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Complex BCAA, used in bodybuilding, is a sports supplement of three essential amino acids – valine, leucine and isoleucine. They constitute thirty-five percent of the total number steroids for sale of amino acids that contain muscle tissue. The use of the complex allows athletes to improve the effectiveness of training, to accelerate the achievement of desired sporting goals. The effectiveness of the additive depends largely on when it is taken. This causes a high interest of bodybuilders at the time of reception of the complex, as well as why it is taken at night.

Optimum reception time

The complex is aimed at increasing endurance, increasing the growth rate of muscle volumes, improving lipolysis (burning fat), protecting against catabolism. To get the most benefit from the supplement, BCAA, following the recommendations of specialists, is taken at the following time:

  • In the mornings. The use of an additive immediately after waking can reduce the concentration of cortisol, which is a catabolic hormone. The optimal dosage is from 5 to 6 g.
  • Before training. To obtain an additional source of energy and increase anaerobic endurance, delay the release of cortisol. Before the session take up to 10 g of supplement.
  • At the end of the workout. The most important method of supplementation, which allows you to restore the energy pharma steriods expended during exercise, to lower the concentration of cortisol, to start restoring processes and the growth of muscle volumes. Completing the training, too, you need to use a large dosage of the supplement in the range of 8-10 g.
  • Before going to bed. The use of the complex for the night is less priority than before training, but also has a significant impact on the athlete’s body. Evening intake allows you to lower cortisol, nourish the muscles with amino acids during the night.

The period of time in which the supplement is drunk is based on the bodybuilder’s needs, as well as the sports goals.

The best complexes of BCAA

Additives are produced by hundreds of manufacturers of sports nutrition. Choose the best brand is difficult, so you should focus not only on the brand, but also be guided by the following rules:

  • Acquire the additive in the form geneza pharmaceuticals of a powder. Complexes in capsules are either more expensive or have a similar price, but they give a much smaller effect from the intake.
  • Buy a clean complex. Additives in the form of glutamine and creatine increase the cost of the product. Pure sports nutrition, individually, is ultimately much cheaper than in a single complex.
  • Give preference to well-known manufacturers. Do not buy complexes that are below average cost. It is not necessary to expect high quality and efficiency from such additives.

Among the producers of BCAA complexes, the additives produced by such companies as Optimum Nutrition and Multipower are deservedly popular and in demand.

The advisability of taking BCAA before bedtime

Night reception of the amino acid complex is not a priority. In the morning, before and after exercise, supplementation is much more important, but not in cases alpha pharma when they are engaged in the evenings. At night, the product should be drunk to those who wish to accelerate the increase in muscle mass or not to lose volume during the drying period. Denial of the evening reception of BCAA is largely dictated by the economic side of the issue. However, having the opportunity to take an amino acid complex additionally even overnight, one should not abandon this. Evening intake of additives will only benefi