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Sworn Chris Hemsworth grasps steroids playeth Mighty Thor? Or gets your natural look!

Do not worry, this entire article will not be written in Shakespeare… but  the idea occurred to me.

Just Hemsworth use steroids for the bulk of the role of the Asgardian God?

By all accounts, yes. And the argument for this…

“He must be on steroids, he jacked!”

However, this type of opinion has no weight and not credible.

Looking at someone high and mark wahlberg steroids say that they must be on steroids naïve, because muscle mass is reduced to human genetics, which is individualized.

Everyone has different limits for muscle building.

One guy who lifted weights for 20 years, may be small in comparison with the genetically gifted 14-year-old, who has not even finished going through puberty yet…

Mike O’Hearn was this 14letny child.

People forget that bodybuilding is a sport where success is largely determined by genetics, not hard work. Work your ass is clean only gets you so far in this sport, unfortunately.

mark wahlberg steroidsHard work will fulfill its genetic potential, but do not get weak in the genetics of exceptional ones.

So Hemsworth Natty or a former Home and Away actor was juicing? (Not the kind of fruit).

Here are my findings…

Before Chris Hemsworth Thor

Chris Hemsworth got 20 pounds  of muscle mass in preparation for Thor (2011).

The surest way to detect if someone took steroids look at their body composition for a few years.

Natural children will build a large number of muscles, when they first begin to lift weights; these revenues will be received in the space of a few months. Nevertheless, they will plateau (while remaining the same size) from this point.

So what if the guy has been lifting weights for several years and reaches a plateau henry cavill steroids… then suddenly explodes and gets a huge, obviously, they take steroids.

Let’s look at what Chris was like Ca $ h (the last film before Chris Thor)…

Time difference between Ca $ H and Thor  was 1 year.

From this picture we can see that Chris is already looking pretty muscular, though not as worn out he was in Thor.

IF Chris was lifting weights during the filming of Ca $ h, it is almost certainly used steroids to pack on more size / weight.

Since getting  20lbs muscle for a layman novice unheard (without steroids).

Chris Hemsworth: godlike Genetics?

In an interview with Men’s Health Chris said:

“It was not until Thor that I started lifting weights. It was all very new to me” (1).

Holy shit.

This means that he was exhausted, before he even set foot in the gym…

It makes sense that his income from Ca $ h to Thor are natural, because he only got  20 pounds of muscle mass.

Experts agree that this is the average amount of muscle is built when a beginner starts to lift weights (2).

However, steroid users tend to get 30-50lbs within the first 3 months -x (3).

Here is another comparison of the picture, when he was in Home and Away (2007-2011).

It is not exactly half since that time. But he added some muscle, but it is far from the typical steroid transformation.

I’ve seen some before / after photos of Chris online, which is not to scale, and it is in different positions. They can create the illusion that someone was 100lbs of muscle.

Nevertheless, in comparison photo above scale, with it being exactly the same in the front, relaxed position.

Bobby Hanton, a close friend and stunt double Chris Hemsworth, also said:

“Chris, of course, a monster, and all he has to do is look at the scale, and it is increasing” (4).

All of these observations and evidence point to the ruler to be smart.

Verdict: Natty

Before doing hours of research for this article I would say Chris Hemsworth is juicing.

Within a few months he was BIG. And I mean big even for a natural bodybuilder.

But now it is clear that his transformation was the result of  a beginner profit.

Before you lift Mjolnir, Chris was an absolute beginner in bodybuilding and weight lifting.

… Although already exhausted!

In addition, if he took steroids, he would not have received 20 pounds of muscle mass… he would add 30-50lbs and got even more swole.

It seems that Chris Hemsworth simply destined to play Thor…

In fiction, Chris is a god.

In fact, he has the genetics of God!