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Relief pumped press is definitely capable of decorating your figure. All men dream of having six cubes on their belly. To do this, you can conduct training on a horizontal bar, and today we will introduce you to the technique of performing the “Corner” exercise.

How to start training press on a horizontal bar?

With the search for a horizontal bar, you should not have any problems. This sports “equipment” is installed in yards and on school sports grounds. Thus, first of all you should determine the presence of excess weight. If you have fat on your abdomen, even a high-quality puffed press can not be seen under it. First you need to lose excess kilo, for which you should reduce the amount of carbohydrates consumed and start using fat burners.

pump up the muscles on the bar

This will allow you to quickly remove fat deposits. You can train the muscles of the press on the horizontal bar five times a week. To relieve tension after training, take a warm bath after classes. Also, remember that you need to warm up before the main part of the training.

Correct technique of making a corner on a horizontal bar

Carrying a corner on the horizontal bar in accordance with the requirements of technology, and by conducting regular training, you can perfectly pump the straight and oblique muscles of the press. To perform them you need to hang on the crossbar and from this position to raise straight legs to the parallel with the ground. In the final position of the trajectory, a pause is necessary.

Legs can be lifted not exactly in front of you, but obliquely. To complicate the exercise, you can draw various shapes with your feet. The corner is a technically simple movement, and you will quickly master its technique. However, we should draw your attention to a few mistakes that can be made by making a corner on the horizontal bar when conducting press training:

  • Before lifting the legs, the body on the crossbar swings, and you use the force of inertia, thereby reducing the effectiveness of the training.
  • Legs drop with a sharp movement.
  • The legs are bent at the knee joints.
  • There is no pause in the upper end position of the trajectory.

How to behave properly on the bar?

Exercises for the development of the muscles of the press are considered to be the most effective, since they provide a powerful load on the target muscles and at the same time there is practically no pressure on the spine. But to achieve positive results from training on the bar, it is not enough to observe only the technique of making a corner or other movements. You also need to follow a few simple rules.

corner on the horizontal barFirst of all, you need to monitor your breathing. This applies to all strength exercises and will allow them to be made even more effective. Remember that the exhalation should be done at the time of maximum exercise, and should be inhaled when relaxing. With respect to the corner, this means that during the lifting of the legs it is necessary to exhale, and lowering them – to inhale.

It is also important to use a closed grip, so that your hands do not slip off the crossbar. All movements must be done slowly and without jerking. Before lifting your legs, remove the swinging of the body. And the last necessary condition for your effective training is the mandatory tension of the muscles of the buttocks, hips and abdomen.

Exercises for the development of a press on a horizontal bar

Not only can the corner be used for the development of the muscles of the press, exercising on a horizontal bar. Now we will introduce you to other, equally effective exercises. But first I want to remind you once again that the main part of the session should be started only after a warm-up. To do this, you should perform tilting and circular movements with your hands and with separate brushes.

  • Kvakushka. Hang on the bar and, bending your legs in the knee joints, start lifting them to the stomach. It is very important to perform the movement slowly and only thanks to the effort of the muscles of the press. Do this movement in three sets of 25 repetitions in each. The rest time between sets should not exceed 30 seconds.
  • Raising the legs to the crossbar. This is a fairly complex movement, which can only be performed by an athlete with well-developed muscles of the press. Also, from the visibility on the horizontal bar, you should raise your straight legs to the crossbar. Be sure to pause at the end point of the trajectory. The exercise is performed in three sets of 30 repetitions each.
  • Twisting. The starting position is similar to the previous movement. Bending your legs in the knee joints, start at a slow pace to lift them to the chest. To complicate the exercise, you can take the legs alternately left-right. So you can perfectly work oblique muscles of the abdomen.
  • Bike and scissors. These two exercises are quite similar. After you are not hanging from the crossbar, begin to follow the movements similar to riding a bicycle. Performing “Scissors”, you need to lift straight legs in turn. The exercise is performed for the longest period of time.
  • Tick-on. From the position in the vis on the horizontal bar, lift the legs at an angle of 45 degrees. After that, start to take them to the right and left, imitating the movement of the clock pendulum.

How to pump up the muscles on the bar?

With the help of a horizontal bar you can effectively work out all the muscular groups of the upper body. Let’s figure out how to make your workouts on the bar more efficient.

  • Arms. Working on the bar, you use the widest muscles of the back and arms. To shift the emphasis of the load on the biceps and triceps, you must use a narrow grip. Also, you can actively pump the biceps, if you use a back grip. To shift the load on the triceps, a neutral grip is suitable when your palms are pointed at each other.
  • Back. The best choice here is pull-ups. This is a very effective movement and you do not need to invent something of your own. During the lifting of the body, exhale, and while moving down – inhale. For a uniform load on all the muscles of the back, it development of the muscles of the pressis best to use a straight (palms directed from you) grip just wider than the level of the shoulder joints.
  • Wings. Wings in the language of bodybuilders are the widest muscles of the back, or rather their upper section. For their pumping you will need to use the widest possible backward (palms are aimed at you) grip. To maximize the load of the widest muscles, you will need the help of a friend. It should lift your feet at an angle of 45 degrees and hold. However, without outside help, you can achieve excellent results with regular training.
  • Breasts . Whatever kind of pull-ups you do not perform, the pectoral muscles will work actively. But the maximum load on this group is achieved with the use of an average direct grip, and it is necessary to pull up the head. This is quite a difficult exercise and especially for beginners. Run in three approaches with the maximum number of repetitions.
  • Shoulder girdle. The main muscles of the shoulder girdle are deltas. To use when pulling them as much as possible, use a straight narrow grip. Also very effective is the Exit of Power exercise. It should be known to you from school physical education lessons.