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Body Transformation Chris Evans for the movie Captain America / Avengers has been talked about a lot.

Converting a super soldier in the movie itself was pretty epic, with Steve Rogers is developing from a skinny weakling (reminiscent of Christian Bale in the machinist) to then get jacked.

… However, this transformation was not on steroids legitimate as skinny Steve Rogers was created using CGI (1).

The word “steroids” was echoed in various bodybuilding / fitness forum against Chris transformation. It is understandable that some people consider it a lean, muscular physique is the result of drugs, not hard work.

First, the body of Chris Evans’ Captain America in can be achieved in a natural way… even for guys who do not have a lot of genetics.

… It is not quite the size of fellow Avenger Chris Hemsworth (Thor), and he tore to shreds.

Statistics of Chris Evans in Captain America:

Height: 6 feet

Weight: 200lbs

Fat deposits: 8/9%

on steroidsIt is also not massively hard for someone who is 6 feet tall.

However, just because Chris’s body can be achieved, of course, does not mean that he is a clever…

In the comics, Steve Rogers was introduced to the super soldier serum, which allowed him to go from skinny to muscular.

… Does Chris Evans inject similar stuff to help him pack on muscle in real life?

Let’s find out!

Chris Evans in Fantastic 4

Chris Evans first showed as a character in the Marvel Fantastic 4 movie (2005 and 2007). He played Johnny Storm / Human Torch, and appeared topless several times.

If you’ve seen the original Fantastic 4 movie, you will know that Chris was in good shape and actually had the same amount of weight as compared with what he had in Captain America (6 years later).

Check out the comparison picture:

Chest + good lighting = better looking body.

Not to mention all the narrow-shirts Chris is (as Cap), when he happens to have a clothes…

Some articles on the Internet claiming that Chris was 20lbs-30lbs muscles to bulk up for the role of Steve Rogers. It sounds impressive.

If you were to get 20 pounds of pure muscle, your body will be significantly transformed.

… Even Henry Cavill just got  15lbs  of muscle during his transformation Superman and he was like a beast.

Thus, it is clear that Chris did not get 20 / 30lbs of muscle since his Fantastic 4 days, because he would have been much greater.

It is likely that Chris stopped lifting weights and started pumping iron again in time for Captain America, is once again facing their success novice.

In this case, “newcomer” picks 20 pounds of muscle is normal and can occur in a short period of time (several weeks).

… Especially with the muscle memory kicks in.

Shortly before the debut of Chris as Steve Rogers, Chris starred in the movie Puncture plays a tattooed lawyer. As you can see, Chris was in great shape for this film as:

Does Chris Evans Using Steroids Before the Fantastic 4?

It is obvious that Chris did not use steroids since 2005 (Fantastic 4), because he largely stayed the same size, and he did not get much smaller.

However, there is a chance that Chris used steroids to look like he did in 2005 is unlikely, because it is not too muscular in the Fantastic 4… but it is possible.

Looking at pictures of half-naked Chris in earlier films such as Not Another Teen Movie (2001) Cellular (2004), it became clear that he had not swelled up to the size at any time during his acting career. He experienced some modest success novice, but that’s about it.

No Steroid Symptoms:


  • Very good skin
  • a good head of hair
  • Sleek look at his muscles
  • No red color of his skin
  • No gynecomastia
  • No bloating

When you are taking steroids, the appearance of your skin often worsens. This is because steroids accelerate aging because they decrease the level of collagen (a protein that does your skin elastic).

Steroids also accelerate hair loss, from – for their increasing DHT  levels of male hormone androgen, otherwise known as DHT. However, Chris still has thick hair and a normal sitting hairline.

Chris has a natural,  smooth -looking muscles. Some steroids such as trenbolone, Winstrol and Anavar have diuretic attributes, that is, the water washed away from the body. When the water level is low, a person may look more and more ground, or “dry”. Zac Efron was the dry look at the Malibu.

Steroids can make your skin look a few shades darker than normal, due to their significantly increasing the body temperature. Chris does not have the color of the skin in any of its films.

Most steroids, in particular, fillers are not let you add size, without experiencing some degree of bloating. However, Chris has a very thin face and an equally thin waist.

Verdict: Natty

Despite many people being quick to point their fingers and blame Chris Evans taking steroids, this analysis was not easy, because he has not done any – any significant success, as it was in Cellular (2004) or the Fantastic 4 (2005).

physique of Chris Evans is an excellent example of how you can look muscular, despite not really having a lot of muscle.

This is because, when you get a 10% body fat, increase muscle definition makes you appear larger.

If you were to say to someone, “the body of Chris Evans in Captain America”, the brain usually refer to this legendary stage…

The reason why Chris Evans looks bigger / more impressive during this clip, because he shaved, oiled and lighting point.

… Compared to his old Fantastic 4 furry chest days.

There’s a reason why bodybuilders remove each hair follicle in sight and slap on the oil, before they go on stage the competition… It makes your body look 10x better.

That’s why while other scenes in the film Captain America (s), Chris does not look as muscular as it appears here.