recommendations on how to improve your deadlift performance, and also analyzed the approach of the famous trainer Charles Staley.

Benefits of Deadlift Exercise

The deadlift engages about ¾ of the muscles, pumping your legs and back at the same time. It helps to increase muscle mass and strength, as well as the weight of the athlete. Exercise increases the production of anabolic hormones – testosterone and growth hormone.

Deadlifts are a great way to build:

  • back extensor muscles;
  • latissimus dorsi;
  • biceps of the arms;
  • quadriceps (anterolateral) and biceps (hind) muscles of the thighs;
  • adductor muscles of the thighs;
  • hamstrings;
  • trapezius muscles (upper back and neck);
  • gluteal muscles;
  • posterior bundles of deltoid muscles and muscles of the forearms.

how to improve deadlift

How to Improve Deadlift?

When starting a deadlift, you need to take care of the correct equipment. Overalls, straps, hooks will help improve the result. Also, be sure to work on your technique, as poor technique is a direct path to injury and poor health after exercise.

Here are a few tips to improve your deadlift performance:

  • The lower back should be in a neutral position because rounding it is fraught with injury.
  • Keep your arms constantly straightened: their bending provokes a break in the biceps.
  • The muscles and cortex of the back must be kept in constant tension during the exercise. This will help increase your strength.
  • The bar should be close to your body. Keeping it at a distance will overload your lower back and limit your maximum weight you can lift.

To improve your deadlift, you need to train more dynamically and remember to warm up. A quality pre-workout complex will improve your workout performance.

You can also use a number of auxiliary exercises to strengthen the deadlift:

  • Kettlebell swing, strengthening the hamstrings, glutes, lower back, as well as the dynamism of the athlete.
  • A plank that allows you to learn to strain from head to toe. This is a very important skill for bodybuilders and powerlifters.
  • A farmer’s walk that develops overall athleticism.
  • Leg press that strengthens the hamstrings, quadriceps.

deadlift alternatives

What if You Can’t Perform Deadlift?

Charles Staley believes that there is no better way to increase the test of strength than the barbell. But, on the other hand, Charles emphasizes that no exercise, including deadlifts, is necessary for a particular athlete. Of course, athletes with competitive strength are an exception.

While deadlift has great benefits, it is not the best exercise for any muscle group. There are more effective options for developing the quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, and back.

Perhaps the deadlift is not given to a person because he has the right body structure for the exercise. For example, you may have a long torso and short arms, or have previously had lumbar injuries that make the deadlift painful and even dangerous.

What to do in this case? Charles recommends using other exercises to train the relevant muscle groups:

  • Train your glutes with thigh thrusts.
  • Train your quadriceps with different types of squats and lunges.
  • Train your back with rows and descents.
  • Train the entire back chain with back extension.

Although the deadlift is not an obligatory exercise, you should not give it up if it did not work out right away. Perhaps you just need to devote more time to this or find the option that suits your body the most. Continue to train hard with safe and effective assistive exercise in mind. So you will definitely build the body of your dreams and increase your strength indicators!

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