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Almost every athlete, occupying regularly in the gym knows about the gynecomastia, or even observed this disease in reality. This phenomenon is a benign increase in size of the breast among representatives of a strong half of mankind. It is usually caused by hypertrophy of adipose tissue and glands. Most often, the development of gynecomastia is typical for those bodybuilders who take anabolic steroids. The disease can be caused by other causes.Gynecomastia in bodybuilding

The increase in breast cancer among bodybuilders provoke: varying degrees of obesity, intake of steroid drugs, teenage transition, the air, various diseases accompanied by decrease in testosterone concentration, with increased estrogen. Gynecomastia in bodybuilding is often called “Gino”. The development of this disease are afraid of most bodybuilders. This is because it becomes the main obstacle for each speaker in the competition bodybuilder.

Characteristics of gynecomastia in bodybuilding

the phenomenon of gyno in bodybuilding has its own characteristics, you should be aware of:

    • exercise can cause this ailment;
    • the disease does not develop from-for sports nutrition, if it is not on a hormonal basis;
    • no connection between such diseases as breast cancer and gynecomastia does not exist;
    • the disease is not cause of the steroids, if he develops a long time after the end of the course;
    • gynecomastia is easier to prevent than to treat;
    • prevention Gino is receiving anti-estrogen drugs.


Characteristics of gynecomastiaGyno in bodybuilding is a quite unpleasant ailment that may befall not only beginners, but for experienced bodybuilders participating in competitions and taking courses on anabolic steroids. As are derivatives of testosterone, which after entering the blood are exposed to the impact of aromatase, an enzyme that is synthesized by the adrenal glands and converted into estrogen, the female hormone. High concentration of estrogen in the male body and becomes the main cause of gyno.