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No one dares to talk about the subject; until every curious what is happening at the bottom when you start taking steroids…

Do steroids really make your penis smaller?

Steroids can make your testicles decrease in size as your body shuts down testosterone production by the end of your cycle. However, regarding your penis; it will fluctuate in size on and off cycle.

While you’re on steroids, your penis will actually grow larger.


Since the size of your penis is determined by the blood flow.

… The more blood flow there is, the greater it will be.

Many steroids (especially fillers of them) to increase testosterone levels crazed. The more testosterone you have, the higher the number of red blood cells will be.

The higher the number of red blood cells, the better your blood flow.

When you are taking steroids, the volume of blood in your body may increase to 10-20%. This increase in blood volume so steroid users get huge simeon panda before ass pumps in the gym and have a greater vascularity compared to nattys.

Children who experience a bigger penis from steroids will tell you that this effect is only temporary, and when they stop using ROIDS, they regulate blood flow back to normal and the previous size of the penis will return.

Note: steroids only slightly increase the penis size, so do not expect, thinking you will become a Donkey Kong at night!

HGH = Bigger Penis?

Guys who use human growth hormone reported their penis grow longer and thicker.

This is because all of the growth hormone makes tissue and organ in the body grow. Your heart, kidneys, lungs, your skull, nose… and even your penis.

Thus, HGH will make your penis grow bigger?


How HGH will make your penis grow and is it permanent?

simeon panda beforeIt will not make your penis grow much, but noticeable increase are common.

It also depends on how long you use for HGH; if you use it regularly in the results almost certainly will be a constant for a few years and you’ll see more growth in comparison with his sporadically.


Testosterone levels can directly affect the size of your penis during puberty. The higher your level of testing, the more your penis will grow.

Thus, if you have not finished going through puberty yet, steroids can make your penis grow sharply and steadily. However, I do not recommend you take steroids at such a young age, because it will spoil your natural production viagra apotheke ohne rezept of the hormone for years to come.

Do not believe me.


Most steroids will temporarily make your penis a little bit more of – the extra blood flow.

Taking human growth hormone can also make your member, because of its stimulation of tissue growth into the body.

Steroids do not make your penis smaller, but you may experience a smaller testes because of the low level of testosterone after the end of the cycle (this effect is only temporary).

So, if you decide to start taking steroids, you do not have to worry about your worst nightmare comes true…

Aka your penis shrinking.

If steroids cause if your penis shrink, I’m sure no one will accept them.

… In the end, the man Johnson is his most prized possession!

Instead, one million people in the UK steroids (1) and 5% of adolescents in the United States is also believed juicing (2).