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The saying “size does not matter” could not be more wrong when it comes to bodybuilding.

Bigger is simply better… if you do not resort to injections Syntol #faceplam.

The first rule of bodybuilding… you can never be big enough.

Large muscles make you more alpha compared to other rats gymnastics… and if you are the greatest in your gym, you are the king of the jungle.

Being lean looks good, but being a BIG gets instant respect among the other males. Nobody wants to get in a fight with a Silverback gorilla man.

And from the point of view of women… they will almost certainly feel more secure when in your company, compared with a smaller guy.

So which are the best steroids for the size / weight?

  1. Dianabol
  2. Anadrol
  3. trenbolone
  4. Testosterone
  5. deck



Dianabol is the most famous steroid loose, mainly because it is considered the most potent compound for packing on muscle.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has admitted taking Dianabol during his bodybuilding days, which is crucial for its addition of mass needed to become Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia champion.

As a result, he is now remembered as the greatest bodybuilder in the sport’s history.

What to expect: You can expect to get up to 30lbs of dianabol cycle 8 weeks. Dianabol also makes you strong like fu * k, so that not only will you start to look like a monster, but you will train like one, too.



Anadrol, likely the second most powerful bulk steroid dianabol after. When I say Anadrol is a powerful, it really is.

Preparing to pack on some serious weight to these anabolic and develop like the Hulk strength in the gym. The only drawback to Anadrol is that you could save some water. So it’s not the best steroid in the world for aesthetic reasons, as you could inflate a bit, but this additional intraceullar fluid retention will lead to increased strength during your lifts.

This is similar to how creatine works to improve performance.

If you want the power and size / weight gains Anadrol, but want to really minimize water retention, eating a clean diet help with this and be sure to keep your sodium intake low to moderate. Power shoddy products will make you retain more water than if you take Anadrol or not the hippopotamus.

What to expect: users often get 20-30lbs during the first cycle of Anadrol. If you are susceptible to swollen nipples or gynecomastia. Take gynecomastia supplements such as gynectrol, to prevent it while riding a bike this powerful steroid.


Trenbolone 5x stronger than testosterone, and is considered one of the most powerful anabolic steroids around.

Tren, unlike Anadrol, does not come with water retention and so this is the perfect anabolic for bodybuilders going to do aesthetic appearance #zyzzbrah.

Tren is extremely anabolic, so you can expect quick strength and muscle, but it will also burn a good amount of fat.

If you begin to cough more when cycling Tren, this is quite common and is known as the “Tren cough”. Trenbolone combined into a testosterone cycle works exceptionally well for crazy amounts of power and quick size of income (without excessive water retention).


The more testosterone you have in your system, the more your muscles will grow – period.

And your natural testosterone levels can only take you so far. Testosterone (Sustanon) will help you pack on the size, strength and burn fat at the same time.

Only the part that your LDL cholesterol levels will increase, your hair may be thin (depending on your genetics) and your aggression will go up.

You will also become a walking erection and you might want sex every two hours., Test cycle with friction is awesome combos that will almost guarantee BIG gains in strength / size no matter what happens As mentioned earlier. If you eat a big and train hard too… you’re almost guaranteed to get jacked.


Deca cycle will result in approximately 15lbs muscle thus deck is another surprising bulk steroid.

The main complaints users have with Deca “Deca dick.” This relates to the inability to achieve erection and reduced libido. This is because your testosterone exits.

To prevent this, run testosterone (Sustanon) during the cycle deck prevents you from being closed. Deca member only lasts about 8 weeks after cycle, your libido returns to normal. You can also take Viagra during those 8 weeks, which will certainly help your sex life.

Recommended Stack

  • Dbol
  • Testosterone
  • trenbolone
  • deck

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