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Creatine is a sports nutrition used by bodybuilders and powerlifters to increase primarily the strength and increase in quality mass. Regular intake of powder mix increases endurance during workouts and gives energy. Creatine in bodybuilding is one of the most working and common sports supplements.

Creatine as a biological product

In order for a person to move, an energy metabolism takes place in the body. He needs a substance that is contained in the human muscles – creatine. The average person in his body wears about 100 to 150 grams of substance. Creatine is considered an energy source for muscle fibers. The body spends about 2 grams daily. substances.

Synthesis of creatine by the human body is possible with the help of  amino acids, which is glycine, methionine and arginine, which are considered protein components. The substance is produced in human organs, due to the involvement of enzymes used in the production of creatine. This may be the liver, kidney or pancreas.




Further, the substance is transported into the blood, and can be stored in the muscles. Such processes occur regularly with normal human activity. With an increase in movements and an increase in physical exertion, the consumption of a substance in the body increases several times. The body requires either more development and self-synthesis or replenishment due to products and additives.

Energy derived from fats and carbohydrates, is not the main component in the dispute of high results. The value has the ability to release a large number of it in a small time period. We are talking about free molecules of adenosine triphosphate or ATP. The more free ATP, the results in sports will be higher.

Any source of energy is processed into ATP according to the reactions of the body and becomes free energy and available for use by the body. As a result of the cleavage, conversion and release of ATP free energy, the phosphate group is separated. There is a process of the structure of another molecule, the reaction for which is possible with the participation of creatine phosphate.

When combining the two substances out a mixture of what is called phosphocreatine. The latter, in turn, is the main factor of energy production for muscle tissue.

Creatine Efficacy

Power is growing

Creatine in bodybuilding is used to increase strength in basic exercises and not only. When an athlete squats or presses, the amount of ATP required for normal work during the exercise increases 10 times when compared with calm. There should be a continuous replenishment of ATP with creatine phosphate.

As a result, muscle contractions will be more intense, and the frequency of contractions and its peak will remain high. Creatine in bodybuilding is used to provide and replenish ATP stores to increase muscle fiber strength.

Body weight increases

As a result of a combination of proper workouts with diet, rest and additional use of creatine, the increase in lean body mass varies from 2-5 kg ​​per month. Studies have been conducted and there is reasonable evidence that the use of a sports supplement gives +10 kg to the maximum weight in the press.


creatine uses in bodybuilding


Due to the growth of strength, the weight increases. After all, the process is interrelated and tightly intertwined at a biological level. But you should know that creatine in bodybuilding is not used by all athletes. Sensitivity to the drug – an individual thing. For some, it can serve as a mass gain, for others – a slight increase in activity and nothing more.

The structure of high-quality muscles

Creatine in bodybuilding builds beautiful and prominent muscles. The musculature acquires impressionable forms due to the connection with water, or rather its delay . With large stocks of sports supplements, respectively, in large quantities of water is stored.

Hydrated muscle fibers look much prettier, fuller and more pumped . After all, the musculature on ¾ consists of fluid. When increasing the volume of the muscles, proteins are synthesized more efficiently. Catabolism is minimized and glycogen synthesis increases.

Who needs to take a sports supplement

Athletes and Athletes

Creatine is very effective for admission in those sports where it is necessary to show maximum results in a short time, due to muscle contraction. Cycling, sprinting, swimming and other types . Creatine in bodybuilding is needed primarily to increase the strength and energy efficiency of the body.

Bodybuilders have very heavy loads, a lot of energy is needed and a sports supplement begins to be used as its source. Creatine supplies the body with fast energy in a short period of time , explodes muscle contractions.

Creatine in bodybuilding for weight gain

Reception of a sports additive gives the chance to work in the hall a long time and with higher intensity . When the workouts are more intensive each time, the process of generating muscle growth and strength indicators goes on.


how creatine helps in bodybuilding


Studies show that taking creatine increases the dry, and therefore the quality of the mass on average by 2-3 kg , depending on the individual indicators of the body. Most athletes notice the effects of water in the body while taking creatine. Cells grow and muscle tone grows. To train the muscles becomes easier and easier.


A sports supplement recommended for vegetarians. After all, the main source of powder is meat that is not consumed by vegetarians.

Creatine Slimming

Due to many experiments carried out, scientists have concluded that creatine not only increases strength and weight gain, but also accelerates the process of losing fat reserves.