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Girls rarely pay attention to the training of hands because of the fear to build up large muscles. Learn how to properly train your hands in fitness for girls.

Girls rarely pay much attention to training hands, preferring the buttocks. Today we will try to tell you how to train your hands in fitness for girls. This is a very important point, since fitness involves the harmonious development of the whole body. If you have a well-trained press, this does not mean you can stop training.

Unfortunately, many girls do not follow the basic principle, which results in an imbalance in the development of muscles. Most often, girls try to avoid the concept of “training the hands” because of the prevailing stereotypes. This imm But remember that in the female body there is little testosterone, and to significantly increase muscle mass, you will need to make great efforts and most likely to take steroids. This applies not only to the hands, but to all the muscles.

At the same time, girls need to train their hands no less than boys. This will remove excess subcutaneous fat or vice versa, eliminate excessive leanness. The arms have the following muscles: forearms, biceps and triceps. Also, attention should be paid to the shoulder belt represented by the deltas, but this is a topic for a separate article.

To get maximum progress, you need to understand the mechanism of the muscles and represent their anatomy. Agree that it is impossible to engage in physics when you are not familiar with mathematics. Now we will talk about each muscle in more detail.

Training of the biceps

We will not go into details, as it is unnecessary. It is enough to know that the biceps consists of two sections or heads, as they are also called. The main task of the biceps is to training of the bicepsflex the arm at the elbow. Also, the biceps has an auxiliary function – turns the forearm outward.

Thus, for simple bicep processing, simple bending is sufficient. Also it is necessary to say that it is quite easy to diversify the load. You can change the width of the grip and rotate the forearm at different angles muscle pump. This is necessary to ensure that the muscles are not accustomed to a monotonous load, and is one of the main principles.

If the load does not change, then the muscles will quickly get used to it and your training will lose its meaning. To prevent this, you should try all possible options. For example, the grip can be standard (shoulder width), narrow (palms almost touching each other), and also a back grip. This will significantly change the load and make your progress permanent.

Work on the biceps enough times during the week, while doing this, no more than two exercises that should be changed each session. For example, today you performed bendings of hands with dumbbells and EZ-neck. In the next lesson, you should use two other exercises (say, arm bending on a Scott bench and concentrated bending), which there are quite a lot. Perhaps, it should be noted the most popular and effective:

  • Bending of hands with a bar in a standing position.
  • Bending of hands with EZ-neck in a standing position.
  • Bending hands using the bench, and as a weigher, you can use both a barbell and dumbbells.
  • Concentrated arm bending in sitting position.
  • Variable arms bending in the sitting or standing position.

Triceps training

The triceps are located on the back of the hand, opposite the biceps. If we draw an analogy with the name of the muscle, which we examined a little higher, it becomes clear that the triceps consists of three sections (heads).

The main function of the triceps is the extension of the hand. Unlike the biceps, the load on the triceps can change with the help of the grip itself, but not its width. In total, you can use three types of grips: straight (palms facing towards you), reverse (palms facing away from you) and parallel (using a rope handle and palms facing each other).

training hands

Most of the exercises for the development of triceps in girls are designed to use the upper block simulator. The first two types of grips can be achieved if you use the standard straight handle, and for the latter type you will need ropes.

As with the biceps, you need to alternate the load by changing the exercises, the best of which are:

  • Extension of hands on the upper block – all three types of grip are used.
  • Push-ups with a narrow setting of hands.
  • Extension of hands with dumbbells behind the head in the sitting position.
  • Push-ups from the bench with an emphasis on the triceps.

Forearm training

This group of muscles includes a large number of small muscles, the main task of which is the bending of the hand in the wrist. Girls do not have any sense to worry about the relief of the forearms bodybuilding. This fact simplifies the training somewhat, but does not release it from it.

While men need special exercises that emphasize the burden on the forearm, girls do not need them at all. They are quite sufficient for the development of this group and those exercises that are performed during the training of the biceps and triceps. Since there are a lot of combinations, you can easily change the load. The main thing is not to forget to do this, and you will be able to quickly see the progress.

In conclusion, once again I want to say that girls should not be afraid to train their hands. It is quite difficult for you to gain muscle mass because of the peculiarities of the female body. But thanks to the trained hands, you will give a complete look to your figure, in which all parts of the body will be harmoniously developed.

If you decide to engage in fitness, then you must adhere to the basic principles of this sport. Only in this way you can create an attractive figure and harmoniously develop all the muscles.

Diet – an important component of women’s fitness

Diet is just as important for women as fitness. Proper nutrition, of course, will accelerate progress. Do not forget to eat often, controlling the size of portions.

To restore muscle after training your body needs foods rich in protein. Give preference to fitnesslean meats, eggs and whey protein .

A moderate amount of carbohydrates should also be included in the diet , since this is the main source of energy. This is ideal for whole-grain products. They are slower to digest and support your activity for a longer time.

Fats play an important role in the recovery process and the production of hormones. Useful fats include olive and rapeseed oil, any kind of nuts, fatty fish, for example, salmon and mackerel.

Eat fruits and vegetables, they are rich in vitamins and minerals necessary for normal body work. Fiber improves digestion and fills the stomach without excess calories.

Remember, to achieve the goal, you need to consider every detail. Everything is important!