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The Full body training program is a simple and effective training method. In comparison with the extremely popular now split programs, full body involves working on all the muscles of the body in each lesson. Most often, these programs include four to eight exercises, which makes it possible to pump every muscle group three times a week. For beginning athletes or those who have had a long break in classes, this is one of the most effective methods.

When does fulvodi work better than split?

In bodybuilding, two indicators are used, with which you can determine the severity of the training – intensity and volume. The volume of the training should be understood as the number of sessions during the week, the exercises used, as well as the number of sets and repetitions. The intensity of the activity is the ratio of the working weight to the maximum possible in a particular exercise.

Gradually, with the development of athletic performance, athletes increase intensity and volume in order to continue to progress. The body also improves its ability to recover, but full body training programthey have their limits. To constantly improve, athletes begin to divide the body into muscle groups and work them out on certain days. Such a training system is called split.

As a result, when using a split, the builder will be able to perform a greater amount of physical exertion on each muscular group, while working with large weights. In addition, split allows you to avoid overstraining and overtraining after such activities. Since a certain muscle group is worked out on each training session, the rest time is about seven days. This is enough for a full recovery.

In other words, a split can only be effective if the athlete already has some experience and has reached a certain level of training. Beginners are not able to perform a large training volume for each muscle group, as well as use large weights. To do this, it is necessary to prepare the body, which is possible only when certain results are achieved.

At the first stage of training, it is necessary to use small weights of weights and to perfect the technique of performing all exercises. Such trainings do not assume strong loads, and the body is restored in a short time. That’s why for beginner athletes the optimal option for training will be a full-body training program.

Advantages of the full body training program

Let’s now note the main advantages that the beginner gives a full-body training program:

  • At each lesson, all the muscles of the body work, which allows you to improve muscle tone and simultaneously gain weight.
  • During the week, you can spend from one to three classes, and the working weight directly depends on the length of the rest. However, in any case, all the workouts will be effective.
  • Periodically, it is worth making changes to the training program of full body, changing the movements. This will prevent the adaptation of the organism to the loads and will ensure progress.

Before each session, you need to warm up well. This is written about everything and probably someone has already bothered this advice. However, it is very important to warm up the muscles before a serious load in order to avoid injuries. During a general workout, you can use a treadmill or exercise bike. After this, a specialized warm-up is required, involving the execution of the first pair of sets in each movement with light weights. As a result, the muscles and nervous system will gradually enter the operating mode, which will significantly reduce the risk of injury.

During the first two or three weeks of classes, you should give all your attention to studying the techniques of movements. This is very important and the big weights will not go away from you. Only observance of all technical nuances guarantees to you the maximum effect from each exercise used.

bodybuildingDuring the first week you need to learn the technique of movements, and on the second you begin to pick up the load. Then (the third week) slightly increase the load, but do not work for failure. During the first training month, refusal training is not necessary, since the nervous system is not yet ready for them.

Here you should make a small explanation – the failure is called the impossibility of repeating, after which the set is considered complete. Also we should say about the time of pauses between sets. Their duration depends on the level of training of the athlete and the individual characteristics of the organism. For one builder, it’s enough to pause in 60 seconds, and the second to restore breathing it takes a few minutes. You have to pick up the working weights so that it takes between one and three minutes to rest between sets. If you need more time, you should reduce the load. The duration of one session should be from 40 to 60 minutes.

Recommendations for the Full body Training Program

We will consider examples of training programs for full body, and now I want to give some more tips. Surely you noticed that the training programs often specify a certain range of repetitions. Choose such a working weight to perform the upper values ​​of this limit.

If you succeed, you should increase the weight of the projectile. When working on the muscles of the upper body to increase the working weight is not more than 2.5 kilos, and for the muscles of the legs this figure is five kilograms. After increasing the working weight, perform the number of repetitions, which is the lower value of the range. Gradually bring the number of repetitions to the maximum and again increase the working weight. Then this circle is repeated again.

At some point you will stop at any working weight, and can not overcome it. When this happens, make three attempts. If they were unsuccessful, then reduce the percentage load by 10 or 15 and again begin to progress weight. Almost always, this tactic allows you to overcome stagnation. However, such a technique will not work always and after reaching a certain level of preparation, more complex schemes will have to be used to overcome the plateau.

It is very important to eat right, because it’s 50 percent guarantee you success. In addition, it should be remembered that progress is possible only if the body has fully recovered. You need to sleep well, so as not to overload the nervous system. It is because of disruptions in the work of the central nervous system most often athletes and fall into a state of overtraining. When using the Full body training program, you will feel that the weights have become too large, you should switch to a split. To begin with, it is enough to divide your body into two parts – the bottom and the top.

An example of a full foulbody training program for men

This program is recommended for beginners themselves Iron Arnie:

  • Squats – 4 sets of 10 repetitions.
  • Bench press, grip wide – 3 sets for 10 repetitions.
  • Pull-ups – 3 sets with the maximum number of repetitions.
  • Army presses – 4 sets of 10 repetitions.
  • Biceps rod lifts – 3 sets of 10 reps.
  • Twisting for the muscles of the abdomen – 3 sets to failure.

As you can see, this training program for Full body is very simple, but effective. Arnold Schwarzenegger advises to train three times a week and by and large this applies to all similar programs. After training, you need to rest for one day.

Beginners need to perform two sets in each movement during the first two weeks, and then follow the recommendations of this program. Since you can work through the whole body with this movement, the nervous system, the ligamentous-articular apparatus is simultaneously strengthened, and the muscle mass also grows.

Full body training program for girls

For girls, the training program full body combined with cardio loads and proper nutrition will make your body attractive in a short time. Your task is not to recruit muscular mass, which is necessary for men, but in improving the tone of the muscles. In this regard, you do not need to use large working weights.

full body training program for girls

Now we will talk about one effective training program for fulvodi, which will allow the girls to improve the figure. It consists of five movements and is circular. Do three to five laps with 12-15 repetitions in each exercise. Note that circular training involves alternating all exercises with minimal pauses between them.

  1. Squats with weights. As an aggravation, you can use a pancake from the bar, weight or dumbbell. Movement effectively works on the muscles of the buttocks and thighs. The wider the setting of the legs, the more active the buttocks are included in the work.
  2. Back push-ups from the bench. You need to rest your hands, located behind your back in the bench, and your legs stretch out in front of you. Then do push-ups. This exercise will strengthen the triceps.
  3. The attacks with the bar are alternate. Having arranged the projectile on the shoulders, you need to perform alternate steps forward with each foot. In this case, the knee joint of the leg, located in front, should be bent at right angles. The movement is for the muscles of the legs and back.
  4. Push-ups with side bar. You have to do push-ups in the position of the bar and while moving the body up, raise one hand through the side up. So you can strengthen the muscles of the chest, shoulder girdle and triceps.
  5. Falls curtsey with burdening. While holding the pancake in front of you, while standing, it is necessary to take a step backwards, to the side, as if you are going to sit in a curtsey. With this movement, you can strengthen the muscles of the buttocks, thighs, and muscles of the bark.