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Many people know about the various steroids and what they do… but which are the best steroids for beginners?

If you are a beginner, I will explain everything you need to know to steroid stack for bulking get some profit stunned, while keeping alpha-ass in the gym… instead of a hospital bed.

Taking steroids, how to learn to swim. 

If you jump right into the deep end, without any experience of what you are doing… you put your life at risk.

However, if you take it slow and learn the ropes… when you finally jump into the deep end, the risk of something bad happening massively reduced.

So if this is your first cycle, and you start taking injections of large doses of Anadrol and trenbolone for 4 months in a row… you’re asking for trouble.

Best steroids for beginners are soft steroids which are less harsh on the body.

Thus, you can ease your way to help your body to tolerate such compound, before moving on hard anabolics.

Sharp anabolic steroids: Anadrol, trenbolone, injectable dianabol

Soft anabolic steroids: testosterone, Deca, Dianabol oral

As a general rule, you should not take injectable steroids during the first cycle.

Injections are much more powerful than with oral. Oral get cleaved in the liver, instead of going straight into the bloodstream; It means that you will experience fewer side effects.

The only drawback with the use of oral strained your liver will be a little bit more (this effect is only temporary). And your earnings will not be as impressive as compared to if you did stick a needle in the ass.

However, you will experience approximately 90% of the profit you if you have done the injection, so it’s not a massive difference.

Here are the 4 steroid rings is recommended for beginners…

(All these steroids should take the oral form to ensure maximum safety. Many beginners are not administered correctly and even when they do, the instantaneous delivery of the compound in your blood stream may be too much).

Cycle Low budget

  • 8 weeks Testosterone


  • 8 weeks Dianabol

If you are on a low budget, only testosterone or dianabol only cycle is the ideal.

Stacking with steroids are usually recommended, however, for the first cycle, taking steroid 1 will continue to lead to big profits.

steroid stack for bulkingThis series is ideal for those who want benefits, but has not received a lot of money to splash out.

Health-conscious Cycle

  • 8 weeks Testosterone

If you are super careful about your health during your first cycle, I recommend to take one-steroid cycle… preferably testosterone, as it is softer than Dianabol.

Testosterone is a steroid, not only amazing to get jaded, but it is also one of the best steroids on the market, when it comes to side effects. You will not notice a lot of testosterone (in addition to your income), while on the other steroids you can feel how your body shuts down.

I-Want-PROFIT cycle

  • 8 weeks Dianabol and Deca


  • 8 weeks of testosterone and deca

If you are ready for a huge income from muscle growth during the first cycle, I recommend these 2 amazing steroid combo.

Each person reacts differently to steroids, so I can not guarantee that you will not have any negative consequences for the adoption of these compounds, but if you do it will be only a fraction compared to other anabolic steroids taken.

These two cycles (above) will give you more muscle mass and strength benefits compared to other cycles, set forth in this article. The deck is a wonderful free flowing steroid using substances such as Dianabol or tests; a further increase in protein synthesis and make your muscles appear full and great.

Arnold Stack: Suitable for beginners

Dianabol and Deca are two major steroids Arnold Schwarzenegger cycle that helped him turn from a weed Austrian teenager legend Mr. Olympia…

(Good weed was a little harsh).

And tests and Deca was the first cycle of Rich Piana ever taken… which he describes as his “best ever cycle.”

… It is fair to say that he knows what he says.


So it’s entirely up to you, that you use steroids in the first cycle, but the 3 best steroids for beginners, usually:

  • Oral testosterone
  • Oral Deca
  • Oral dianabol

Steroids like Anavar and clenbuterol is also ideal for beginners to take, because they are both extremely soft steroids. However člen Anavar and used for cutting purposes, and, thus, will not produce any increase in muscle.

Also, if you do not know your first steroid cycle often produce the best growth of the muscles of your life…