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The electronic cigarette is positioned as a harmless championship bodybuilding alternative tobacco products. This modern gadgets that produce fragrant steam. How are e-cigarettes? Do they help to quit smoking?

Smoking electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes simulate smoking . However, instead of smoke they produce steam with a certain nicotine content or without it.

Each gadget is integrated microprocessor, which activates when you press a spiral effect: it is heated and turns the liquid into vapor. Externally, it is different from the smoke conventional cigarettes, but are not specific to tobacco odor. Man makes inhaling steam, and then he exhales.

The main components of the mixture to e-cigarettes:

  • propylene glycol;
  • glycerol;
  • Liquid nicotine;
  • food flavoring.

Theoretically, all of the components, in addition training muscles to become stronger to nicotine, harmless to the body. During hover not allocated resins and carcinogens, and due to the absence of sharp odor are allowed to use the device in public. However, some researchers have argued that because of the lack of control in the liquid often mixed substandard ingredients or increase the nicotine content in them.

Principle of operation

On the mechanism of action of the electronic cigarette is similar to an inhaler. The torque is generated in the liquid vapor which is inhaled.

The gadget runs on batteries and is activated using a button or automatically at the time of tightening. When a person inhales, the battery runs inside the microprocessor sends a signal to the evaporator and led simulator corruption.

As a result, liquid heating generates steam entering the lungs. After inhalation device is turned off and the following tightening reactivated.


Most electronic cigarette device includes 3 elements:

  • Battery.
  • Atomizer.
  • Cartridge.

Batteries are divided into push-button and automatic, which are activated at the moment of inspiration. LEDs mounted on the end of the battery, which simulates burning.

The cartridge is a cartridge with a liquid, which jim wendler 5/3/1 is supplied to the atomizer. Externally, a filter is inside several elements: the mouthpiece, a reservoir and a porous material.

After the cartridge fluid enters the atomizer – member main gadget where steam is generated. Placed inside a coil and a wick. At the top of the evaporator is a bridge of METAP, provides its contact with the cartridge.

There are also other variations vaporizer – cartomizer and clearomizers. Cartomizer represents atomizer combinations and cartridge. In clearomizers integrated cartridge that can be refilled.

The video device and principle of operation of the electronic cigarette:

use Features

Each element of the electronic cigarette has a certain reserve of operability. For the normal functioning of the need to be properly maintained.

Average battery life – 5-6 hours, then it needs recharging. The cartridge is comparable to a pack of cigarettes, but it can be spent more quickly. When smoking a conventional cigarette a person sees when it comes to an end, while the gadget is not limiting.

When the cartridge is exhausted, it must be replaced by removing the old and installing the new one. When using clearomizers need to open the tank and fill with new fluid portion.

Benefits and harms

In the transition to e-cigarette observed positive changes: back white teeth, it becomes easier to breathe disappears morning cough and headache. This is due to the cessation of intoxication harmful substances of tobacco smoke. However, in addition to the positive effect on the question of whether there is no harm from smoking a cigarette, and there are many answers.

physiological factors

Liquid for electronic cigarette does not emit tar, it is therefore considered less harmful. On the other hand, propylene glycol in its composition often causes allergies. Also, in a liquid containing nicotine, and it poisons the body.

For pregnant cigarettes of this kind are no less dangerous than normal. Nicotine is rapidly accumulated in fetal blood, resulting in his internal organs are damaged.

There are also serious consequences during pregnancy:

  • Miscarriage.
  • Spontaneous abortion.
  • Premature birth.
  • Oxygen deficiency in the fetus.

Serious damage to the electronic cigarette can cause teenagers guide to steroids. They often try the electronic cigarette just out of interest, but after some time, they have a desire to try to snuff. In this case, the danger of nicotine consumption in adolescence is very serious – a negative impact on brain development.

psychological factors

Risk of e-cigarettes is that it can cause severe psychological dependence. Limiter in such a device is not present, so the person can not let her out of the hands of the whole day. On a subconscious level, there is a need to keep something between his fingers.

