As you just landed on this article, you will almost certainly have seen the Man of Steel or Superman Batman vs… two films, where Henry Cavill is a jack.

Henry swelled to a hefty weight of 100 kg (1), while remaining lean about 8/9% fat.

Naturally, this has led to people on social media questioned whether he used anabolic steroids to bulk up for the role.

So, Henry Cavill taking steroids for the role of Clark Kent… or is he just genetics from another planet?

Henry’s personal trainer for hugh jackman steroids these two films is a man named Mark Twight, a guy known for designing training 300.

After the Man of Steel Henry appeared on the screen, he said about Mark,

“He asked me many questions Then he asked about my goals:.” You want to do steroids or growth hormone, to get where you want to go, “I immediately said no.”?. And he said: “Good, because if you did, I would not have to teach you.”


Nevertheless, many people have lied about their steroid use to * cough * Armstrong, so let’s look at the real evidence.

Henry Conversion can be…

Mark Henry trained for 11 months. Nevertheless, he will star in just 5 months.

hugh jackman steroidsIn this period of 5 months, Henry got 20 pounds of weight (2) and supported his progress over the next 6 months. It turned out looking like an athlete, to the natural bodybuilder.

2 years preceding the Man of Steel, Henry played Theseus in Immortals.

Here is his transformation of the immortal Man of Steel:

During this time, he got a look around:

  • 15lbs (7kg) of lean muscle.
  • And 5lbs fat, going from about 7% body fat and 9%.

15lbs of muscle does not sound like much, but this amount is gaining muscle makes a big difference in how your muscles look.

Henry also made the following lifts, according to his trainer Mark Twight:

Deadlift 435 lbs (197kg)
Click the press:  245 pounds (111kg). For bodybuilders thinking “the WTF is a push media”, it is mainly the pole above the head press.
Back Squat:  365 lb  (166kg)

Strong elevators do for a guy weighing 100kg.

… He has some improvements to make, but if he was going to beat his PB 70 quintillion tons.

First of all I would like to note that this transformation is possible for Natty is.

You can see that he’s got a decent amount of steroids muscle; but there is nothing radical about getting 15lbs of muscle for 5 months if you work your ass.

This becomes 3lbs of muscle per month, which is certainly possible without the help of anabolic steroids.

If you go by this lower volume, Hydraulic Training  2.5 hours per day of heavy, heavy compound lifts that you have never done before, you’re sure to pack on muscle.

In low-volume chains I mean training that he has done for the immortals.

Training in Immortals Cavill  (3):



Low circuit workout volume = lean / athletic figure recipe.

But this practice is not a sufficient volume to pack on some serious muscle mass and look like a bodybuilder.

Cavill Split training for the Man of Steel (4):


  • 1st exercise: the whole body
  • 2nd exercise: chest / shoulders


  • The upper body / back
  • Legs


  • Back and Biceps
  • Legs and back


  • Upper body
  • Legs


  • Upper Body / HIIT
  • the entire body


  • Cardio / legs
  • Upper body


Training Exercises / Sets / Reps:


This training high frequency / volume. High volume training is great for muscle mass.

… Just ask Olympic gymnasts who train up to 6 hours per day.

So how do you get away from Henry exercise for 2.5 hours each day without overtraining?

He ate like a king and slept like a baby.

consumption of calories

Henry shoveled down 5000-6000 calories per day, when the fillers. Eating low calories while doing such a large amount in the gym would be a recipe for disaster… and there is no doubt that has already led to overtraining.

The use of such a large number of calories will put him in excess calories oxydrolone, contributing to the growth of muscles. In addition, it would prevent him from the central nervous system of the frying, due to over-stimulation that comes with weights.

Overeating is proven to have a calming effect on the brain (5), in excess of the increase in the levels of food sleep hormone – melatonin. This makes it more difficult to overtrain, because – due to less stimulation of the central nervous system.


Henry ordered Mark to get 10:00 of sleep every night (6). This allowed him to increase his natural testosterone / human growth hormone, which is secreted during sleep. Cutting short your sleep will be blunt such hormones and increase the levels of cortisol (stress hormone) levels.

So, because he slept like a baby every night, it would have reduced the chances of him overtraining and increased anabolic hormones your body, priming its growth.


Verdict: Natty

Henry and his coach Mark say Natty and I believe them.

People underestimate how powerful a high training volume for packaging by weight.

Henry did 2.5 hours of heavy lifting 6 times a week for 5 months straight.

… Throw into the mix a huge consumption of 6000 calories every day, and you have to blow up.

In addition, it does not have ANY  steroid side effects, such as:

  • Gino,
  • Bloating,
  • flushed skin
  • acne
  • Because the proportion of delta / traps, etc.

Converting Henry is an excellent example for nattys, by weight of the type can build when you work your butt for a few hours in the gym every day and eat a BIG.

Want more?

  • Increase the amount of training (I do not have time? Take the time!)
  • Eat more food goddamit!

If you think Henry was on steroids…

Weighed down by over 2 and a half hours every day for 5 months, while eating 6000 calories and see what happens.