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Dietary programs used by bodybuilders in preparation for competitions, most often put the nutritionists in horror. This is understandable, since during the preparation for the competition athletes do not think about the balance of the diet. Before them there is one task – to become lean, and thoughts about health go to the background.

Many people want to lose weight and look fit. In bodybuilding, the goals are somewhat different – the most complete disposal of fatty subcutaneous deposits. However, in this case it is necessary to keep all the muscular mass gained. Only if these rules are observed can we expect high results.

How much should fat remain after drying?

Often pro-athletes are voicing completely unattainable figures. Most often mentioned are three percent, and sometimes even it comes to zero percent. In the human body, there is a certain minimum reserve of fat, which is located in the area of the kidneys and nerve endings. It is he who makes up three percent.

drying in bodybuilding

Surely you know that in addition to subcutaneous fat, there is also a visceral fat that is located inside the body. The body will not spend its untapped amount of fat, but with the necessary conditions, the subcutaneous and visceral can be easily consumed. It is after the removal of visceral and subcutaneous fat that a person becomes toasted.

Scientists have investigated the topic of a minimal fat stock in the body of a healthy man and concluded that without losing muscle mass, you can achieve a six percent fat content. If weight loss continues, then the mechanism of destruction of muscular tissues is triggered to generate energy.

Pro-athletes after a qualitatively conducted cycle of drying, as a rule, have in their bodies 4-7 percent of fat. The greatest success here was achieved by Andreas Münzer, who had only 5 percent of the fats at the competitions. But bodybuilders achieve this form only before participating in tournaments, and the most important. In his conversations with the media, Muintzer said that he was trying not to allow a large increase in fat mass during the off-season. It is in this lies its success.

The female body has large reserves of untouchable fat, which is 12 percent. It is mainly located in the chest and thighs. A greater inviolable reserve in comparison with men is necessary for women to carry a child. In addition, sex hormones are also synthesized from fats, and if the stock becomes less than 11 percent, the menstrual cycle will stop. During participation in tournaments, bodybuilders reduce fat reserves to an average of 7-9 percent.

How to become lean after drying?

To get rid of fat you need first of all to reduce the caloric content of the diet. This is the law of physics and no one can bypass it. With a combination of low-calorie nutrition programs and exercise, you can slightly increase the calorie intake and at the same time lose fat stores. Also it should be said that when using low-carb nutrition programs in the absence of physical exertion, a person loses not only fat, but also muscles.

bodybuilders during drying

It is clear that for athletes this option is not suitable. There is also another drawback of this type of diet in the absence of physical activity – a decrease in the rate of metabolic processes at rest. You should be aware that muscles at rest require a lot of energy to maintain them. If a person loses muscular mass, the metabolism will slow down. Let’s look at all aspects of proper drying.

Cardio load

No athlete will begin to dry and stop training. We know that for power training, glycogen is used as an energy source, and that oxygen is needed to oxidize fats. Thus, we need to use cardio loads and the main issue here is their duration.

According to the results of the research, a minimum of four cardio workouts per half hour each is necessary during the week. However, studies should not be high-intensity, so that they do not become anaerobic.

Today, the problem of cardio training in bodybuilding is often discussed. Many athletes are confident that this will lead to a loss of muscle mass. If your aerobic exercise will have a long duration, then it is quite possible, as the secretion of cortisol will accelerate. To avoid this, pro-athletes use one of three methods:

  • Exclude cardio loads.
  • Use two aerobic sessions for 30 or 45 minutes each.
  • During a half-hour cardio, alternating high and low intensity of training.

Power during drying

As we have already said, many athletes are confident that cardio training will destroy the muscles. To avoid this, you need to eat right. First of all, this refers to the application of BCAA. Approximately 60 minutes before the session, you need to take three grams of supplements. Also it is possible to advise to beginning sportsmen this dosage to divide into three receptions.

Equally important to you is the use of glutamine. Scientists have found that during the work of muscles the concentration of this substance is reduced by a quarter. Thanks to the use of supplements containing glutamine, you can not only increase the concentration of amine, but also give the body an effective source of energy.

dry yourself in bodybuildingDo not take carbohydrates before cardio training. In response to the intake of this nutrient, the body throws out insulin, which leads to a slowing down of the fat burning processes. Also, during morning exercises on an empty stomach, because of a shortage of carbohydrates, the body will have to start using fats as a fuel.

Another most common mistake of bodybuilders during drying is a sharp or excessive reduction in the energy value of their diet. This is mainly due to the late start of preparation for the competition. To maintain muscular mass, you should start preparing for the tournament no later than three months before its start.

During the week, you need to lose half to one kilo of body weight and not more. The optimal option for achieving their goals is to reduce the energy value of the nutrition program by 500-1000 calories in comparison with the usual diet. Try at one time to eat about 500 calories and eat at least four times a day.

It is also necessary to drink a large amount of water, which speeds up the process of excretion of fat metabolism metabolites from the body. In addition, when consuming a large amount of water, it is quickly excreted from the body and, in fact, is the most effective natural diuretic. Well, remember that in the water a large number of toxins are dissolved, which are formed in the body when using a low-calorie nutrition program.