In addition, actively replicated the safety of electronic cigarettes for health, although many studies proving the opposite. Convincing themselves harmless gadget, a person begins to soar safely.

The video about the benefits and dangers of electronic cigarettes:

Second hand smoke

Scientists at the University of Southern California conducted a study which showed that in a couple of e-cigarette contains more toxic metals than in the smoke of cigarettes. This proves the harm of passive smoking.

Most of the harmful metals, according to the researchers, fall into the liquid as a result of non-compliance with the production technology. Control in this area is weak, because so far not developed the relevant quality standards.

Side effects

Electronic Cigarette causes side effects. Many of them are associated with the abandonment of tobacco. The body accustomed to regular poisoning carcinogens and tar begins to get rid of the toxins that accompany:

  • acne;
  • burning taste (bitterness) of the mouth;
  • cough;
  • mouth ulcers;
  • bleeding gums;
  • nausea;
  • headache;
  • weakness.

These symptoms usually disappear within 1-2 months, when the body takes most of the toxins. Also produce side effects after smoking related allergic to propylene glycol and nicotine overdose:

  • dizziness;
  • night sweats;
  • dry throat;
  • muscle pain;
  • hiccups;
  • diarrhea;
  • rapid pulse.
When these symptoms is recommended to go on a liquid with a lower nicotine content, and propylene glycol is replaced by glycerol. However, the best solution would be a complete cessation of smoking.

Can I quit smoking with electronic cigarette?

The impact of electronic cigarettes on the body has not yet been investigated to the end, so the answer to the question, whether these devices help to quit smoking, can not be given. Only experts agree that those who do not have a bad habit, start to soar electronic cigarette is not necessary – for the health benefits it is certainly not bring.

Some doctors argue that, gradually reducing the amount of nicotine in the liquid for steaming, their patients manage to get rid of dependence. In contrast to them, scientists from the United States report the results of their research.

Americans found that the composition of many fluids contain more nicotine than stated on the package, as a result addictive formed very quickly. Furthermore, in blends for electronic cigarettes contained purified liquid nicotine which as a vapor instantly absorbed. Among the 136 study participants ever to overcome the dependence with a modern gadget was only one.

Compared with conventional electronic cigarette has some advantages. However, it is absolutely harmless to health can not be called.

Here is a comparison table:

Cigarette usual electronic
allocated material 5,000 chemical compounds, including:

    • resins;


    • carcinogens;


    • nitrosamines;


    • carbon monoxide;


    • hydrocyanic acid;


    • nitrogen oxides;


    • free radicals;


    • radioactive components;


    • 76 metals.
Toxic metals, including:

    • chromium;


    • nickel;


    • zinc;


    • lead.
Number of nicotine Limiting the number of puffs – 1 cigarette. No limit the number of puffs, whereby the consumption of nicotine may significantly increase.
Smell Tobacco smoke permeates clothes, hair, hands, causing bad breath. No odor.
Addiction Formation of nicotine addiction. It is highly addictive. Even liquid nicotine provokes a persistent psychological dependence.
Second hand smoke Harm to others. Harm to others.
Dry mouth and cough. Yes Yes
Yellowing teeth and nails Yes no
Diseases of internal organs Yes insufficient data

Reviews of doctors

Doctors disagree about the electronic cigarette. Some point to the advantages of gadgets, others say about their harmful effects on the body.

For example, some cardiologists have argued that their patients after switching to e-cigarettes disappeared shortness of breath, heart rate returned to normal, decreased frequency of attacks bradycardia. In addition, the benefits of these devices say oncologists. They explain that in the composition of the liquid for e-cigarettes do not have carcinogens that provoke cancer.

Doctors opposed gadgets as the main argument cause severe psychological dependence. They explain that the problem can not be solved even with the help of nicotine liquid.

Addicted to the ritual, the person will always inhale the steam, but due to the lack of nicotine will not experience a sense of satisfaction. As a result, sooner or later, he will return to tobacco products, experts predict.