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Many people are sure that effective sports activities are possible only in the hall with the availability of expensive specialized equipment. However, now it is becoming more popular to become one direction in sports, which provides an opportunity for high-quality classes and at home. Within the framework of this article, we will describe how to organize cross-training in the home.

Under cross-training, one should understand circular exercises at an explosive pace, which makes it possible to organize it in any conditions. Even if you do not have any sports crossfit at homeequipment at home, there is a large number of exercises in the crossfit, for which the athlete’s own weight is enough.

Crossfit training can be carried out to people of different levels of physical fitness. You can study not only at home, but also on the street. Classes are short (from 20 minutes to an hour), but assume a high intensity.

Catching up a crossfit, you have the opportunity to effectively develop all the muscle groups. And it is possible not only in the hall, you can conduct effective cross-training at home. The essence of cross-training is in the circular execution of a complex of movements with high intensity.

Features of the cross-training at home

Crossfit allows you to increase your stamina and so you need to rest between the circles for a minimum amount of time. The less long you have pauses, the more effective will be the training. It is quite obvious that at first it will not be easy, but otherwise.

During training, you must achieve a feeling of extreme fatigue. Only in this case, the occupation will bear fruit. It is very important to distribute all the exercises on different days so that your training process is as varied as possible. When drawing up a training program, you need to select exercises that promote the development of all muscle groups. It is advisable to consume water after the end of the session, and not during the training.

How to create a cross-training program?

Classes in the crossfit involve the development of a large number of human properties – power, endurance, coordination, flexibility, speed, efficiency, etc. You can change the emphasis of your training every day. For example, today we have to work at speed, and tomorrow – force.

crossfit training

When doing cross-phyto at home, you need to follow several principles:

  • Since the training is primarily designed to increase the endurance rate, then you need to minimize pauses for rest between sets.
  • After each lesson, you should experience a feeling of extreme fatigue and perform movements through strength.
  • Make the training program as diverse and interesting as possible.
  • It is necessary to pay attention to all muscular groups.
  • Try to consume water after the end of the lesson, and not during the training.

How to conduct cross-training in the home?

Before any training, including crossfit at home, it is necessary to conduct a qualitative warm-up. Its duration should be from 10 to 15 minutes. To do this, you can perform a “wrinkle” for the muscles of the abdomen, squats with subsequent jumping and push-ups with cotton. The first two movements can be performed in 20 repetitions, and the third – 15 times.

Now we will offer you one set of exercises that you need to perform twice a week for 16 times each. To constantly progress the load, each lesson mark the time of its holding and try to set new records.

  • Makhi with one hand. Movement involves the muscles of the back, arms, shoulder girdle, buttocks and legs. To perform it, the legs should be placed slightly wider than the level of the shoulder joints and put a dumbbell between them. Begin to slowly crouch and take a sports projectile in your hand, while the palm should be aimed at you. Then you need to quickly straighten your legs, standing on tiptoe, and raise the projectile up. Movement should be carried out along the body. At the same time, bend the elbow joint of the working arm, pulling it aside. Bending the knee joints, straighten the arm with the projectile clamped in it upwards. Perform 8 repetitions in one direction and the same in the other.
  • The walk of a bear. All muscular groups participate in the work. Accept the position on all fours, pointing your face down. It is very important that the elbow and knee joints, as well as the hips and wrists form one line. Straighten the knee joints, and the shoulders and hands at this time continue to be on the same line. Move forward, moving simultaneously the opposite limbs, say, the right arm and the left leg. In total it is necessary to make 30 steps.
  • Makhi with both hands. Exercise allows you to strengthen the muscles of the legs, hands, buttocks, back and abdomen. Legs should be located at the level of the cross-training programshoulder joints, and the feet are slightly deployed to the sides. Squat, holding dumbbells (dumbbells) with both hands. After that, straighten up quickly, lifting your arms with the sports equipment up.
  • Lunge with a dumbbell. The movement is designed to train the muscles of the abdomen, hands, legs and buttocks. The sports projectile is in one hand, which is lifted up, and the palm is aimed at you. Lunge forward, bending the knee joints at a right angle. Without dropping your hands, go back to the starting position. After that, lunge with the second leg. The hand should be replaced in the middle of the approach.
  • Thrust of sumo dumbbells. This is a great move for training the muscles of the buttocks, back, legs, biceps and shoulder girdle. Sporting shells are in two hands. Legs should be placed widely, and feet are divorced to the sides. Slightly squatting, lean forward, while keeping your back flat. Begin to straighten, while simultaneously pulling shells at the level of the shoulder joints.
  • Jumping through the subject. Place yourself facing the object, for example, a bench. Remember that the height of the subject must be selected individually. Begin to jump quickly through the subject.
  • Push-ups on the hands in the L-pose. Effective movement to strengthen the muscles of the hands, back, chest and abdomen. Take emphasis nakolennye joints near the wall, at a distance of 60-90 centimeters from it. After that, place your hands on the ground slightly wider than the level of the shoulder joints. Straighten the case, leaning with hands on the wall. As a result, you must accept a position similar to the letter “L”. First, you just need to hold this position for a quarter of a minute. When your muscles get stronger, start wringing out your arms.
  • Birpi. This movement is considered to be one of the main crossfades. Sit down and put your hands in the ground, and the knee joints at this time should touch the chest. After this, sharply throw your legs back, taking the emphasis lying down. Return to the initial position and jump sharply. Perform at least 10 times.

This is only one of the possible complexes that can be used during sessions of cross-phyto at home. There are a lot of exercises and it will be quite easy for you to make effective and interesting training programs. viagra generic online pharmacy precio cialis viagra dosage for men